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Monday, December 08, 2008 Rchelle5, Community Member, asks

Q: My back hurts so bad. It gives out on me sometimes and i fall. shoots pain down my leg.

I have been having back pain for about a year. I hurt it one night when I rolled over. I don't know if i pulled something, but the pain now is horrible and is getting worse. If I stand for awhile and then try to stand up straight, my back wont let me -- it just hurts, and it will sometimes just give out on me. The pain from my back shoots down my leg. I went to the chiropractor and had X-rays and he didn't see anything wrong with my back, but I know that there is. I really want to have a baby but i need to see what's going on with my back.

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12/ 8/08 10:38pm

Sudden attacks of back pain without major trauma are usually due to the spinal discs, which can herniate or tear. Sometimes the disc injury can irritate the nearby nerve and that sends pain down the leg. When I see someone who has had back pain for a year and has nerve pain, I order an MRI because that imaging study allows me to see the discs and nerves. Plain X-rays are great for ruling out major bone problems, but they don't tell the whole story. With a more accurate diagnosis, solutions become possible. Find a medical doctor who specializes in back injuries.

 You are right to hold off on having a baby until your back feels better. Pregnancy can make back pain much worse and that is before you have to run around chasing a little one.

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Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Gretchen, Community Member
11/ 2/12 2:54pm
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davebsp, Community Member
1/23/09 5:00pm

first, SEE a DOCTOR NOW. 

If you,ve tried ice packs and over the counter muscle reliever (icy-hot, ben gay,etc) and it no longer gives the relief from pain that you need, you will need to see a doctor, preferably a chirocrpactic doctor.  First give them a call and set up an appointment/referral.  The Chiropractic Office is much more qualified to help you with a visit/referal and diagnosis of your problem.  Even if you funds are low at least you will get help to a referral to your best choise to relieve you pain.  Gl ..get help.

Ms.hernandez, Community Member
4/30/09 10:40am

i had on accident on baketball practices and sinces then i had the worse pain ever sometimes i dont feel it at all but when it comes i feel horrible is a pain that i really cannot control this time...

eva, Community Member
6/24/10 10:33pm

I had this issue about a year ago,..... I found out it was due to my younger years as a secretary and my age.. im 56... I bought 2 garments one for myself and another for my husband .... and Ive been back pain free for a year now... and counting....... hope this helps you...

Cornella, Community Member
10/ 8/10 10:44am

Scatica -pain, down leg, from torso,(if spelled right): can it be healed w/an orthodic placed in shoe? both hips were done, 006 & 008, now recently in March  I went off Gabapentin as perscribed; now this pain is worse since March 2010.  I exercise, walk,  do my bike, but even standing any length of time 10min or more it is "unbearable"...must sit..S

schmidty, Community Member
7/25/11 8:40am

Hello Rchelle5,


I had the same thing happen to me.  One night I went to get up out of bed and I felt something pop in the very lowest spot on my spine.  Ever since then I have the same problems that you are describing.  I had an MRI and unfortunatley had popped the disc between L5 & S1.  The pain is horrible right now.  Nothing seems to help.  I'm on Morphine and Norco for the pain and Gabapenten for the nerve pain.  I am seeing a Neurologist/Surgeon in 3 weeks and will probably end up with surgery.   Standing to do the dishes or anything is impossble.  Right now it hurts to sit down or lay down.  I can only lay on the opposite side with 2 pillows between my knees to sleep.  You should definately get it checked out, especially if you are wanting to get pregnant.  Good Luck!!

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