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Thursday, June 05, 2008 paula, Community Member, asks

Q: why did my pain doctor ask for a urine sample. i am taking oxyecodone 5/325 for pain

 i want to know how long the drug stays in my system?  how long will long will it show up in my urine?  does drinking alot of water help? why would my pain specialist order a urine test?

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
6/ 8/08 3:35am

Your doctor tests your urine for your protection as well as his.  A recent study showed that 77% of chronic pain patients were not taking their medications as their doctor had prescribed them.  (Read "Pain Meds – Are You Following Doctor's Orders?"


Oxycodone is a Schedule II narcotic with a high potential for abuse.  When a patient is tested, too much of the drug in their system could indicate that it is being abused; none of the drug in their system could indicate that the patient might be selling it.  If the doctor continues prescribing an opioid without testing to be sure it is being taken correctly, he runs the risk of being prosecuted, imprisoned and losing his license should the DEA discover that some of his patients are abusing or selling the drugs. 


Not taking opioids as prescribed can also be dangerous for the patient.  Testing can alert the doctor to potential problems so they can be corrected before serious damage is done.



annebeckett, Community Member
6/ 5/08 10:45pm

Uhm.. Are you getting these meds from someone other than your pain doc?  If so, you want to come CLEAN-- and I am not talking about cleaning your urine.  I mean you need to be honest (always) with your docs.  IF you are not getting from him or her what works for you, you do need to advise the doc of this.  If this doc IS prescribing this med, there could be many reasons for a u/a.  My doc has me go through many tests, blood and urine, very often-  and the results are always what they expect.. part of the testing, though, is to make sure that the narcotics are not messing with my internal organs.  If they were, I'd want to know more than my doc would!  Good luck and always, you HAVE to be honest with your doc(s)!

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