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Sunday, September 28, 2008 deborama2, Community Member, asks

Q: Has anyone had complications from tvt bladder surgery ie. persistant groin pain??

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Jewel, Community Member
11/ 8/09 4:31am

I am 44 and had the surgery 4 months ago. Have had constant problems and been catheterised on several occasions.  I also experience low nagging pain in my groin constantly on the left and also across my lower back and left leg. I am on strong painkillers and are due for another round of surgery on Nov 19th with another surgeon who took my concerns seriously. One time before being referred to her I ended up in an emergency dept as I was unable to void my bladder. The doc who examined me told me I wasn't very full. 4 attempts later at getting a catheter in there was over 1300mls drained from my bladder. His response to that was "Oh you were quite full weren't you". Hopefully this round of surgery can remedy the problems associated with the tape and I can go shopping again without fear of wetting myself as I have done. The intense pain would hit right before my body would tell me I needed to pee and by then it was too late to get to a loo. Humiliating and embarrassing. I have learned to manage things a little better with time but it has had an enormous impact on my self confidence and love life. Not good considering I have only been married 6 months.

deborama2, Community Member
11/ 9/09 2:05am

I am so sorry that you are having problems with your TVT.  I too had nagging groin pain but could explain it away with allot of things.  To make a long story short I ended up getting the tape removed.  I had it out March of this year.  I also developed another condition called avascular necrosis  of my left hip which contributed to the pain greatly.  My advice to you is to get the tape out as soon as possible before you get any other problems like erosion and a host of others that women who have had this horrible thing put in.  There are other bladder repair procedures like a burch repair that are tried and true and work allot better than the TVT.  Now I have some stress incontinence but not anything like it was before.  I must have developed some scar tissue that is holding everything in place.  Another place you should check out is TOPIX  the subject is lawsuit filed by gynecare TVT bladder suspension tape.  There is so many women out there that have had severe problems with the tape.  I am so glad that you found someone to listen and help you with your problems (that is half the battle).  Please let me know what happens and if I can help you any further. 


DD, Community Member
11/23/09 3:20pm

I do not know what tvt is but I myself have had surgery involving Interstim Therepy and let me tell you that my muscles on my left lower extremities as well as my lower back has been so excrutiating at tims that I just want to jump out of my own skin! The pain mngmt. Dr. that I see has had me on tramadol and flexoral for over a year now and he continues to tell me that they are OK to take for long periods of time and I constantly question his theories. He now also administers trigger point injections in 5 areas of my buttocks, one being my tailbone. I have been diagnosed with coccydynimia along with other problems. I do not recommened this Interstim Therepy to anyone knowing what has happened to me. the Dr.'s have lied to me and I cannot seem to find representation from the att. that i have contacted, now I'm stuck taking meds for the last year and 8 months, to control the pain from my muscles that were damaged from this op.

margaret, Community Member
1/ 4/12 11:44am

yes. i too have had this tvt bladder op a few yeras aqo now about 3-4 years ago, and i'm in complete agony all the time in my lower groin, pelvic area too, terrible lower back pain too, i cannot lay on my right or left side either in bed or on a soft chair/sofa, without having to keep switching the sides i'm sat/or laid on, it's been hell! and still is, yes i get all the dragging/nagging pains constantly, i've been to and fro from my doctors on several occassions about the persistant pain/discomfort i'm in, but feel that the doctors are not taking my problems seriously! they know all my medical problems and all the ops i've been through so why are they not listening to my ongoing problems to which i and a lot of other woman out there to which like me, have experienced the 'aftermath' of post complications of this tvt surgery, well i'm not putting up with it anymore! suffering in constant pain/discomfort to which has resulted through their negligence1 so i'm going to go back and see another doctor at gp practice(a woman this time!) as i feel that being a woman. she will understand better than a male doctor!, i am going to explain everything to what i'm experiencing, and go from there, to see if the doctor refers me for further advice/treatment to get rid of this terrible pain/discomfort that i'm in, and have suffered for several years because of this tvt sling procedure!, i do believe, that the tvt sling tape, has eroded into my body tissues, i have looked up tvt post op complications, and have found out what this sling tape can do to a woman's body after this procedure, and that many woman out there, like myself, have found this out after they have been advised by the medical profession that this procedure is the only option for them, to correct their bladder leakage/problems, we put our trust in the medical team, thinking that they are making the right choices on our behalf, but we now know that they do not tell us the truth of what they are really doing to us woman, and we only find out the problems after we've all gone through it!.also i would like to mention that i have also noticed a terrible smell of what i can only discribe as rotting eggs! and stale blood! this being in the vagina area!, and i do believe that this is the sling tape that has eroded into my body tissue! i also have bowel pain, i believe this has all come from this procedure! so  i must go back to the doctors in order to get this tape out of my body! i also have pain down my legs, again this has never happened before my tvt operation, so all these problems ARE the problems associated with this dreadful operation, to all the woman out there to whom have been advised to have this tvt tape sling procedure, my advice is please do not go ahead with it! get a second opinion! by another doctor! if i had known what i know now, i would had REFUSED the tvt sling op completely, so ladies, please take our advice so you too don't become another medical victim like myself, and so many other woman out there, i hope to report back to you with an update of my medical situation on the tvt saga, as soon as i have been back to my doctor, and spoke to her in detail, my only hope is that she will be the doctor that listens to me! and that actually does something about it!, we all need to stand together on this one, and their should be an online petition to which we can all sign, and send to government, and also to the makers of the tvt sling tape used!, to which i believe is called gynaecare, made by johnson and johnson, please correct me on this if i have the name wrong, but i've read up on it, and this is what i remember seeing, there may be a few types of tapes used, but i'm in no doubt that the tvt sling tape used on me IS the tvt sling tape that is causing all these problems! to our bodys, and they expect us to live with the complications to which it has caused our body's, and to our lives, regards margaret, (uk)

Francesca, Community Member
3/ 8/12 11:25am

Dear Margaret,


I am also in the UK.  Did you go and see the other doctor?  I would like to know how you are getting on.  Could you tell me?


