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Saturday, July 11, 2009 Wannabebetter, Community Member, asks

Q: 7 weeks after open rotator cuff surgery. My fingers are very stiff in the mornings! Is this normal?

no swelling. still hot upper arm at times.  frozen shoulder.  constant pain.

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
7/15/09 6:29am

I've seen others ask the same question about stiff fingers even a few months after rotator cuff surgery, so you're not alone.  Pain in the shoulder can cause stiffness in the entire arm and hand because the muscles tend to shut down as a mode of protection.  Then because you're not moving your fingers much while you sleep, they're more likely to be stiff in the morning. 


Seven weeks post-surgery is still pretty early.  While you should start to see some improvement four to six weeks after surgery, it can take several months to a year to fully recover from rotator cuff surgery.

fatboy300, Community Member
7/16/09 6:56pm

no it's not and you need to see your doctor about it get it fixed and quit asking people like us on this site stuff a proffesional should be looking at.

In Pain, Community Member
10/21/09 8:27pm

To the responder "no it's not and you need to see a doctor",  your an ass and obviously not had open rotator cuff surgery.  My fingers are stiff 2 1/2 months after open rotator cuff surgery.  Hope you feel better 7 weeks

erik, Community Member
9/25/10 4:04pm

I am 15 weeks into my recovery, and I have stiffness and slight swelling as well.  Was this your case?  If so, have your symptoms since gone away?  Any help would be appreciated.

StillStiff, Community Member
6/ 4/12 7:24pm

I had rotator cuff surgery nearly 6 months ago.  My hand has been stiff from the beginning.  It has improved a great deal (less stiff, much less painful), but it may be a long time before it is normal.  My surgeon says he cannot explain it or treat it, and he has not had another patient with this complaint.  The surgeon is highly experienced and specializes in shoulder surgery and sports medicine.  I stretch and exercise my hand and arm several times a day.  This is all quite troubling, to say the least.

fernando, Community Member
12/15/12 4:00pm

I had same problems, now it's been 8 months since surgery my numbnees turn into my ring finger and pinkie finger and half of my hand and forearm to be asleep 24/7
 getting ready to have a nerve conducting test see what happens.
Been looking up and a lot info on this thing and finding out it maybe the "ULNAR NERVE ENTRAPMENT" wish is cause when you elbow is bent for a long time or
"AXILLARY NERVE" that can be damage during ROTATOR CUFF surgery

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