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Sunday, October 11, 2009 kae, Community Member, asks

Q: Severe arm and elbow pain in the night?

My doctor has me on norco and xanax.  I don't like the effect on my brain.  I hurt so much, and I am so tired all the time, tired of pain and crying.  My arms and elbows hurt; I wake up to too much pain.  I walk about 2-4miles a day for exercise, to stay limber because of my bad back.  If I don't walk, I get so stiff I walk like the tinman all rusted up.  I stay busy as I can.  Had a rough life, have a shattered tailbone, severe concussions, and my fingers turn white and numb in the cold.  What can I do?

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10/12/09 10:27pm

Sometimes a different approach is neccessary to get out of a rut. When someone who is stuck in a rut sees me, I like to look for different ways of tackling a problem with medications, physical therapy, exercise, and healthy habits.


Many types of medications are available. Intractable pain is often associated with nerve sensitivity and (to a degree) nerve pain. Medications used to treat nerve pain are ofter overlooked. Some trial and error, may be neccessary, but worth it when the winning combination is found.


Next, revising the current exercise routine can also make a difference. From walking to strengthening, any old dog can learn new tricks.


Finally, and most importantly, people usually underestimate the power of health. Smoking, eating, sleeping, playing, and working; all aspects of life can help or hinder someone's health. You can start with breakfast. Optimizing your health can pull you out of a rut and on to the road of feeling better.


Rock the boat a little or just start swimming...


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

What Can Be Done for Nerve Pain?


kae, Community Member
10/12/09 10:34pm

Thank you.  Been off meds, eat right, do all the good stuff, am ok.  Thanks.

Megs, Community Member
10/18/09 2:07am


I am sure you've heard this before, but I offer it helpfully... find a place where you can swim. Preferrably in a saline pool, but any pool will do for now. It takes the stress off your back and the rest of your body. You still get to stay limber but may reduce some pain.

Hang in there.


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kae, Community Member
10/18/09 7:22am

Thank you for your help and advice.  I cannot swim now, though I used to.  I do not like the chemicals.  I am ok, still have pain, but I can deal with it better now that I don't have all the drugs in my system.  I eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep.  Also, a nice hot bath every night.  But, above everything else, I have my faith and then my family and neighbors and friends.  It all helps.  Especially knowing my destiny and the destiny and future of the world.  Faith is so important, and then I follow the health food laws.  It helps alot, what you think, and what you eat.  So even though I do have alot of pain, it's all ok.  