I just had the op 3 weeks ago, terrible stabbin groin pain like needles, and I am on amitryptyline, Tramadol, Paracetemol, all so far no help.  I cannot sit, walk or sleep.  I am desperately worried that the nerve has been damaged, and if I remove the mesh that the pain will continue.  What do you think?  Can you recommend a doctor?  You can email me on


KInd regards,



Anniegirl, Community Member
3/28/12 9:57am

I had the mesh transvaginal tape three and half weeks ago today.  I have pain in my groin area and lower back at times.  Mostly the pain is the groin area and sometimes radiates down into my innter thigh.   I called the Dr. about and I love my doctor but he said, "this is never seen in any of the slings"!  What!?  This has been my main problem since I've had the surgery and I honestly am confused by what I'm reading here.  It seem quite common to have this issue.  I do think the surgery worked and I sometimes have a hard time emptying my bladder fully but again the groin pain is the strangest thing.  Please, let me know if anyone has had success in getting rid of the pain outside removing the sling. 


pennsygirl, Community Member
4/20/12 11:31pm
I had the surgery in feb. I have experienced pain on right side where steristrip was. Called office about pain 3 times and nurse kept telling me it was normal healing pain and take Motrin. That did nothing for the pain, finally at my 3 week chec up Doc. told me she bruised my pelvic bone and gave me a script for vicoprofen. After 6 weeks I returned to work. Once on my feet for long periods of time the pain started radiating from incision site down inner thigh to knee. Burning stinging pain. After 4 days went back to dr on an emergency visit. She now says she didn't bruise the bone but may have hit a nerve or scar tissue may be pressing on a nerve. I am now awaiting a consult with a neurologist. Pain gets intense as soon as meds wear off. You are the first case I've read about with pain down inner thigh. Have you been back to doc. yet? Will keep posting after neuro consult. I hope I didn't sign any type of no sue waiver because I definitely cannot live with this pain. Reply
blessourhealth, Community Member
5/ 2/12 1:13pm
Hello, I had my TVT surgery on March 10th and I too have the grounding pain on my left side that just will not go away. I trust my Doctor, I just did not know that I would be in so much pain. I was out Monday for the first time since my surgery and the next day I had vert bad groaning and hip/pelvic pain. I can't wear my heels or wedges. Why is that. Can I too get some advice. Thank you Reply
Bo62, Community Member
6/24/12 7:50pm

I had the Tvt surgery last September and when I woke from my surgery I had terrible pain in my groin area and down my legs. It went away in my left leg but has stayed persistant in my right leg. I never know when the severe pain is going to hit during the day I try to watch every step so as not to lift my leg as it causes great pain up into my groin and down my leg. In January my doctor tried Cortisone shots to help but no luck. He then ran some tests and dicovered my bladder was in distress. So he loosened the tape on the right side but the pain is still in my leg. I too felt I was the only one with this problem as my doctor said he only had 1 lady that this happened to and the cortisone shots worked. I now know that there is a lot more women out there besides me that are suffering. I am still bugging my doctor to get to the bottom of this before things get worst.  Let me know how you are doing


