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Saturday, September 05, 2009 pjh88, Community Member, asks

Q: Why do doctors keep changing medication that works to

I have injured my back several years ago and have been thru every test, procedure and given many different drugs to be able to live with the pain and function alittle.  I ask to see a surgeon and my pcp says go to this pain centers and you can't say no because they claim your not cooperative and get rid of you.  I have been to two Surgeons and they said they could do a spinal fusion but the risk is more that I could be paralized this I wouldn't want the pills are bad enough.  So they had me on MS Cotian and 10/325 perocets this I have been on for 4-5 years and I just fell and everything shifted to my right side and my meds were working great and I can't complaint about them before I could funtion and know where I was.  My question is why do these drs keep changing something that works to something that makes you so sick and drugged you can't do a think the last thing they gave me was methadone with oxycodone I slept 24/7 the side affects were terrible.  Why can't they just leave you alone if something is working and the pharmacist claims this is not an unusual combination and what works for you is what they should give you I believe they know more about meds than the Drs,  so why do they keep changing it and messing you all up again.  Am I the only one that this happens to or is there others out there. I was sent to a neurologist to verify that the meds I was on were ok and he told my pcp they were fine but then 3 months later he sends me to this pain center now I'm back to sitting around all day hurting like hell even though they he gave me back what I was taking but in a smaller dose I don't think he knows much math he wrote a script for 262 pills for 1 month before I took 5 pills in a day 2 morning 2 night 1 if needed he knocked it down by one he makes no sense.  Please answer I'm at wits end can't stand it anymore just when you can do alittle something they mess you up.

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Cort, Health Guide
9/ 5/09 8:59pm

It sounds like you're almost there actually. Now they're giving you too little of what you had before and they need to up it a bit. I don't know why they changed your prescription; maybe they were worried about the risk of addiction  to one pain killing drug so they switched you to a different one. Why they thought a smaller prescription than  before would work is really unclear. What is clear is  that many doctors are extremely cautious in this area and their caution really hurts patients at times. Keep bugging them and I'm sure they'll get you back to a prescription that works; that is their job after all. 

pjh88, Community Member
9/ 6/09 12:27pm


Thanks for your response but they changed me from methadone back to the smaller dose of what I was taking this doesn't make sense and it also I've been told that to drastic of changes for pain meds sends your body into a whirlwind their suppose to do it gradually I think I just have no luck with Drs I think I mentioned they sent me to a pain managment neuologist and he said the dose I was on was fine since I've never asked to up it.  I just live with that pain level so I at least know where I am.  Have you been in this situation?


Thanks Again

Ladybey, Community Member
9/16/09 7:28am


I can feel your frustration that you are going through.

I have had two back fusions and I live in constant pain. I go to a Pain and Spine Center now after being referred there by my Orthopedic that wants them to evaluate me for a stimbox to be put in my back. My head Spine Dr. is against this because of it being more surgery to my body, but down the road he may change his mind and do the two week trial to see if I get any relief from this. If anyone out there has this Spine Stimbox I would love to hear from you as to how you feel about it.

When I go to the P&A Center I see the PA unless I get my injections, I then see the Head Dr.

My Ortho put me on Soma 350 for my severe muscle spasms one of the many propblems that I live with. I was on those for three months and this drug was finally giving me some relief from these spasms and making it so that I could cope with getting throught the day.

The PA at the P&S Center immediately took me off of the soma saying "it has a barbituate in it and you can become addicted to this" I was then put on another muscle relaxer that did nothing. I called her in agony saying this pain and the muscle spasms are so bad so she doubled this new muscle relaxer and I could not even function. I felt over medicated, was walking into walls, couldn't talk it was horrible. When I went for all of the injections that I get in the different areas I had these procedures done by the Head Dr. and he injected my muscle spasms with botox and couldn't believe how bad they were. I told him about being on Soma and it working and now this medication that his PA put me on is horrible. I dropped back down on this from 8mgs to 4 because I felt that I was a danger to myself being on it. He immediatley wrote me a script for the Soma and I now feel a bit better, but sometimes I guess we need to go to the Head Dr. to fight for what we need. I have my follow up visit with his PA next week to make sure that everything is ok after all of the injections and I can't wait to hear what she has to say about being back on the Soma. I will tell her I went off of this drug cold turkey for her for months and had no problem with withdrawls or anything, and that I am going to fight to stay on it

I am also on Percs 10/325, morophine, and cymbalta, and I again feel like I am at the best right now with coping with this chronic pain, and I will fight to remain on these meds, so FIGHT for what you believe in and what works for you!!

I would love to hear how things work out for you :)

pjh88, Community Member
5/ 4/10 10:22am

Hi sorry it's been so long the drs just messed me up all the time always when I fell good they don't know what there doing.  You hear on tv that no person should be living in pain where it stops them from having a semi normal active life they only care which pill will pay the most.  They are actually killing me I just found out that there's a lesion on the ilium part of my hip 1 out of 5 people get it it looks likes something is eating the bone my pcp says it's nothing I asked to get off the perocet because of so many liver cyst he says he can only put me on something lower what I'm taking isn't working.  I never felt so helpless in my life.  They really have you when your in pain.  I hope things are going better for you by now.  You had 2 fusions and it didn't help?  Before the fusions did you have numbness in your legs that you couldn't even walk.  Sorry again it took so long to reply never did this before but how things are going better for you now, I have those spasms also they send me to a neurologist for sleep studies and all these other test nothing to do with my legs and back.  Take care I can't fight with this dr he threatens to throw me out of the practice.  I don't know where he got his license from but he doesn't know much and noone else will take me so I'm stuck

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