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Q: how many days does lyrica stay in your system after you quit taking it?

how long does lyrica stay in your system after you quit taking it?

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Cort, Health Guide
10/25/08 9:01pm

I don't really know. Lyrica's half-life in your body is about 6 hours; that means half of it is gone is 6 hours; 3/4's of it is gone in 12 hours, 7/8th's is gone after 18 hours, etc.


If you're worried about a drug test you shouldn't be; Lyrica is a non-narcotic pain reliever that is made (and works) differently than narcotic pain relievers. It's not addictive and they won't be testing you for it.

ODATIME, Community Member
7/13/09 3:24pm

I will have to counter that Lyrica is not addictive.  It is very addictive which is why it is a controlled substance.  I have many friends who have been addicted to it and is very hard to get off of. 

Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
7/13/09 6:01pm

Cort's answer was correct.  Lyrica is not a narcotic drug and it is not addictive.  It can, however, cause a physical dependence, which as you said, can make it difficult to quit. 


There's an important difference between addiction and dependence. Many medications (including antidepressants and beta blockers) can cause a physical dependence and should not be discontinued suddenly, but tapered off of gradually or they will cause various (and sometimes dangerous) withdrawal symptoms. Addiction, on the other hand, is characterized by an ever-increasing craving for the drug and compulsive use of it. 


For more information, please read:  Opioids:  Addiction vs. Dependence 

Ginny wilson, Community Member
7/25/10 11:39am

I have taken lyrica for over a year -I just went off lyrica because I thought the pain was worse and the lyrica wasn't helping . I stayed off for 4 days -no side effects  -but my pain got worse - not my nerves or-no sweats or not sleeping - I  was not sick -

Im back on lyrica ( 300mgs a day ) 

I found out it sure does help the pain! for  Spinial Stenoses!

MOTTA, Community Member
10/14/13 2:58am

I take lyrica 75 mg on every 3rd day for last one month. How should I taper it to get this stuff off completely?

JULIA BATES, Community Member
6/12/10 9:36pm

If LYRICA is  not addictive why do you get PHYSICALLY DEPENDANT on it?Yell

Sicky, Community Member
10/ 4/11 9:48pm
It's a good question. If you look at the article written 'addiction vs dependence' in Kathy Lee Richards comments It explains it. My body is dependent on birth control I don't Think you will call me addicted, right? Reply
Angela, Community Member
7/31/13 10:28am

I had thought about tapering off of Lyrica 75 mg a day because I didn't think it was helping anymore (I've been on it for 5 years)  I didn't realise until today that it was missed when I put my weeks worth of pills together, so I haven't had any for 4 days, and I didn't even notice that it was missing.  So by being off of it for 4 days ther's no reason to worry about tapering off, right?  It should already be out of my system and I've suffered no (know) ill effects. 

(BTW, it is a narcotic, just not in the same class as opiats)

dpalmer118, Community Member
10/16/14 7:55pm

Thank you so much for giving a simple answer... I've been checking all these feeds on how LONG does it take to get out of your system. Just a simple question that you think would of required a simple respond out of about 30 responses I read only this one gave the answer. Good grief people if someone is a asking a question and you know the answer give it to them, not your experiences

Denise, Community Member
8/ 5/09 12:05pm

How long does lyrica stay in your sysem, after you stop taking it?

Diana, Community Member
1/ 8/10 1:01pm

I wouold like to know the answer to this as my mom was just taken off 100 mg 4 times a day....She is CRAZY>>>>>Talking about crazy things, falling, ....Not sure how much longer I can last...... or her for that matter!!!! Can anyone give me any hope?????

jas, Community Member
1/22/10 9:20pm

I took 75mg. twice daily and could NOT function! 

After 4 hrs. the room was spinning and I slept for hours! 

 It was fine at night as a sleeping pill.  During the day my brain couldn't think clearly or have thoughts that your tongue could function to speak!  Bad news! 

I didn't continue with the drug. 

Was trying it as a clinical study for Fibromyalgia

I'm not good with any type of pain killers, so that maybe just my reaction, but it hit me like a ton of bricks!  WOW!

Tina-Cervical Hernia, Community Member
1/28/11 2:42pm

I was the same. I felt high and tongue twisted and at some times, my jaw quivered when I was trying to speak. It was embarrassing. My blood pressure was also a issue while on it. I also ended up in the hospital with an anxiety attack. First time in a ambulance! LOL! Needless to say, I stopped taking it.


Tina-Cervical Herniated DiscFrown

xxxfloxxx, Community Member
5/19/10 9:08am


barbara, Community Member
11/12/11 12:02am

thank mom is 94 years old and has been taking lyrica for a year or more... now that she is 94, her body is slowing down and the lyrica is way to strong for her. all she wants to do is sleep and she slurs on her words. doctor took her off of them.. now lets see what happens in 2-3 day.. i hope it gets out of her systems.. she is so tied she wont eat, just wants to sleep..

Deborah Trull, Community Member
12/17/12 4:48pm

I really can't say how long Lyrica stays in your body but, I have been taking Lyrica for several years.I take 300 mg daily. If i miss my dose for the day i can tell the next morning how much i need Lyrica. From the first day i started taking Lyrica i felt like a new woman and i don't mean i got high. I have never gotten high off my Lyrica. Reading a few of the replys is first time i had ever heard of such. I do have side effects however, i have what they call short term memory loss which in reality means you start forgetting simple words. You have to start writting little things down." Simple" little things so when you need to remember something to ask your doctor or a friend, write it down. No matter how unimportant. Also weight gain, so before you lose some of your energy start an exercise program. Last for me is DRY MOUTH bad dry mouth. All i do know is i thank god every day this medication was made. I was in so much pain.

Bryan, Community Member
4/16/14 2:49am

Lyrica, clincally known as Pregabalin,has a half life of six hours per/mg. This means that if you were taking a prescribed dose of 50mg capsules twice daily, Lyrica would remain in your system for up to 16.666 days.

kuhammar, Community Member
6/17/14 7:12am

I am very glad to hear this.  I was on 75 mg/4 times a day for pain associated with a Tarlov cyst in my lower back.  I started having severe pain in my arms and neurological side-effects (in addition to the common side effects of memory loss and weight gain).  I could not move my muscles on command.  Anyway, I tapered off over the course of a week, and now some of the initial side effects I noticed of Lyrica are back (my feet feel like I have been standing on concrete for 12 hours), and don't seem to be in a hurry to clear up.  It has been a week since I took my last dose, so I guess I have a ways to go before it is completely out of my system.

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