ruby, Community Member
7/14/12 2:51pm

hi francesca, so sorry for the very long delay, yes, i have now seen professor marcus drake, at southmead hoapital, bristol, to whom i have been advised was the main professor to see with regards to the tvt post op mesh implant complications, i had my appointment with him about 6 weeks ago now, and he is sending me to have more tests, bladder studies yet again!, i've previously already had this procrdure done, prior to my tvt operation, so now, that the tvt mesh implant op has been done, he wants me to have this repeated, to see if the tvt mesh tape has moved, and to whether it is cutting into my bladder!, and all my other organs!, he is also going to do another test on me at the same time, this being putting more tubes inside my body, and seeing inside me via a video camera, to see if he can see what damage and multilation! that has been caused by this horrendous tvt mesh implant op, he said that he wants to do all these tests HIMSELF!, and he said that when i have the camera put in aswell, he will be prodding me outside to see if he can locate the precise point of pain!, this will be hard! because i'm in so much severe pain and discomfort in my groin,pelvic, stomach, back,hip, buttocks, left leg, now i have awful pain in my right leg too, and it hurts me to walk now, and climb the stairs!, my urine smells all the time, really bad odour, although i am a person, to whom looks after myself, and is always showering!, despite this, i cannot get this intimate odour to go away!, i have tingling pains that go down my left leg, and i have an awful 'crawling sensations!, i keep feeling that there is something 'crawling on me!, and i have also had times, where i think i've seen a spider or something crawling over the floor!, and there hasn't been anything there!, it's an awful feeling, also i am constipated badly, all the time, my body is in severe pain and discomfort all the time, and the symptoms i'm experiencing are endless! and too many to mention, i am still waiting for my tests by proffessor marcus drake, as the hospital has CANCELLED my appointments on TWO occassions, because they have had a nasty infection on the department!!, so i am still waiting for my tests to be done, and i am told that this will proberbly be in MID- AUGUST! thats as long as the specialist nurse, and proffessor drake is not on HOLIDAY!! when my appointment time comes around to have it done, i'm off work at the moment, because i'm in so much severe pain/discomfort, and i have been off work for a few weeks now, i dont know when i will be returning to work, as the doctores wanted my tests to be done first, then get my results back, to see what happens next, so i just diont know whats happening at the moment, as regards to being well enough to return to work, i'm told by proffessor marcus drake, that i may need an MRI after these tests, as an MRI test would show up much more than any other tests done, and this, i believe, would be done as a last resort!, so fingers crossed, lets hope that they find all the Answers on screen!, and with all the tests results on the day!, i just need to have all my severe pain/discomfort taken seriously!!, it is there! in my body! on a daily basis!, and it does NOT go away!, i need the proper hospital treatment!, that i, myself, and millions of others out there worldwide! that we all DESERVE! the tvt mesh implant tape, has DAMAGED and MUTILATED our bodies!, and we want the MANUFACTURERS to pay! for what they have INFLICTED on our bodies!, through this TVT mesh implant tape surgery!, it should NEVER had been used on our bodies! in the first place!, MEDICAL PROFFESSIONALS HEADS SHOULD ROLL!! FOR ALL THIS MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE TO WHAT WE ARE ALL SUFFERING! BECAUSE OF THE TVT MESH IMPLANT SURGERY! i feel so angry etc, because this tvt mesh implant tape surgery and its post op complications, that follow, has been a complete NIGHTMARE!, to which we are all suffering chronic severe long term mesh implant complications!, to which should be a PRIORITY, TO HELP US ALL!! we need the medical proffession to LISTEN! and take ACTION and not only to make sure that they correct their MEDICAL MISTAKES! but to also COMPENSATE US ALL! its their mistakes!! not ours!, we put our TRUST in them!, but they all FAILED US!, with blatent lies!, they said it was safe!, it was NOT!!, and then we find out that the tvt mesh implant tape, was not supposed to EVER be used on HUMANS!, as it was never CLINICALLY APPROVED!!, what the hell is going on?, why did they go ahead and use it? on us all?, when they didn't TEST IT!, and give full approval by the medical proffession to be able to use it, AFTER IT HAS BEEN FULLY TESTED, AND APPROVED FIRST!, no what they done was to use FAULTY MEDICAL DEVICES on us, without testing, and then have the bloody cheek!, TO TELL US ALL THE FAILURES AFTER!! when it is TOO LATE THEN! it's already been IMPLANTED! in us!, now we have the NIGHTMARE!, dealing with the AFTERMATH! of this horrendous! tvt mesh implant tape!! Ii want mine OUT! OF MY BODY!, then i hoep it will end this NIGHTMARE to what i'm going through every day!, and to which all of you too reading this, are suffering too!, i hope that we can all unite together!, and get the medical negligence compensation! to which we all deserve!, it will never compensate for the damage and mutilation to what they have done to our body's, and our quality of life daily has been severely affected by their negligence actions!, we also want the people, in the medical proffession to be STRUCK OFF!! and because of what they have done to us all, we want MEDICAL JUSTICE!, i've since heard that johnson and johnson. one of the manufactureres of this tvt mesh implant tape, has just recently, decided to withdraw this tvt mesh implant tape from the market in the USA, because, they are being SUED!! so they should be!! now we want to see this action in the united kingdom!!, aswell, thank you for reading my tvt hell experiences, please feel free to email me, if you so wish!, on this dreaded tvt mesh implant tape, disaster!, i would like for you to share your story's, and experiences with me too, we ALL know what we


carol bucknall, Community Member
7/30/12 11:14am

Hi Margaret, WOW that is some ordeal you are experiencing !! I had my TVT op last Wednesday, so far I am only experiencing right side groin discomfort - my stomach is swollen and my bowl movements infrequent. I hope I am not going to get worse then that. 

Carol. HULL

lyn, Community Member
8/27/12 10:27am

Hello Margaret.

Firstly how sorry I am to hear of the terrible pain you are going through regarding this so called TVT simple operation and the awful time you are having.

I would like to introduce myself as Lyn another Bristol lady sufferer,rest assured you are not a "rare and almost unheard of case" to which things have gone drastically wrong! Far from it I am in touch with other Bristol ladies, infact it is very worrying the number(true numbers...not made up!) of ladies whose lives have been so sadly affected.

I will tell my nightmare as briefly as possible

I had a small rectocele to which was making me constipated.

I went to see consultant gynaecologist, I was then sent for urodynamics at Southmead,I was found to be suffering mild stress incontinence,this was no problem to me at all.It was only when I had a full bladder.

I was asked how many pads I got through in a day,to which I replied I only wear a pad when I have a cold,this being put down on my notes.

I was advised to have the TVT,although my complaint was a small rectocele all they seemed concerned about was very mild incontinence!!!

Now looking back I was a guinea pig!!!

How I deeply regret not looking into things,but then why should I question these so called professionals,surely they would not do anything to cause me great harm!!!! HOW VERY WRONG!!

My surgery was in June 2008.and has been the worse time of my life.

Before my 6 week checkup with Mr Mcleod I was in dreadful pain,continuos visits to my GP.

When I saw Mr Mcleod I was in tears I begged for the tape to be removed to be told "Its in you now,its part of you it cant be removed!!!

I was in a terrible depressed,I felt like ending it all.

I had pereannal abscesses as well.being referred to Frenchay,

The general surgeon I saw there was very sympathetic.

I was then referred back into Cotswold ward Southmead tests were done,cystoscopy ,internal where the tape was very prominent in vagina fornix,no wonder I was in agony.

I was then referred to Marcus Drake,

I was told that surgery to remove the tape could put me in more pain and other things that I could suffer....pity they didnt go through the complications regarding the TVT I would have ran a mile and told them where to go!!

partial removal was done by Marcus Drake and Fraser Mcleod.(am putting names as I am warning other ladies of the hell I have been put through so beware!!)

Some tape was removed,some cannot be found,or that is what I was told.

I still live each day in pain.

I was referred to the pain clinic at Frenchay a Dr Krishna,very sympathetic,I know I am not alone there either!!!!

There was nothing else that could be done.

My life has been ruined.


A mri scan will not show up the tape,you are just being messed around.

Infact my MRI scan was done 2 months after partial tape removal,this being because I was in pain.they probably thought it would shut me up for a while and I would go away....WRONG!!

