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Thursday, October 02, 2008 rockabillychick, Community Member, asks

Q: After not responding well to pain meds my doc just but me on Suboxone- what is it?

what is suboxone?  my doc said it is a pain management drug and will make is so i do not, can't, take any other meds.  but i won't need to have a break through med anymore anyhow, this one will work on it's own.  i looked it up on the internet and all i can find is that it is a detox drug for additicts- nothing about pain maintance!!!  I am very confused.  did he switch me to that because he thinks i am an addict or he is telling me the truth and that it will really work for my pain?

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
10/ 2/08 8:48pm

Suboxone is buprenorphine and naloxoneThe buprenorphine part is an opioid medication and is similar to other opioids such as morphine, codeine, and heroin, however, it produces less euphoric ("high") effects.  The naloxone part blocks the effects of opioids such as morphine, codeine, and heroin. This is why it is used to help break an addition to opioids.  Perhaps your doctor chose this medication because he feels you'd be less likely to develop an addiction to it than with other opioids.

Shelly, Community Member
7/31/10 2:03pm

I read the pamphlet about suboxone & it only emphasis on addition & it will help with withdrawel pain. I do not need additional pain I have enough already. I was on some hard core meds years ago like oxycotin & methodone for 8 years. I wanted free from that so I switched pain clinics & was put on 2 morphines, 4 norcos & 4 klonopin in which I normally would take 2 at night. They made me sleepy so I rarely took them during the day unless my blood pressure was high. They work better than every blood pressure medication I have tried. I do not abuse my medication, I need the edge it takes off my pain. I do not believe suboxone is what I need. I've been on the above medications for 3 years.   

Shelly, Community Member
7/31/10 2:46pm

I can relate to a doctor putting you on Suboxone that is if you want off the other meds. I don't feel it is the answer for chronic pain. I have been on medications that take the edge off enough to take care of my children & college. The doctor switched me yesterday out of the blue to suboxone. The pamphlet only speaks of relieving pain related to withdrawels. The information does not reveal that it helps with pain other than that. Bottom line the was I see it suboxone is geared for hard core addits or chronic pain victims that want off opiates. I am a chronic pain victim due to breaking my neck in 3 places, my back in 2 places & a shattered arm. I have had more surgeries to count, I have a total of 2 feet of rods in my upper back & neck, a metal plate in my throat, 20 screws, & a rod that starts under my arm with a hinge for an elbow, & a rod in my forearm to hold in it place (that has come loose). All I know is I am very upset about the suboxone thing. If I were out shooting drugs or abusing pain killers, I could understand it but that is far from the case.



wesselj, Community Member
10/ 2/08 11:57am

Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, a doctor cannont legally give medical advice or treatment suggestions over the internet. Even though you are unclear about the drug he or she prescribed, it would be best to consult with your doctor and ask these questions to him or her.

onehurtingal, Community Member
10/ 2/08 3:28pm

Hey Rockabillychick,


Go to and check this out...I looked it up and at first, I thought exactly what you did-that he put you on something because he thought you were drugged up...but keep reading through the pages, you will see that it really is a narcotic. Hope this helps!!Cool

Vik, Community Member
10/29/08 1:28am

I just read the brochure from the company that makes Suboxone.  On almost every page it says, "this medication is NOT to be used for pain management".  It is strictly used to wean patients off highly addictive medications such as oxycontin, vicodin, morphene, etc..


I asked the doctor and she reiterated this to me.  It is used in the treatment of addiction to pain medication.  Not as a pain management drug.


Hope this helps.

Shelly, Community Member
7/31/10 2:56pm

Yes this does help, I know that I must look for a new pain management treatment center. Just like I thought Suboxone is only good for people that need & want off of drugs. I wake up in the morning that is if I went to sleep, with my face all wet. I realized a while back I have been crying in my sleep due to the pain. I am getting my records & hopefully find a doctor to help me.


BAT54, Community Member
11/20/08 6:00pm

I have lived with CP for 11 years. 2006 I was on 160 mg of oxycontin and wearing 150mmg fentynal patches every 2 days.  The entire time I was in constant pain (6+) each and every day.  Easter of 07 I checked in to a rehab unit so I could switch to Suboxone as my main Pain med.  Hardest thing I have ever been through!!!!!! BUT it is worth it.  I take 8 mg of suboxone a day and most days I am pain free.  I still can not do the things I used to do, but Life is Great for me.  Suboxone has been a Gift from  God.  Bruce

kristen, Community Member
12/13/08 12:12am

I agree----Suboxone for me is a pain killer, but i tapered to 1/2 of a 2mg a day, STUPID because now I am in so much pain feels like I am going to die

Bink, Community Member
7/20/09 10:13pm

have even less from my Doc' pain meds at all..have FM, heriated and fused discs..and the new one...Buerger's Disease...can't do much...hurt all the afraid of making addicts..hate that to get pain relief you have to take a Piss/Drug test...

Babygirl46, Community Member
2/ 1/10 8:57am

It's a shame what people who have chronic pain have to go through.  My PCP wanted me to go through a Suboxone program, but they would not accept me because I was not addicted to any opiate.  I have a tolerance to a necessary medication for pain. 


What the heck is wrong with these people called doctors....are they trained to help or cause more hurt?

Taylor, Community Member
4/12/11 10:08pm

Hi. I am no doctor, (as I am only 19), but I too suffer from chronic pain and have been for 6+ years; I am currently at the max dose of Fentanyl (which is the strongest pain medication: 100x stronger than morphine), and after 2 years, even that is no longer controlling my pain. Like you, My pain doc also is wanting me to try suboxone/subutex/buprenorphine (all the same med, just different manufacturers/generics), and after doing some research, I have found that while it is most commonly used to treat drug ABUSE or drug ADDICTIONS, it has also been used for treatment of chronic pain, and/or chemical dependence as it does have an anelgesic property, and resets your pain recepeters in as little as 36 hours, so lower doses of meds may work even better in better in the future than the higher doses being previously/currently taken. Seemingly like you, I, too, was taken aback and slightly offended at first, but my doctor clearly explained that he knows my problem is chemical dependence not addiction- according to him, dependence becomes addiction when you harm yourself or someone else, or lie to get what you want- either your meds or money to buy them, or when you you do not use them as prescribed/ over-use. Suboxone use for pain is becoming more common, and though it is similar to methadone (which can also used to treat both addiction and pain), it has fewer side effects and more benefits. If you are interested, I have posted several links below containing much more info that you may, as I did, find helpful/comforting/informative:



I hope you find these articles helpful, and would recommend reading (or at least skimming through) all of them, as they each contain different bits of info about the med, its use, its effectiveness, etc. Please know that I will keep you in my prayers, and wish you the best of luck! If you have any more questions, or would like to contact me for whatever reason- even if just for support- just reply.


I am still having a lot of health problems, so it may take me a while to reply, but I do my best to get back to you as soon as I can if needed! God Bless,       -Taylor  <3


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