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Q: Pain Doctors in Fla not afraid to perscribe pain medicine for severe fibromyalgia

Here in the Central Florida I have spoken with several patients whom have expressed an anger about them because they can not find a doctor that wil;l perscribe them the medication that they need to be at least alittle pain free.. We have suffered so much and we are all tired of hurting. We cant get the releif we need, people have already started not inviting us out, we all feel alone and depressed and still have alot of pain and of course the depresion and I guess Humiliation we all face makes us feel even worse. We can't seem to find a caring  doctor to help us anymore. Somebody has to have a name of at leat 1 or 2 doctors in Central Florida that arent afraid of the D>E>A> and has some compassion for us. This is 2008 and to be treated the way we are is just wrong. and you call places to see if the doctors perscribes pain medicine because so many of them don't they act like we are just calling to get a fix. and that is anything from the truth we just want to feel normal even if it is only for 1 day. We have already been stripped of everything else and I just don't think it is fair for these doctor's to treat uus this way

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
5/ 4/08 9:39pm

I'm glad someone has been able to give you a recommendation.  If you don't live in the Tampa Bay area, you might try calling them and see if they can recommend someone closer to you. 


I understand why you want to call doctors and see if they will prescribe pain medication before spending the time and money to make an appointment, but that's almost a sure-fire way to ensure they won't give you any pain medication because that is a drug-seeking behavior.  I know it's not fair, but they do have to watch for potential abuse to protect both the patient and themselves.  If you don't know anyone who can recommend a doctor in your area, the best thing is usually to go for an appointment.  When it comes time to discuss pain treatment, tell the doctor clearly what has and has not worked for you in the past.  If you've ever had a pain medication that has helped, tell him what it was and specifically how it improved your ability to function.  If you act like you're just there to get pain medication, you probably won't get any.  You may have to try a few doctors because some have just made it their policy not to prescribe opioid medications no matter what, but eventually you should find someone who will be willing to work with you.


Good luck.  I hope you find a good doctor soon.


Fran Toll, Community Member
5/ 2/08 11:10pm

Oh that's absolutely dreadful! Surprised Go to  I go there.  I'm certain they will be more than happy to help you in any way they can.  Dr. Gurguis is one of the best in the entire state!

Fran Toll, Community Member
5/ 2/08 11:16pm

Go to:  they'll help.

kiska, Community Member
5/10/08 10:35pm

I have Fibromyalgia and have been seeing a Wounderful Doctor.

F. Scott Perrino, M D ( Internal Medicine )

6101 Webb Road, Suite 204

Tampa, FL 33615


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