I am in contact with other ladies here in BRISTOL with dreadful complications.

This barbaric procedure has to stop.

Next time an appointment is cancelled because of an infection just turn up there will be a waiting room full o f patients,they think we are thick!!!

We may have been seriously harmed but we still have a brain!

This being very handy as the truth is now coming out.

We will stop this,we will show up the so called professionals who are doing this to us.

It was 4 years ago I was awaiting removal.

Why is mr Marcus Drake not doing anything to stop this?

Why is he being referred ladies with complications?why is his time being wasted on sorting out other surgeons problems.

Thats the good old NHS for you!!

I live each day in pain and fear,where is the missing tape?

Margaret im sorry to put it all so bluntly,but I am sick with them all for what they have done to me and I will do whatever I can to stop the serious harm they are causing.

I await your reply Margaret,rest assured you are not alone,sadly far from it!!







jen, Community Member
12/29/12 5:50pm

Wow, I feel so bad for you. I also had the tvt and am having varous symtoms like I have reading above. Constant Groin pain, smelly pee, discomfort in pelvic area, infections, painful ... and more. This is bullshit. I am pissed. I did not read your whole story but I feel they are leading you on. You had better get this fixed soon. FIND A NEW DOCTOR. I also need to get this mesh taken out by a good doctor asap. Thanks for listening.

jackie, Community Member
4/26/12 7:27am

hi margeret sorry to hear about your problems with tvt tape i am having the same

iv had bladder scans and a bladder cystoscopy both showed nothing, But you cant see the tape in the bladder unless it pushes through i dont no what to do next in terreble pain and i can feel it digging in me i had my op about nine years ago its the same problems that you are having pain in groin upper leg my hip.How do we get doctors to listen to us ? regards Jackie UK

ruby, Community Member
7/14/12 3:15pm

hi jackie, i'm so sorry to hear that you are suffering with this TVT MESH IMPLANT TAPE too, and all the post op complications that have followed!, yes,i too, am awaiting the bladder studies again!, and i'm having the cystoscopy procedures done aswell, not looking forward to it thou!, i'm dreading it! to be honest!, how am i going to bare that all being done to me, when i'm in so much severe pain/discomfort already?, i dont want anyone to touch me!, but it seems that the medical proffession dont care!, were just told that it has to be done!, yes the Answers do need to be found!, as it seems nobody believes us!, they think were imagining it!, which we're not!, they just dont want to admit their MEDICAL MISTAKES!, you said that after all the tests done, nothing showed up?, well i fear the same!, as you, that the problems will not show up!, well if that happens to me, then i will insists on my MRI, as proffessor drake, at southmead hospital, said that an MRI shows up things that other tests dont, so i guess thats the Answer!, tell them you want an MRI done!, i know that i WILL insist!, that they give me an MRI, if all else fails!, there not getting away with this!, and i will not be brushed under the carpet!!, like us all out there!, i wish they could experience the severe pain and discomfort to which we are all suffering, as a result of this TVT nightmare! then they would experience all what were going through!, it's easy for them to sit back!, and just think 'oh well, we cant find your problems!!, so we will just hope that you will live with it!!, no way!, i'm not prepared for them to get away with it!, it's been a long journey!, but i am determined that i will see it through till the end!, until i get medical justice!, and compensation!, i will let you know how everything goes ok, and keep me informed, on your progress of your ongoing tvt mesh implant problems, hope to message you again soon, and thanks so much jackie, for reading my post on this subject, yours margaret, (UK)

teeny, Community Member
6/10/12 8:15pm

Hi I got told I had an over active bladder and Stress Incontinence.I went for the TVt  June 2011.Went for the after 6weeks check up really sore backache ,told it would go away everything fine.Well i have complained left hand side cripples me after walking pain in the groin.I feel uncomfortable had it checked nothing.9mths again complained lady gp examined me she said didnt have a prolaspe womb ,she asked if i felt lump in left side she has referred me to Gynocologist.Wait and see let you know how I get on. 

michelle, Community Member
4/28/14 4:50am

hi margret iv had all of what ur experiencing awaiting mri whats the first steps of sueing and who thanks

Jennifer B, Community Member
4/23/12 4:52pm

Hi Deb. I am having the worst groin pain mostly on the left as well as suprapubic and left lower back. I even wake up at night with horrible pain in my left hip. This has been going on since I had the sling put in 6/2010. I am wondering how long did you have your sling in before you had it removed? Thanks, Jenn

momtofourgirls, Community Member
8/ 3/12 12:27pm

I had the Advantage TVT put in August 2006. Sense that surgery I have seen numerous doctors about complaints in different areas of my body. I have pain in my left groin in my lower back and into my hip. I have difficulty walking from this pain.At times I can still feel where the TVT is located  at. My belly button becomes sore and hurts to even wear jeans. I swell in my stomach area and in other parts of my body as well. I also have difficulty while peeing as well as bowel problems.This has also affected my sex life. Not only am I in pain all the time. My husband can feel the mesh. I also have lost feeling in that area as well. I have UTI's all the time. Also suffer from fibromyalgia, which I believe is due to this horrific piece of crap that I let them put into my body. How would they like not beeing able to walk and enjoy life. This thing is has ruined my life and I hope that one day I will be able to take my life back. Yes I went back to the Dr that performed this surgery 2 weeks after for follow up and had an infection. He looked at it and said yea you have something going on down there.... Gave me antibiotics and hormone cream and sent me on my way. I went to him on more occasions and same thing. More antibiotics and cream. Needless to say that I trusted this Dr and I'm so mad he ruined my life. We are so far into debt I don't think we will ever get out. Not only has this affected mine and my husband lives,it has affected all four of my kids as well.I was 32 when I had this procedure done. Now I'm 38 and feel like my life is over. They need to stop doing this procedure on people.


pd, Community Member
12/17/08 1:00pm

Yes, I have. About 15 months after the TVT procedure I have a sharp low abdominal, groin pain that has not been successfully diagnosed. CT scan showed nothing. I suspected a hernia, but nothing has been found. Recently I'm wondering if it could be associated with the tape?