spencecats, Community Member
10/22/09 5:22am
A Shattered Tailbone at 8yrs. old, started my Back Pain. When my Parents divorced when I was 10, we packed what ever we had & 'ran for our lifes' from Chicago to Calif. My Dad was very Abusive to all of us, Mom always worked, it was the Beauty School she opened with a partner that bought her the new house. My Dad harressed us, even starting the upper floor of our house on fire, I was home sick & hidding in the basement we were told to hide when he came around, trying to get in. We took what ever he didn't get packed our new Corvair & 'ran for our lifes' to Ca., still Mom liked to move. We moved for 3 day with only a few hrs. of sleep, cleaning both Apts, unpacking to take the boxes back to fill up again. I'm sure that didn't help my back problems any, since I was older Mom expected more out of me, even on days when my back wouldn't alow me to walk & I had to crawl around. I had a stepstool to get up on the counters to do not only my chores, but my Sisters, if her's wern't done I was the one who got in trouble. So I don't remember what it's like not to have pain 24/7 over 37-38yrs. Yes I finally found a Dr. to work with me, still what Meds he gives me only takes the edge off my pain...Better then nothing. About 18 mons. ago my slipper got caught in the door jam from the garage to the house & I shaddered my L-kneecap, had 2 operations, still it didn't heal well. My lawn has a slope to it, so with a cast up to my hind-end, I still tryed to take some trash out & fell again, breaking the bone in my upper R-arm & messing up my shoulder for the 4th time.My back has disc going every wich way, some are 'just gone' allowing the verabrays to rub together, bone on bone. I have 'Kyposis' & was told the big 'P' I have in my upper back will grown back onto my main spine in 2 to 4 yrs. I had 'Ostepoporosis' & 'Arthris', there's more, but isn't that enough? So you don't take any meds? I do & couldn't even stay in bed without 'SOMETHING',I can only sleep a few hrs. before the pain wakes me up every few hrs. I have to get up & try to calm the pain down so I can get try for a few more hrs. of sleep. Still my Mom, Sister & Husband still expect me to 'Do it All', Mom & especially my Sister are the worse about the meds I take, my Sister hurt her back doing stupid things when she was younger. She Tells all her friends & our Realtives that I take hunderd of pills a day, she has even started telling them I'v started on 'Street Meds', but she's the one who drinks wine day & night. She also spent 8 days in the Hospitial cause her Liver shut down,even in front of a Chiropractor she has gone too over 25yrs, her Husband said, 'At least she isn't Addicted to pills'. You would think the Chiropracter whould know better, guess drinking 2 & 3 of the boxes of wine is better then taking meds, I get my Liver tested every 6 mons. & it always comes out O.K. One thing I do is take my meds as late as I can at night, it seems to help with me getting up every few hrs. or finally giving up & just staying up at 2-3 in the morning. I do try to stay active, but my knee didn't heal right, then a Homeless man pushed onto a car, cause I showed him a piece of papper with every call he 'Harressed' us with, calling many days every 15-20mins. That broke my wrist, so I have a plate & screws in my R-wrist, some days my knee & wrist hurt more then my back. What did the cops do? They sited with him, but they were the ones who told me 'Your an Adult' you take care of it' or tto just ignor all the calls. For 10yrs. we were 'voted' to be the safest town, so I don't know what happened to our police? Everyone is complaing about how bad they are, ther's been more problems with this guy, it seems that he 'runs' our town, I don't understand it. He also keeps going in my mailbox. Is there another Dr. you can see about your pain, even with the meds I take all they do is take the edge off. I live in So.Calif, so we get colder every winter, we even have had a few 'Gloamie(?) rainie days', I was in so much pain, I'm dreading when our 'real' winter comes. My Husband said to me last wk. 'It looks like your getting around better, your doing more', ya I am cause all you & my 'Adult' kids do is Hold the couch down. Who else is going to clean-up? Even if I'm doing it in 'Screaming pain' it has to be done & not just sweeping floors, I fix the car, washer, put a new faucet in, it just is taking me longer then it usta. Is that enough 'Babble' for you, if your looking to be free from pain, once you hurt your back you'll never be 'Pain Free' again, not many are. I'v taken up too much of your time already, sorry sometimes I just keep on going. WOW! am I going to pay for tihs tomorrow. I'm going to try to get a few more hrs. of sleep. I wanted to post a question to everyone who had 'Fibro', now I'm too tired. Good Luck 'Kae', try to go to the library & find some books on pain, the Dr's never seem to agree on whats wrong with you, I just started reading every book I could & talking to everyone who was also in pain, to learn what they did about it. Post again on how your doing, I won't write you a 'Book' next time, O.K.? Hugs & Good night, Pegi Reply
kae, Community Member
10/22/09 8:16am

I am sorry for all of your problems.  Everyone has problems and pain, don't they?  I know that when I have a lot of pain, it sometimes can get to be too much.  I drink coffee maybe 3 to 4 times a day, spacing it out.  A strong cup of coffee helps my pain.

And stretching, and walking.  I might look funny the way I walk, sometimes it hurts so much, but I keep going.  I know I would hurt more if I don't stretch or walk.  And then, I have to prop my feet up, they hurt so much.

I have alot of problems, but it is easier now by not taking the meds. 

Everyone is different, and their pain is from different things.  I know some  people that simply cannot walk, their knees hurt too much.  But, also, they are overweight.

I only weigh 92 pounds, have trouble with my stomach.  If I eat meat and certain other foods my stomach hurts.  I also suffer from PTSD.  So what works for me, might not work for you.  You need to find some relief from your problems.  Just remember, you are not alone in this.  People all over the world suffer just like you do.  Just try to relax whenever you can, and try not to let little stupid stuff get you upset.  So what the house is messy, as long as the beds are made, and the garbage taken out, and the dishes done, relax.  Take time out for you, it's very important.  Now I am writing a book.  But remember, God loves you, and all He wants is your love in return.  Smile, and relax!


BabyBlue, Community Member
11/14/09 3:32pm

You say your husband and adult children just sit on the couch while all of this goes on. Where are their "roles" in helping with chores, etc?  Do any of them work? If not, how do you pay your household and ALL of these medical bills ? I would really like to see the answers to these questions before I comment any further. Look forward to seeing your answers to these questions. Good Luck.

sweet, Community Member
10/10/13 1:32pm

I had the same shit happening to me years ago. Thought I was going nuts.  Doctors could not find the answers.  They told me tennis elbow.  I called myself the thing on the couch back then, I knew I had not hurt it.  I got hooked up to an aura machine.It showed that I was severally minerally deficient.  I bought some of the minerals that have been through osmosis turned into a liquid form and two days later I could touch my arms again without wanting to scream. I suffered terrible prior to that and yes woke up at not because I could hear crying and it was me. I havent had any problems since.  My cartlidge was simply being eaten away by my body because it needed to get the minerals somewhere.  I had been taking many vitamins back then. It was just minerals my body so badly needed.  Make sure it is something your body can breakdown.  Hope you try it.It changed my whole life.



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