• PennyInPain July 17, 2012
    July 17, 2012

    Ive had major back pain for about 6 yrs now, i was seeing a pain management Dr that knew how to help me deal with the pain, she was giving me Oxycodone 15mg for yrs, yes it helped plus it didn't knock me out i could drive no problem, Nobody knew i was taking them buy my Dr it didn't effect me at all but it helped take care of the pain, (That's what i was paying for pain management), I lost my insurance couldn't pay my Dr for my epidurals or MRI,s because i got hurt at work lost my job was a manager their 13 yrs, what really sucked is that Dr i had been seeing for yrs dropped me because of no insurance, Now i have a pain management Dr i can afford to pay cash till my medical kicks in that's in Nov 13Th, I've only seen this Dr 3 times they will not give me what my real pain management Dr was giving me the Oxycodone 15mg, at first i was taking the Endocet 10-325 it help a little, today i see this Dr she gives me Hydrocodon-Acetaminophin 10-325 I'm flipping paying cash out of my pocket for a pain management Dr to basically patch me up till my medicare starts I've seen the surgeon about 6 yrs ago he told me it could make me better or worse, back then i wasn't ready to take that chance i had good insurance back then, NOW suffering 6yrs I'm more than ready, i would do anything to stop this pain, My family Dr is the only other Dr i see,(I CAN AFFORD), I'm only 51yrs old i hope to have the rest of my life not suffering after my back surgery I've talked to alot of men and women that feel awesome after the surgery, the only reason I'm here online is i didn't know what the pain median she gave me worked i needed some feedback, I told her today how much more pain I'm getting, (NOW) after reading about what she gave me pisses me off bad i pay cash to see this Dr she  know how much pain I'm in if she's a real Dr i thought that was their job PAIN MANAGEMENT!!! i feel like i payed to get some baby aspirin, my 1st pain management Dr is well respected Dr by her piers, I'm driving a hour each way plus my office visits, i don't know if I'm happy or not finding the real truth, My main family Dr that referrals me knows i need all kinda tests done and knows I'm ready for surgery, of course i go each month they count my med's and have me pee in a cup I'm not worried at all what their going to find, i don't drink or do drug's, with no insurance Ur stuck seeing the Dr Ur main Dr referrals u to, then cash up front to get baby aspirin I'm getting, I'm not a kid I'm a 51yr old man that's had a professional job since i was 21yrs old my department in the big casino's i had 350 employees, well anyway it looks like I'm to suffer till Nov 2013 when my insurance starts then i can see a real pain management Dr, then go back to my back surgeon i make my life worth living with little or no pain, Thank U!!Cool


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