•  Beth Beth
    March 10, 2012
    Symptoms, please read. Joint muscle pain. Fatigue. Back and abdominal pain. Ear aches and sores in mouth, ears, legs, breasts, it goes on and on
     Beth Beth
    March 10, 2012


  • Cort
    Health Guide
    March 13, 2012
    Health Guide
    March 13, 2012

    Lots of symptoms and all over the place. Only a doctor can diagnose you. You do see a wide spread of symptoms like this in a disorder called fibromyalgia which is characterized by widespread pain, lots of fatigue and often abdominal pain. It is not usually accompanied by sores in the mouth, earlys, legs, etc. 


    You might want to check out the fibromyalgia section on HealthCentral, though.  Fibromyalgia or FM is at least partially caused by overactive pain producing pathways and underactive pain inhibiting pathways in the central nervous system. It's this hypersensitiviity to pain that causes people with FM to experience pain in parts of the body where there isn't any apparent injury. 


    Be sure to see a doctor but if the FM stuff rings true keep educating yourself about the illness - not many doctors are up on FM yet and patient education is very important. Good luck!




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