Shona, Community Member
9/20/09 4:59am

Me too! Had my op approx 8 yrs ago and it has been very successful but in the last year have had groin pain on both sides but worse on the left. After unsuccessful physiotherapy and with the pain increasing in intensity particularly with prolonged sitting and in bed at night .. I have begun to wonder if it could be the tape attachment site and possible adhesions. 

Have you had any joy diagnosing your groin pain and / or any cure? I would be most interested to hear.

My gynaecologist thinks I'm barking up the wrong tree!!

casey131, Community Member
3/23/10 10:15am

Long story short, I was ignored by doctor that there was a problem. The mesh became unattached, then attached itself to tissue causing a major infection that spread to the deep tissue of the upper thigh. Hospitalized for 9 days, 2 surgeries, major antibiotics that wouldn't touch this infection because it originally manifested itself like necrotizing fascitis and ended up with MRSA. I now have bladder and kidney complications. I have nerve damage due to the antibiotics. DO NOT IGNORE PAIN OR BLEEDING!  In my case, there was a recall on the mesh, but because I had moved and the doctor that had done the original surgery didn't have my address, I had no recourse. Good Luck.

DANA, Community Member
4/21/10 3:08pm


ALICIA, Community Member
4/23/10 12:01am


jt, Community Member
4/ 5/11 9:13pm

Have same issues if anyone finds a good Dr. that can remove the tape please post the name or hospital.  I have been looking for months to have mine removed.

Left leg pain, damage to nerve using cane and constant pain.

Jennifer B, Community Member
4/23/12 5:02pm
Hi. Did you find someone to remove mesh ? If so, had it improved your pain symptoms? Very Concerned, Jenn Reply
Jennifer B, Community Member
4/23/12 4:55pm

Alicia, I am having similiar problems and appreciate your testimony. How are you now? Did you have the mesh removed? .....Jenn

Tonya, Community Member
4/24/10 5:42pm

I had bladder surgery in 1997...and something went wrong...I lost my husband, my busineses, my friends and family when I had to move away to get another opinion...My ex canceled my insurance...I had to marry my good male friend so I could get insurance....I gained about 50 pounds and I tried to sue the doctor but they just kept saying that I would be ok and it would take a long time for my surgery to heal....etc....Nobody wantedf to help me...I almost got a blockage from constapation and all the pain meds...Nobody told me to make sure I drank a lot of water and walked and took fiber and soft laxatives....I tool some ex-lax and had to call 911...I almost died...I still can't go to thge bathroom without using supoisitiories and enamas and I also eat a lot of fiber and drink lots of water and I drink the laxative you drink before preparing for surgery sometimes...My aunt did die after back surgery bedause she got constipated after surgery and she had a blockage....I didn't know how many people did die from not knowing what to do....


Fast forward....a lawyer finally told me after the statue of limitations ran out to file for disability....Thank God I got that! It helped me emotinally more than anything....I don't have to live with a man I didn't love....I mean I loved him but not like he loved me...And I can't have sex anyway so why be married?


You know, life is not fair....but we should at least be able to sue the doctors that hurt us...Now, I do know that there is a difference between them accidentally hurting us and ding it on purpose. To sue a doctor, you have to show outward if I were a man, I would not have a penis...then every lawyer in the country would come to my rescue. But I am a woman and nobody cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish woman would stop letting doctors talk them into surgeries that they realiy do not need. I went for a pap smear and got a postera repair and a bladder tuck...I did like the idea of having a tight vagina but why if I can't have sex from all the pain....I do not want to be the guina pig for any doctor practicing...I want to be 10,000th patient. I guess somebody has to go first. I will never  go first again unless I am unconcious.


I hear that they had lawsuits against the tape company used in a lot of the bladder surgeries. I also had mesh and staples all over my bladder. They kept stretching my bladder and finally it just got distroyed....I will never be the same EVER!!!! I deal with depression everyday of my life. I live alone and I go for weeks without seeing anyone. My life is over. It is................I don't have any moeny   so I can't go anywhere. Remember, I lost everything when I couldn't work anymore and keep my businesses going....And my ex pulled a slick one and dropped me from his insurance the month after I got the surgery....I didn't even know it until the bills started cominbg in and now I have a prexisting condition.....Oh my!!!!


One day, I hope the government takes over the health care profesion....I really do....when it comes to elective surgery that is a different thing.........I also wish we had more dentist. We need a lot more dentist in this country....I men a lot more. I have spent every dime I could get my hands on to try to keep my teeth. I have to tell you, if I lost my terth, I think I would kill myself....They have clinics, but now where I live....and by the time I traveled for a $20 filling, I would spend more than it would cost to get one from a regualr dentist. maybe I should just go ahead and  go to dental school..........


I know I got sidetracked, but sometimes I just do that....Now back to the bladder surgery problems....I have nerve damage that makes my bladder area hurt all the way to my feet.....I was just looking to see if there was something maybe I could do to relieve the burning achy feeling in my feet....I can't take anything to surpress my bladder---OMG---that hurts so bad...I can't take Lyrica either...and a host of other meds I have tried...I do take three Lortabs a day two when I sleep and one during the day and I also take bone meds oce a month, and I take clonzapan 10mg to help me sleep and I also take Seroquil...I think that has caused me to gain weight...I have to make myself be good when it comes to eating....I just want to eat for comfort because I dont have the love of a man anymore....I really miss that...I used to be a beauty queen, and I modled bathingsuits, and I just lost it all..........I have to stop now...I have made myself feel worse instead of better...........I wish more women would write about their medical sure helps when I do see that I am not alone. If any one wants to chat,  my email is   in the subject line just type "bladder surgeries" so I will not think it is spamSmile...Have a great day!!!!

