• katty doo katty doo
    September 05, 2009
    i have pain in my right thigh that is realy painful and also in my calve.
    katty doo katty doo
    September 05, 2009

    severe pain in my right thigh, throbbing and stabbing pain.

    pain in the calve like a pulsing pain.

    moves up to my hips.

    can not sit pain still there gets worse when i stand up.

    can not lift my leg without pain.


    i have back problems degenative lumbar spine disease and 4 herniated discs.

    This is pain like i have never had before.

    please help..been doctors they gave me tramadol 200mg twice a day and diazepam and diclafenic.


    thxs kathy



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  • Foust July 19, 2010
    July 19, 2010

    This is interesting to me because believe it or not I am in a very similar boat.


    I have leg that is in chronic pain from my right hip on down to my knee and it never stops hurting and hasn't for the past couple of years. I had a massive cyst form inside my spine crushing the nerves that lead into the leg. They discovered that through an MRI.


    I herniated the L-5 when I was 17, they operated on it and fixed me for a few years until 20 when they discovered the cyst and had to drain it, then a month later they had to remove it. It was nearly the size of my fist.


    Now I am 22 and a chronic pain patient 10 out of 10 and have to walk with a cane. They've done plenty of injections on me and they can't figure it out. My file is still considered unsolved and a mystery. So believe me I feel for you. I hope you are well and this helps some. You need stronger pain medications, muscel relaxers to help take the edge off and extensive MRI scans of your Spine if you haven't had them yet already.  They warned me though that I may never recover from this and will have to live my life in this bad of pain.

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