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Monday, April 19, 2010 pureislandboi, Community Member, asks

Q: Help, Sciatic nerve...intense agonizing pain......

Okay, where do I begin? My major complaint is my low back-L-4, L-5. I slpped on a wet, freshly mopped floor to get my, long term, (1996) injury. I thought throughout the years that I had severe pain. My body has adjusted to endure a very high amount of pain. I have been folled by various doctors, had three MRI's, several epidural injections, "Trigger point injections....
 Several meds tried. To make a long story short as I can, I slipped in the shower about three and a half weeks ago. Progressively, my lower back, since the shower fall, has my low back pain connected to my sciatic nerve. The pain is the WORST I have ever had in my life, can't stand long enough to shower, wipe myself after going #2,ect.... and has kept me confined to my bed in agony. I want to just get in a cab and go to the ER....BUT, what can they do? Give me a shot? I am really scared, being in this much pain. It is as if my freedom is being taken. Can't walk, more than a few steps. The sciatic nerve is spasming and in so much pain. My leg goes from an intense ache, to going numb, to tingly all the way to my toes.....
I have Norco 10/325, and I was just given Zanaflex 4mg, one twice daily.

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MillieKeyLargo, Community Member
4/19/10 8:35pm

Do you have a family member, a friend or a neighbor that can bring you to the ER?? I think that you shouldn't wait until Thursday, specially with all of the pain and the pain medication not even touching it, I'm kind of worried that maybe something other than sciatic pain is going on..... Please go to the ER and see if they can help you, OK? You take care and if you want send me a private message letting me know how you made out, OK? Hugs,


pureislandboi, Community Member
4/20/10 2:15pm



Good morning, (HAWAII TIME 8:00am),

After posting and praying and thinking, I DID call a cab and go to the ER room. They did help with a shot for the pain. After I talked to the DR. she said that they were going to do an MRI. I was thankful that I was able to get into there small machine. I am a 300 pound man. When she got the results, she came back in and told me what I knew was going on, kinda.....

L4, L-5, problems with herniated discs, buldging, protrusions, ect. YES, there is a nerve that the MRI caught that is being pinched, therefore causing the massive pain I was, and still am having. The Dr. told me when I asked her if it was going to get better, NO it probably will get worse.

She gave me some band-aids, (PERCOCET 5/325, Motrin 600, and Diazepam 2mg to try and help with my discomfort. Thank you so much for replying to my post.

I will continue the posts per. progress....

Thanks, Millie....


MillieKeyLargo, Community Member
4/20/10 7:54pm


I am so glad that you got to the hospital when you did, and that they were able to help you, that is great! Now that you have a new MRI and confirmation of what's going on, is time to find a Neurosurgeon or an Orthopedic Surgeon that specializes in spines and see what they will recommend. Make sure to bring copies of your MRI pictures to your NS or Ortho appointment, and hopefully that will get the ball rolling.

You might also want to search for a good pain management Doctor, he/she can give you some epidural injections and maybe some medication to hold you over while a decision is made about what to do with your messed up spine. You can go to this site, and see if you can find a good PM Doc in Hawaii. The site is: Good luck to you and I hope that you have some good news to report really, really soon!



kdfox, Community Member
4/19/10 7:01pm

Hi Pureislandboi,


I had nerve damage in my neck after an accident and the tingling sensation went down my left arm and the left side of my face would go numb. After going to all kinds of therapy, tried Lyrica, and saw a Chriopractor for almost a year, I was refered to a pain free clinic by one of my physical therapist (in private, so not to lose his He was a client at the Egoscue clinic getting great results for his injury he was not able to help himself,a friend referred him. He was also attending their training classes to learn their methods.


It literally changed how I feel, live and stay fit.


Check it out..I have no relation with them, nor get just works!



MillieKeyLargo, Community Member
4/19/10 7:28pm


Do you have a Neurologist or an Orthopedic Doctor that you see for you spinal issues? If you do, you need to make an appointment, maybe getting a new MRI to see if something new happened due to the fall in the tub. Since you already have spinal issues, there is the possibility of your maybe hurting something else or aggravating the original issue, so please go see your Doc, and if you don't have a spinal specialist, try to find one as soon as you can, that could be your best bet. Take care and I hope that you can get some help soon!


pureislandboi, Community Member
4/19/10 7:44pm

First, thank you for the response. Right now I have NOT seen an ortho doc. I, due to my disability, am not working and am waiting for help from medicaid. I went to the primary care doctor after the fall, first visit......I feel as though I need to go to the ER to have them check this more thouroughly, as you say, another MRI, perhaps. I do know that the pain that I am in is NOT getting any better, actually feels worse each day? ANY movement from my lower lumbar causes severe pain. So, sitting in a chair, very painful, standind, funny....can't even put pressure on my right leg. I know I sound like a big whining baby, but this is NO JOKE....I am literally bed ridden. Force myself to pace back and forth. Should I just say, off the record, srcew it, and go to the ER> Or wait for my primary appointment on Wednesday? Pills are NOT knocking the edge off at all. NORCO 10/325, the zanaflex 4 mg, just seems to make me tired. This pain is literally from the L-5, L-5, all the way to my toes...The sciatis nerve leaves you almosy paralyzed.

Thanks for your input.....

To answer your question, NO spinal docs now. I did way back when I was first injured in 1996. I feel as if I wait for my primary to refer me out, I am going to FREAK OUT, from this intense pain.

THANKS A BUNCH for listening, and the feedback.

this is scaring me, I cannot stand long enough to even brush my teeth.....

Marcia, Community Member
3/30/11 8:04pm

Look on the internet for a devise called The ReBuilder .It is a de vise like a tens unit but different and it was approved in 2005 by Medicare. It is for nerve pain.  There is also a devise called Anodyne therapy.  It is an infra red light therapy.  both have tons of people who have said it gave them their life back!  I have just experienced the anodyne treatment and it is decreasing my pain. I also want to try the ReBuilder.  Good luck.

marion, Community Member
6/22/13 8:24am

My husband has terrible lower back pain and the physio is giving him ACUPUNCTURE which seems to be helping fingers crossed!  He has disc problems from a young age and now collapsed vertebrae pressing on the sciatic nerve according to the physio which we are going to privately as the NHS too slow and GP just dishes out naproxen which he cant take due to liver damage.

It could be worth trying acupuncture which should not be too expensive.  

There is a pain clinic here which we shall try to get in to if all else fails though I expect its meant for cancer patients here in the UK. 


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