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    Health Guide
    October 07, 2008
    Health Guide
    October 07, 2008

    Have you tried Cymbalta or Duloexetine? Both have recently, I believe, been approved for use in FM. They're kind of tagged as anti-anxiety or anti-depressant type drugs but studies have shown they're also helpful with pain. 


    Other than drugs there are therapies like acupuncture and massage (light massage) and biofeedback and something called mindfulness based stress reduction  ( that you do on your own that can be helpful. Studies have shown that all of these can work in FM.


    Bear in mind that none of these treatments are considered a cure; i.e. they probably won't eliminate your pain but at least some of them should help relieve it and improve your quality of life. 


    There's always the question of sleep in FM. Poor sleep exacerbates the pain in FM. If you're not sleeping well then practice good sleep hygiene and check out pharmaceuticals that may help you sleep better. 


    There are more and more options all the time with FM; it may take some digging but hopefully you'll find some relief if you keep looking. Check out the Health Central site on FM for more (


    Good luck! 


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