• letsgoblues725 letsgoblues725
    March 10, 2010
    drug test from PM doctor showed methadone and I don't even know what that is and didnt take!
    letsgoblues725 letsgoblues725
    March 10, 2010

    I need some help here and fast!  I suffer from chronic pain and see a PM doctor and I am prescribed hydrocodone.  I go for monthly visits and when I went on Feb 22nd my doctor gave me a drug test.  All I did was pee in a cup, hand it to his wife and sign a paper authorizing the lab to bill me.


    Today, I got a letter from my doctor saying they were unable to see me as a patient anymore.  I called and the doctor said my drug test showed I had taken methadone.  I do not even know what methadone is!!! 


    I was given the number to the lab and the toxicologist is susposed to call me back tomorrow as he wasnt in today.  When I took the test, I was not given a form to fill out to list medications I was on.  At the time, I had a respiratory infection and had been taking benadryl and Mucinex at the advise of the pharmacist until i went in to see my doctor.  I took those medications the morning of the test as well. 


    Is it possible that the over the countet medications i took cause a false/positive on the methadone??  I have honestly never even heard of methadone.  Hydrocodone has controlled my pain for the past fifteen years.  My doctor said methadone is a drug used to get off of pain pills, so why would i take a drug to get off of them then go in and get my prescription FOR them??  My doctor will not let me come in and retest.  He said the toxicocoligist would have to call him.


    What should I do here.  I am due for my medicine on the 22nd and cannot be without them.  Not only do i need them to live my life, i would also have withdrawls.  I'm completely lost here as i've never even heard of the drug they are accusing me of taking?  Should i get an attorney as this is now on my medical record?  Will the toxicologist help me once I tell him what all I was taking when I took the test that he didn't know about?? 


    Please if anyone has some information to help me let me know what I should do.

    Thanks.  Tara




  • inspectorgadget1956 March 20, 2010
    March 20, 2010

    I'd have to agree with Karen; my cousin works in the lab at a local hospital and they are constantly getting complaints about false positives for methadone, as well as percocet ( oxycodone with Tylenol ) not being in the patients system when prescribed. I know percocet has a short half life and one "friend" I know took a 10/650 percocet at 8:30am as witnessed by my sister and close to noon, had to take a drug test and absolutely nothing showed up in they're system, which resulted in this patient being discharged from they're practice and it was terrible. The only reason he didn't seek legal recourse, was he was afraid of his name being blacklisted by other doctors in the area and to see the suffering he went through because of being told he didn't take his medication and all but being accused of selling it ( he doesn't preach, but is a licensed minister with a lot of chronic pain issues ) really caused him and his family almost 2 years of suffering ( they had to all but do everything for him as he was all but bedridden with pain without the pain med's ).Thankfully, he found another doctor willing to treat him and he actually is able to go back to work some par time now. These drug tests, even according to my own cousin, are not absolute and most are not sensitive enough to prove you are taking your medications; most are designed to detect illegal drugs, or legal drugs not prescribed. She told me the threshold for percocet and most other pain medications are set too high to prove that the patient is "taking they're meds," as it is set to show zero if the level isn't above say "50 parts per million," and the patients actual reading is 49. Not being a lab tech, I may not have this exactly like she told me, but in summary, she told me the urine tests are the least accurate way of testing both legal and illegal substances. Its truly a shame so many innocent people are denied needed medications because of false positives for some drugs and negative readings when the person is taking they're medications, but it just doesn't show a high enough reading to score over the threshold limits. I really wish they're were enough people taking matters like this to an experienced attorney for legal recourse. I have so sympathy for someone abusing medications, dope heads or those just wanting a buzz at the expense of those of us in chronic pain needing medications, for to those of us in true pain, its rare we get any buzz off our medications--just some much needed relief from the hell we were unfortunate enough to get cursed with. My heart goes out to you and I pray your matter will be resolved and you can get the needed help you so desperately need. Inspectorgadget1956, Lumberton, NC