DANA, Community Member
4/28/10 5:46pm

What diagnosis did you use to get disability? I think Im gonna have to do that also.

Emma, Community Member
9/10/10 8:02am

Hi I have just had TVT surgery this year, June 2010 and I too have groin pains and persistant infections plus I have gained over a stone in weight. I am tired all the time and get awful sweats and temperature which gets put down to maybe the Menopause. Yes could be the Menopause but still have regular periods. I am absolutely fed up. Does anyone else suffer from these sweats that come on if doing nothing and pour off your face? Has anyone suffered all these sypmptoms together.


Sheila, Community Member
11/30/10 6:49pm

I had the procedure over 6 years ago while I was in the hospital having a hysterectomy.  About a year ago I was having groin pain and went to the doctor.  I had a vaginal ultrasound and they said they couldn't see anything.  The pain is a pulling pain low in the pelvic area.  I felt it occasionally and a couple of weeks ago I really started feeling it primarily when I got up to walk.  Over the weekend I was really busy and on my feet alot.  Both evenings the pain was so bad I almost went to the ER.  It feels like an enormous weight is sitting on my vagina and there's pain all around.  I just know it's from the TVT procedure and just started researching it.  This makes me ill to see how many women are suffering.  Doesn't sound like its an easy thing to have it removed.

louise, Community Member
1/10/12 1:33pm

hi i had this tape fitted in october last uear,i too have severe pain in my groin,and hot sweats mainly at night,and if i stand to long the pain in my groin is worse and the bottom of my back aches. went to drs today he examined me and said healing inside the vagina was good as for the groin pain to take strong painkillers. night time in bed i cant just sit up without my groin giving me pain.

also i kept in touch with a woman,who had the same procedure and shes having the same problem.


Nacoal, Community Member
12/12/10 4:09pm

I am a 39year  old who had the tvt o sling put in on Nov 16, 2010.

After the surgery I thought I felt great so happy I didn't need a foily bag to go home with. All that great feeling was short lived on my way home I began to feel the hip,leg and back pain .It was worst than labor pain to me.  all 3 of my births were natural.After my husband parked the car I was trying to position my legs to exit the car. I couldn't lift my own legs and getting up the steps was a real joke! I felt hopeless  at this point my hips felt like someone had broken  both of them the pain was unreal. I began to take 600 mg of Ibuprofen it only gave me enough relife  to lay still in bed not to walk .Each day I would feel a little better although though once the hip pain got better the groin and back began to hurt more .I went for my 2 week follow up and told the Doctor about the pain I was still having in my lower back and groin  she said it would go away.I hope I will continue to heal in a positive way  because I have yet to resume sexual activities with my husband .My heart goes out to all the ladies who had such bad results after their surgery but I pray things don't go bad for me because I will get this mesh sling out of me  and be one leaking when I cough and sneeze  person.     

Wendy, Community Member
1/ 7/11 4:03pm

OMG!!! I wish I had seen these responses before I went in for the TVT op this morning.  I am now at home because I felt fine as regards the emptying the bladder and having the one scan to check it was empty.  Well I too started with the left leg pain .... terrible. I got this while in the hospital waiting for my hubby to pick me up.I asked several nurses if this was normal and got told that it was sometimes.  Since then as the consultant never actually saw me when I left (I did think this strange and asked the nurses again ... should the consultant not see me to which they replied "Not neccesarally")  The hospital has rang me to go in and see him in the morning!!!  Not sure what is going on, unless they have got into trouble for letting me come home!!  I am going to mention this site and why I was not told about these side affects. ;o)

I shall keep you all updated.

W M (Scarborough) 

Fedupwiththisnow, Community Member
6/21/12 1:22pm

Hi, how are things now ? I had a TOT op on 9th June,still can not wee 2nd cathater in go back tomorrow,no one wants to listen to how I feel.At hosp I am sore very teary etc any sugestions? x


rose, Community Member
4/ 1/11 4:12pm


Candy, Community Member
6/ 2/11 9:51pm
I just had surgery May 20/2011 and did experience groin pain on the left side. I went for my check up and asked the nurse about it. She said not to worry about it. It's just your body telling you that you've done too much. If you think about it years ago you would have been in the hospital for 2 weeks. So I have been taking it easy no laundry, no vacuuming and no heavy lifting. It will take up to a month before I will start to feel normal. I'm so glad I had the surgery, its nice to sneeze and not pee my pants!!!! Reply
Niccisf, Community Member
12/ 2/11 1:42pm
It is so nice to find a comment on here that's positive. I have come home from the hospital today having had a tvt procedure & am feeling fine :-) Know its early days but will also be happy to cough or sneeze without peeing my pants!!!! Reply
dbrown, Community Member
1/18/12 11:20am

It is nice to see a comment that is positive.  I just had my TVT 3 weeks ago today.  Right now I feel fine.  My doctor told me that it has a 80% fix rate and a lot depends on the patient.  He told me not to bend, stoop or squat for 6 weeks and to stay away from anyone that is coughing or throwing up.  I had my Ovaries took out along with having the TVT sling put in on Wednesday and came home Thursday night.  I got a virus Monday and was nauseated all day.  When I thru up I made sure that I sat on the bed and didn't squat at the commode.  I hope everything is going to work well.  Thanks for the positive.  Praying God will keep it where it needs to be.  Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

dbrown, Community Member
1/18/12 11:22am

It is nice to see a comment that is positive.  I just had my TVT 3 weeks ago today.  Right now I feel fine.  My doctor told me that it has a 80% fix rate and a lot depends on the patient.  He told me not to bend, stoop or squat for 6 weeks and to stay away from anyone that is coughing or throwing up.  I had my Ovaries took out along with having the TVT sling put in on Wednesday and came home Thursday night.  I got a virus Monday and was nauseated all day.  When I thru up I made sure that I sat on the bed and didn't squat at the commode.  I hope everything is going to work well.  Thanks for the positive.  Praying God will keep it where it needs to be.  Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

