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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 p.lee, Community Member, asks

Q: can methadone help the pain of f.m

Help me can methadone help the pain of f.m and arthritis.I am on a very low dose of methadone 25 mg per day,however the drug does not work as well as it use to .I know that by asking my doctor to increase the mg per day,might up set him.why

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Cort, Health Guide
7/16/09 1:12am

Some people with fibromyalgia find methadone very helpful. Others aren't so lucky. Methadone is certainly an acceptable treatment for FM. Presently you're on a low dose - increasing it a bit shouldn't really be a problem.


It can take awhile to find the right combinations of treatments/drugs for fibromyalgia. The best thing to do is find a doctor who's willing to take the time to work with you to find out what works best. Explore both drugs and alternative means. Good luck!

fatboy300, Community Member
7/16/09 5:24pm

methadone orginally was used to wing junkies off opieds like herion. usually when you use a narcotic your body will build up n ammunity to it. Methadon stays in your body for apprx 3days and 2 hours before it leaves. If you are taking your medication correctly you will need to continue to the exact doses perscribed by your doctor but if you are abuseing it your body is craving the higher dose and the regular dose just doesn't work. If you have been taking the medication as instructed by your doctor and your pain is increacing that means either your condition is getting worst or your body is getting use to the does and it needs to be increased. When I spoke about abuse I wasn't implying you abuse your medication but now days you never know who is and they could be the queen of england. I suggest you speak to your doctor and ask if he or she will put you on straight 10 or 15 mg oxycodone. This is about as close as your going to get to oxycoton and you certainly don't need to get on it because it is a killer. I know all this crap because I am really screwed up with worn out joints hips crushed or busted disc and lung and kidney cancer as well as skin cancer my lungs are so bad I can not be put to sleep for any operation. Currently I am on 15 mg oxycodone which works great I am just sitting around waiting on the grim reaper now. I wish you lots of luck and may god bless you.

Tera Fournier, Community Member
9/17/11 1:29am

I am 25yrs and have three herniated diss that are deterioating in my spinal cord, muscle pain/spasms, depression, anxiaty, and insomnia. I currently take 30mg of oxycodone 3 times a day but find that it is extremely expensive. A friend suggested Methodne but the only info I find on the subject is for abusers. I have pawned almost everything I own to pay just for that scrip and not the other ones i take. Any suggestions???

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