  • rockStarrmomma February 26, 2014
    February 26, 2014

    I am taking percocet, fentanyl patch, cymbalta, meloxicam and tizanidine from pain stemming from a pseudoarticulation fusing the left side of my L5 to my sacrum..this has lead to tears bugging nerve damage etc from L2-S1. Loosing insurance because of obamacare and this got my fusion denied too..I went to primary because I am very sick with lung issues..they standardly test urine..even tho my pain meds are from PM Dr. I Do get xanax,welbutrin, fiorcet and other meds when sick from PCP..well they ma comes in while I'm talking to Dr(I know him well) and she says I twice tested positive for benzos and Methadone!! I have NEVER taken it and I am very serious about taking my meds as prescribed!( I am a medical assistant..currently not working tho..even did my clinical at my Dr..so I Dont mess around having seen plenty of pts pull bull crap to get more drugs and we were also a suboxon trial clinic too) anyways..the guy who roomed me was lazy and didn't ask about any OTC meds..so I didn't dawn on me until later that I had been taking benadryl, nasal spray, Tylenol mutli symptom cold meds too..and now I've read many times that almost all of that can cause such false positives! I plan to stop by tomorrow just to share this..I didn't effect anything since they Dont do my pain meds..but this bitch ma was so happy like she busted me..and I have evidence of her giving unsolicited improper medical advice..not allowed..and even telling my best friend she was making bad parenting choices because she gets her child immunized! So definitely intend to clear my name..and glad I have this knowledge in the future! Good luck..its a tough place to be since we are all looked at as drug seekers these days!

  • Cindy June 22, 2011
    June 22, 2011

    I take methadone for chronic pain.  My doctor gave me a urine test and the results showed that the methadone was NOT in my system.  My doctor was going to kick me out as a patient.  I knew there had to be a mistake.  I called the laboratory and asked them what could have happened.  They said that there could have been a transcription error (meaning the person who submitted the results to the doctor put down negative instead of positive).  The lab looked into it, called me 15 minutes later and apologized saying that there was an error.  They then sent my doctor the corrected results.  I then received a call from my doctor apologizing as well.  I was very upset because I am allergic to several pain meds.  I could have lost my doctor and my meds.  I also expressed to the doctor that they need to keep in mind that errors can happen.  Methadone has a long half-life; meaning that it stays in your system for a long time.  If I was you, I would ask them to do a blood test instead of a urine test.  I would also call the lab where it was sent to.  If you did take it and it hasn't been that long ago then it should still show up in your system.  They can also test by using your hair.  Not many places do this; however it can be done and it shows everything and it shows things that you may have taken months ago that wouldn't show up now in your urine or blood.  It is also a very accurate test.  I hope things work out for you.  Good luck and God Bless.  :)

    Cindy :)


  • squirrel63 June 28, 2011
    June 28, 2011

    I Know for a fact that these drug tests can be inaccurate.Had md appt with PMD on 4/27/11..peed in a cup..nurse tested it..and came back in the room,and asked..WHY are you pos forbenzo??I said..Well seeing that the md has Valium Rx,that would be the benzo..hmmmm..and my tests were supposedly sent off for further testing...suggesting that I had hydrocodone in my UDS instead of Percocet.This is soo much untrue..A). I had no Rx for said med.2).Had taken my rx dose of Percocet at 9am,,appt at 10 am.So I get a call @ 7 pm on 5/18/11..stating that I was pos for that In my urine.I have called the Drug testing Corp..they said it takes 2 days for results..and Im informed on that day..when I had my appt on 4/27/11????Needles to say.I was fired from this Mds practice due to the inaccuracy of this all,left to fight my pain/withdrawals alone.

     DONT just take what is said by the docs staff as gospel..do some investigating of your own,to know errors are made.

    Just wanted to let u guys know what happened with me...and Ill be the first to say that i am against diversion..but when im not guilty,Im against inaccurate tests as well.I have an atty too,btw.

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