LISA, Community Member
3/ 8/12 2:52pm

Hi I am so happy you feel the same as me for positive response i have just had TVT on 27/2/12 and was worried sick with all the negetive resonse can you email if you do have any problem please




LISA, Community Member
3/ 8/12 2:49pm





Christina, Community Member
7/ 1/12 1:54pm

I to had tvt op,June 1,2012.Felt well the frist 2 weeks,but since then,I too have grion pain on both sides,and pain in my abdoman,but did not have the back pains.After reading all this,I feel afraid,I am a waitress,and live alone,I cannot afford,missing too much work,but i see when  I stand too long,or lift,normal everyday things,like yesterday making spag sauce,when you are along you must lift heavy pots,to wash them,I felt alot of pain afterwards,got me to wonder if i had undone something!Which broth me to reseach the pain I was having!But on the possitive side,I to am grateful to not where pads anymore,to be able to cough and laugh,and not be afraid,SO FAR,I understand,and my heart goes out to all the people who are suffering,but is there anyone who had success!!!!Becauce after reading some of these storys,I am feeling very depressed.Any success story!!!I would really need one at this point.


Cheri Baker, Community Member
7/22/12 3:25pm

I had the surgery in 2005 and it was a success also until this past year.  I now have constant pain in my lower back and in my hip and down my leg.  It is horrible and I know now after reading all these comments it must be the sling.  I am really worried now.  When I had the surgery everything was fine and it worked but like I said UNTIL this past year.  :(


Jennifer B, Community Member
4/23/12 4:47pm

Can you please tell me how long after your surgery did the mesh detach? and was your mesh put in vaginally or abdominally? I am having similiar complications. Very concerned. Thank You.


MimiWhatserFace, Community Member
6/ 9/11 11:18pm

I had my surgery June 1st, 2011. Im 40 years old and mom of 4. I had sever leg pain after the procedure. Felt like I had injured or stressed both groin/leg muscles while I was under. The nurses did tell me I got combative when I was going under so I attributed the pain from that. Although all they said was I pulled out my IV. Anyways, I was doing good for a few days but today I have found that my lower back is feeling a lot of pain. May call the DR tomorrow and see if this normal. I am thinking it is not normal to go from feeling good to feeling bad so quickly. Infection scares me. Hope you are all having better days now. :)

Christina, Community Member
7/ 1/12 2:23pm

I too felt great after the op,but after 2 weeks I felt worst,phone the dr,they said it was normal.I was op,June 1,2012,only been a month.I understand we must not lift heavy things,But I live alone with 4 dogs,I cannot just stay in bed,and rest all day long,and to tell you the sometimes I don t feel any better just lying around or sitting.And being alone,I must go grocery shopping,I must cook for myself,and I do have an elderly mom who needs me all so,its sad sometimes because,we don t really know exactly what we can or cannot do.Don t lift heavy things,but when your alone,and not working,and no money coming in,what can you do.I do worry that sometimes I do to much,and I feel it,but on the other hand,when I do nothing,I feel it too,this is why I came on this site,to see if what I was feeling was normal,but after seeing all this negative things,I feel more worried,and more afraid.Even though I feel some pain,I am not bed riden,and am gratful for not peeing in my pants anymore.One of my concerns is I cough alot,!!!!ALOT,ALOT,I hope nothing will detach,my doctor says NO WORRYS,but after reading all these things,I DON T KNOW.Only GOD knows and he is not telling!!!So best wishes to all,PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A LITTLE POSITIVE FEED BACK.

Mary, Community Member
8/12/11 7:38pm
I had the TVT proceedure done in 2001. For the past 2+ years I have had right pain at the groin where the leg meets. Also pain down the inside of my leg. One time it was so bad I could not walk. I have had ultrasounds for hernias, MRI's for hip problems, my right ovary out. Still my doc looks at me like I am crazy. I recently started having pain on the left pubis border. I am now thinking it is coming from the tape. Reply
deborama2, Community Member
8/14/11 11:52am

I had mine done Jan 2008.  Right after surgery I had left groin pain and pain to my perineal area radiating into the backside.  I also had a hysterectomy at the same time.  The groin pain improved for a little while but then it got really bad!!  I ended up having the tape removed Mar 2009.  After the pain improved for a little bit, I tried to go back to work (I am an ER RN)  but that was short lived.  All kinds of thoughts were presented.  A physio was convinced I had a herniated disc in my back so I was treated for that.  I had a MRI of my back that showed nothing wrong.  So now everyone was starting to think it was all in my head.  I had lidocaine infusions in the pain clinic which were unsuccessful.  I was on gabapentin and other pain meds.  I ended up finding out that I had a vascular necrosis in my left hip and had a left hip replacement Apr 2010.  I went back to work in the fall and had to quit work again spring 2011 due to persistant groin pain that is also in the left lower quadrant of my abdomen.  The pain goes into my butt and down my inner left thigh and into my big toe.  I am fighting with disability for payment.  I have uregency and urinary frequency all of the time.  I have to take large amounts of pain meds to make it through the day.  I have had it.  It is so hard to continue to get thorugh everyday.  \i have one large bout of pain everyday that lasts for 2 to 4 hours. \my life has been ruined.  I am a shell of my former self.  I watch people enjoying life and am so sad that I can't go to BBQ's, shopping movies etc.  I can't sit for more than 15 minutes as it exacerbates the pain.  I beg anyone thinking of having this procedure to explore other options!!!!!!! 

m, Community Member
8/16/11 1:29pm

i had tvt operation done on jan28 2011 i have had pain all the time just went back to work after 7 months  .i feel worse have to keep going back to the doctors  now i am having trouble going to the toilet and in pain .i am sorry i ever got it  done i am waiting to get more tests done been waiting ages  i feel it has ruined my life .


deborama2, Community Member
8/16/11 5:07pm

I am so sorry that you are amoung the people who have had their lives ruined by just not wanting to pee when you cough.  Persist with the Dr appts and tests.  Remeber you are the only advocate for yourself!!!  Take care!!

