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  • Reruho November 08, 2010
    November 08, 2010

    I am an adult with ADHD and the parent of a teenage boy with ADHD.


    First, how did your doctor prescribe it? For daily use?  There may be a very good reason why it was prescribed this way. You may not see the results you want to see as quickly as you wish.


    Yes, you can skip taking it on the weekends without any major reprecussions. You may not be able to do this with all ADHD medications, especially the non-stimulant types. You may find that taking it on a daily basis will help you in personal life as well as your professional life. It may help you get things done at home that you have put off doing. I would recommend taking it on the weekends and see what happens. You might be surprised at the difference it may make.


    I have a teenager that does not want to take these meds. He is argumentative, has very little focus and tends to get himself in trouble if he does take his meds. This is our arrangement--he takes his meds on schooldays and allowed skip the weekends. I dicussed with his doctor and the doctor is fine with this arrangement. If my son has a project or event where he needs to concentrate, we have the option of taking medication on those days.


    I take my medication on a daily basis because it gives me a sense of calmness and allows me to complete my many projects at home. It has reduced my personal stress level because my life is not in constant chaos.


    Please discuss this with your doctor if you do not intend to take the medication as prescribed.




    • Arnold1
      November 09, 2010
      November 09, 2010

      Thank you. You make some really good points. The doctor never said that I should take it every day, but I have a 30 day follow up so I will certainly ask then. The meds do make me feel a bit anxious and my heart beats faster and my mouth is dry and it seems to affect my breathing so I prefer to have some days off. I will certainly try it this weekend and see if I can get organized at home since it does seem to be working in the office.

      My 12 year old was prescribed Adderall (non XR) but I haven't given it to him yet because of how anxious I am and it affects my appetite. I have lost 7 pounds in a week. I sure don't mind losing a few pounds, but her certainly doesn't need to not eat. He is skinny as a rail as it is. There just seems to be so many things to consider. I just wish there was a way without all the meds. The research is tiresome and the results not so envious.

    • Reruho
      November 09, 2010
      November 09, 2010

      These are common side effects and should improve as your body adjusts to the medication. Continue to monitor the side effects, if they do not improve call your doctor immediately. After 2 weeks, you should be feeling the full effect of the medication.


      For the dry mouth, drink more water and use a toothpaste like Biotene. Dry mouth can cause some serious problems like soreness in your mouth/tongue and can increase tooth decay.


      My son has taken adderal since he was 6/7. He was very skinny for years. He wore a size 8 pantsfor almost 3 years. When he started puberty, he started growing and put on some weight. He is now 15 and is 5'9" and weight about 190. They catch up on the weight. If your son does not gain weight, he could take a medication vacation in the summer. Have looked into nutritional treatments? There is some interesting research on Omega 3's for ADHD children.


      Please start your son on the medication, it will help him in school and it will help him socially. Being 12 is very hard, but being 12 and ADHD is even harder. Start him on the weekend, so you can see how he reacts and he can adjust to the way he feels.


      I find it so interesting that people talk about being anxious when taking Adderal. For me, it has calmed me down and eliminated all my anxiety. I would have nightmares before the deadlines of a big project or I would lie awake at night thinking about all the things I needed to do. I have developed a sense of time and can better plan for the things I need to do. I am on time these days and I can keep track of my car keys.  I have found that it allows me to be even more creative because I can finish things.


      You must remember that part of the adjustment is adjusting to this "new you" on medication. There is so much fear and negative attitudes towards this type of medication and I think it is unfair. Adderal for me is like insulin to a diabetic, it has allowed me to fit into the world and function it it. I am still a square peg, but I am better able to fit into some of those round holes that the rest of the world fints into.


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