• rosebudcinafbry rosebudcinafbry
    August 17, 2009
    Is It PossibleTo Get A New Pain Dr If You Have Been Discharged From One In Knoxville, Tennessee???
    rosebudcinafbry rosebudcinafbry
    August 17, 2009

    Hi to all!!! I have had surgery 5 times on my lower back and have 4 disc in my upper back that are going to require surgery soon, I have R.S.D.S. in both my lower extremities that is in remission right now but it relapes at any time, and my pain is constant and extreme. I had been seeing the same Pain Dr for over a year, then in Jan. I had a death in my family in Virginia and so I had to call and reschedule my appt., then in Mar. my apartment was broke into and everything I own including my medication was stolen, and in June my purse with only a 3-4 day supply of medication was stolen from my car, my appt. was in 2 days from then so I didn't call before I just brought the police report just as before to my appt. with me. When I went to my appt. I saw the nurse pract. and she called me irresponsible and she did not think they could do anything for me anymore because I was irresponsible and she discharged me. How any of those actions were my fault is still a question no one can answer yet. Now I am in extreme pain and can not find a Dr anywhere near Knoxville who will see me because of being discharged??? I understand that some people ruin things for everyone and druggies have pretty much ruined my chances even though I am really in pain, now do I have to just suffer, or is there anything I can do??? My pain is getting to the point that I have very seriously thought about suicide for the first time in a long while. Something has to give I can't take it any more and it's ruining every aspect of my life and relationships. I am at my wits end!!! I appreciate any help what so ever!!! THANKS & GOD BLESS!!!



                                                                         In Pain Knoxville, Tennessee!!!                                                                                                                                                 



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  • mersilkee September 11, 2009
    September 11, 2009

    I've heard that this kind of thing happens.  I have been discharged by doctors because my condition was too complicated.  First of all you have a right to your records, so request your records from the doctor.  Obviously this pain doctor is practicing defensive medicine and she or he knows better than to do what he or she did. 


    Once several years ago, I was going to a psychiatrist that specialized in pain management.  He told me that I was going to have to have additional counseling that my insurance didn't pay for or he wouldn't be writing me scripts for my meds anymore.  I told him I couldn't afford it and he discharged me as a patient with prescriptions for a 3 month supply.  I lived in a large metro area, so it was probably easier for me to change pain doctors.  I made an appointment with a pain doctor that someone from a chronic pain support group had told me about.  I went in without records and told the doctor that I had to stop going to the other pain doctor because of insurance problems.


    But, it sounds like from your post that the cat is out of the bag as far as the other pain managment doctors knowing what happened.  Did you tell them you were discharged when you called to make an appointment or did they find out from your former pain management doctor?


    Do you have a primary care physician?  Can he or she write prescriptions for pain medication until you find another pain doctor.  Also, perhaps you could get a referral through your PCP to one of the pain management doctors who wouldn't see you when you called on your own. 


    I have had such hassles finding a good pain doctor.  We had to move so I fly to see my pain doctor now.


    Best of luck.

    • rosebudcinafbry
      September 19, 2009
      September 19, 2009

      Thanks for the info.


         Everyone of the pain management doctors that I have called, one of the first questions they ask is if I have been discharged from another doctor, and when I say yes they tell me that they can't see me. The same day that I was discharged from the pain dr. my family physician also released me because he doesn't prescribe narcotics, he said that I needed cronic pain relief and needed to find another dr. I am going for a second opinion on my neck, mid, and lower back, legs, feet, and RSDS pain the first of October, it keeps getting rescheduled. Hopefully I will get some answers then!!!


                                                    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it.

    • mersilkee
      September 20, 2009
      September 20, 2009

      I am so sorry that you haven't been able to find a good  pain doctor.  As I said, I know what it is like to be discharged from a doctor's care.  They shouldn't do it.  According to information I read from the American Medical Association, discharging a patient who still has medical problems without a referral to another doctor is not a good idea because some state boards are changing their standards and consider such behavior malpractice.  So, then the physician is open to a lawsuit.  I don't know how many states have done this and I know from working for a company that did peer view on physicians that doctors have to really mess up to be reprimanded by the state board.  Also, most attornies would not take a case like that even if it was considered malpratice unless some major harm had come to you immediately after you had been discharged from the doctor's care.


      Many doctors practice defensive medicine and consider any patients with complications including a patient that has been discharged from care too high of a risk.  One time I was seeing a primary care physician who told me she was going to stick with me until we figured things out.  On one visit I happened to ask her if there was any place that I might go who could figure out what was wrong with me.  She suggested a few places that were far away including Johns Hopkins.  I told her that we might go there but we had already been to the Mayo Clinic that year, had to go back twice and my husband was a contractor so if he didn't work a day, he didn't get paid.


      I had a flare up of my condition and I was very ill when I went to see her.  She asked me why I was there because she informed me that she had discharged me and given me  a referral to Johns Hopkins.  I told her this wasn't true and then she admitted to me that she was in a group practice and they met on a weekly basis to discuss problem cases.  She had been concerned about me so she referred my case in the meeting.  She was told by the head of the practice that my case was too complex and factoring the extra time she had to spend with me and the difficulty of my case, I was too much of a liablility to the practice for me to continue as a patient.


      I also understand about rescheduling problems.  I probably told you I have a fatal illness.  The doctor that diagnosed me is too far away now so I made an appointment with a doctor who is a specialist in my disease who has a practice in the general area where I am living now.  Back in May, my husband made an appointment for me to get into see him in October. His office called back last week and said he would be out of town and he couldn't see my until December. 


      I wish I could do more to help you find a pain management doctor because a good pain doctor is as important to someone in chronic pain as an obsterician is to a woman who is going to have a baby but even more so because your chronic pain doesn't go away after nine months.  I will pray for you and please let me know how things turn out.

      Take care.


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  • poorbabi August 05, 2011
    August 05, 2011

    I would of been concerned right off becaie the one who discharged you was a Nurse Practitioner. I would of asked to speak with the doctor before I left. At my Pian Management group I had a problem with the Nurse practitioner. For my next visit, I told the office to schedule me when the doctor can see me. I told them I felt my case was to complicated for a nurse practitioner. Wjhen I seen the doctor the next month she apologised for what happened. You may want to contact the actual doctor there. Ask them for a referal and inform them of the problem this is causing you.

  • squirrel63 August 06, 2011
    August 06, 2011

    Hi there..Ive had the same happen to me,but under different circumstances.I was d/c from clinic,by an nurse as well..supposedly I failed my uds..KNOWING i DID NOT have hydrocodone in my urine.Mine is a complex case as well...Im involved in an lawsuit..and feel that they just found a reason to terminate me..I NEVER have got to speak to the MD>.....I called THE AME in my state...and termination now without a written termination,and too,by a nurse is unethical..which will probably result in her a reprimand by the board...but does that solve my problems??NO..I am just standing up for what is right.I was injured...have herniations,in C spine,L spine,and spinal stenosis.

    Request all your medical records..they r yours..and YOU have the right.Contact your State Board of MEDICAL Examiners..and file an report.

    Also..did you file an police report,after your meds were stolen??I feel like they may think you arent being honest about that.

    I wish you the best..Hope you find the relief soon,that you need.Foot in mouth

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