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Wednesday, August 04, 2010 brown.carrie, Community Member, asks

Q: Does Pain Cause High Blood Pressure

I am 28 years old and a mother of three. My youngest is two months old, and during my pregnancy I started to have pain in my lower left side. Come to find out I had kidney stones. My doctor told me that they would pass after I gave birth. Well, I'm still in pain, and now my blood pressure is very high. Is it the pain causing the high blood pressure or something else?

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Cort, Health Guide
8/ 4/10 10:43pm

It should not. Pain can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure but over time that affect diminishes; chronic pain does not cause your blood pressure to elevate - something else must be going on. If your pain is still continuing and your physician is unaware of your blood pressure situation be sure to inform him of it. Good luck with those kidney stones.


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reruho, Community Member
8/ 5/10 8:03pm

Yes, chronic pain can make your blood pressure rises and in fact, ERs use this a sign that your pain is real. Does it cause Hypertension, which is a continous high blood, I would say maybe, maybe not. It would all depend on your pain level. I do feel it was a contributing factor to mine.


I am not sure that I would trust that doctor. If you are still in pain, you need to go back to the doctor and have the situation  re-evlauated. Something is wrong and the pain is a signal telling you this. If, it is a kidney stone, there must be a reason why it has not passed


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