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    September 08, 2009
    Pain on right side of my body?
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    September 08, 2009

    I had Stage IV Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. I have been cancer-free for two years now, but I have chronic pain that is only on the right side of my body. It goes from my neck and down and includes my arm, back, leg, hip, etc.  I have had PT, but it didn't help and am currently getting testing from a neurologist, but nothing diagnosed yet. I also have some muscle weakness in that side and my hand and foot gets very cold and numb. I can't tell if it is nerve or muscular pain. Any suggetions?




  • cherokiimslm November 05, 2009
    November 05, 2009

    OMG pls PLS let me know if you find anything out////I have been suffering so long it started out as pain under my right rib and now like you its my whole right side especially my right side of my neck, right rib chest bak area, and my right arm goes numb or shakes in my sleep and my right hand shakes its so wierd I also get a feeling i cant explain, it seems like everything in my body just shuts off for a couple seconds/ this happens moslty when Im trying to sleep, also feel a wierd feeling in right lung when I breathe it seems like. docs dont know (or dont care) do you have any of these things goin on/??

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