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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 cupan305, Community Member, asks

Q: lower back pain, body aches, fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck

used to get bladder and lidney infections all the time, rulled out swollen bladder syndrome and they said its not my kidneys, increased urine flow, get fevers close to a hundred when my back hurts, its on both sides of the lower back, one doctor said i had pulled something, another said that they seen minor spina bifada, and another said degenerative bone disease. Why are they all saying something different? I can't even function throughout the day without taking atleast one 800 mg of ibuprofin a day if not more. Can't even do my job at work, always feel like I have the flu. Been getting bad headaches to where it hurts to move my eyes and the other morning I woke up to a sore neck with swollen lymph nodes. I just want to be fixed, any suggestions? It's ruining my life and not getting an answer or solution is making me depressed. And the doctors think I am crazy.

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Cort, Health Guide
6/15/10 9:32am

It sure sounds like you could be in the middle of an infection of some sort. Have you been tested for pathogens? 

cupan305, Community Member
6/15/10 10:33am

not one doctor suggested blood work, my family doctor didn't see a need

MillieKeyLargo, Community Member
6/15/10 9:09am

Do you live in a City that has a teaching hospital? If you do, try to get a consultation with an Internist there. I've found that teaching hospitals have the best Doctor's, and Doctor's that like to research and get to the bottom of the patient's issue, unlike GP's in the general population. This is my opinion though, but you need to find out what is so wrong with you, so I will start by going to a top notch Doctor, in a top notch place. Take care,

cupan305, Community Member
6/15/10 10:34am

Thank you I will have to look into that.

Vickie Foster, Community Member
6/16/10 10:30pm

I went to the Doctor for two years with low grade fever, body aches,felt like I was coming down with the flu most of the time, and could not sleep because of the pain. The Doctor would try to give me anti-depressants, nerve pills, ask how my home life was. I didn't want pills, I wanted Answers! I saw a new Doctor and after some tests, she called to say she was making me an appointment with a Rheumatologist. I have Lupus! TWO YEARS...I am not saying you have Lupus, I am saying NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! I was starting to think it was all in my mind like  the HOW'S YOUR HOME LIFE Doctor thought. I was so confused. Please know you are not alone, there are alot of people like you, and we are on your side. I have never posted anything on any site, but I have felt you needed to hear this. Please take care and May God Bless, V.F.  

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