Momof2, Community Member
8/16/11 7:59pm

I am 35 yrs old and I had a tvt mesh urethra sling put in, in February of this year.  I have had no more problems with urinary incontinence and leaking.  I have been so happy to have had this surgery and I had read about possible issues people had with mesh erosion, etc. but my Uro Gynecologist assured me that was a small percentage of people who get that.  I work in an office and sit at my desk througout most of the day.  The other day I noticed that butt cheeks were hurting like I was sitting for too long. So I would get up and walk around thinking it was sitting for too long.  Well when I left work today it is primarily only the left butt cheek and is hurting down my left leg.  I have done nothing out of the ordinary that would cause this.  The ONLY thing is I had a sinus infection and took the antibiotic Augmentin for 14 days.  I am VERY prone to getting yeast infections from anitibiotics, although I have NO symptoms of a yeast infection.  Now I'm so afraid this pain has something to do with the mesh sling.  Could the antibiotic I took caused some sort of infection, like a yeast infection?  If anybody has any advice please let me know.  I'm not sure whether to wait this out or call my surgeon.. :(

Ava3, Community Member
8/27/11 6:42pm

I had TVT-O surgery 3 months ago and it was completely successful as far as stress incontinence was concerned. Unfortunately I too have had pain every day that is only relieved by prescribed pain medicine. I try to put off taking a pill as long as possible but when I start getting pain I know it won't be long until it's up to an 8 or 9. Fortunately I find that one pill a day holds the line and I'm able to function and feel more like myself the rest of the day. I get pain in my groin on both insides of my legs. My thigh muscles are often sensitive to touch (think pain!) and my pelvic area gets very painful.

The surgeon is very experienced in this surgery and chose this procedure because I had had abdominal surgery in the past and it's recommended for this type of patient. However, had I known the limitations I'm experiencing to my life, activities and happiness I would have asked for the more tried and true procedure, even though there's a slightly higher risk of bladder injury. My MRI was negative and now I'm off to physical therapy for possible pelvic floor muscle spasms as the culprit. I'm also getting another expert surgeon't opinion. I honestly think the incisions in the groin on the TVT-O are more destructive than reported in the research and by the doctors- I'm also not ruling out having the tape removed if there's a problem with it being accepted by my body too. Such a frustrating and disappointing outcome to a surgery that I thought about for several years before going through with it.

I'd recommend to anyone thinking about having this surgery- ask, ask and ask again about outcome symptoms and how they might be corrected because we're the ones who have to cope with discomfort. Best wishes to everyone trying to cope with a similar situation as mine.

SamIAm67, Community Member
11/ 3/11 2:31pm

I had a TVT done in January of 2007.  The incisions were in the bend of my legs just below where your ovaries are.  The only problem after surgery was pulled muscles and I figured it was just because the way I was positioned for the surgery.  This pain went away completely within a coupld of weeks.  I didn't leak for almost a year.  Unfortunately, my stress incontinence returned with a vengence. 


Fast forward, had to have a hysterectomy in August and told my GYN I was leaking now in addition to my stress incontinence.  She said the right side felt as if had loosened up and that she would do another TVT at the same time as my hysterectomy.  I said great.  However, the morning of the surgery, I had this gut feeling tell me not to have the TVT done.  I pushed the feeling aside thinking it was just because you see so many commericials about lawsuits agains the TVT mesh company and went ahead with the surgery.


Well, since the surgery in August 2011, I have had severe pain (pulling pain and nerve pain) at the incision sight on my left side.  This time she went much lower and my incisions were in the perinium area.  I have had to take pain meds daily I tried neurotin and 800mg ibuprofen and tylenol nothing works but the pain meds unfortunately.  I try not to take over 2 a day and push my first dose off until 5 pm at least, but by that time I am really hurting.  Then I usually take another around 10pm before bed.


My doctor went back in and removed some of the tape in the left side 3 weeks ago and cut loose an area that hurt during intercourse to relieve that pain.  My husband and I have had sex 2 times since August.  I am 44.  My doctor now has me going to Physical Therapy for pelvic floor therapy.  My first appt was last Monday.  She was very good and thorough.  However, I am very sore from the experience and have to go 2 times a week.  In the meantime, I am still on pain meds WHICH I HATE. 


I still have the pulling and nerve pain and it radiates as many have written down the inside back of my leg.  Sitting on hard surfaces is the worst.  Sometimes just sitting down to pee takes my breath away.


My doctor didn't take all the mesh out and what I thought was strange is that when she didn't the second TVT surgery she left the previous mesh in place and just worked around it.  But, I don't think the mesh is the problem, I think it was the location she used the second time. 


I hope this physical therapy works.  I can't even imagine going in for another round of surgery to remove it especially since, I have had very little improvement since she removed the mesh in the area that hurts me.  It is so frustrating.  My incontinence is better, but the pain isn't worth it.


Next time I get a GUT FEELING I need to listen to it.

deborama2, Community Member
11/29/11 12:32pm

Mine was done Jan of 2007 as well!!  I have similar problems to yours.  I had mine removed completely and am still having left groin pain.  It is on the left side of my abdomen runs down the inside of my left leg and have pain in my left calf.  I am a RN and am unable to work.  I am waiting to get a spinal cord stimulator to help with the pain.  No sex for me.  I have trouble with my bladdder as well sometimes I can't empty it completely and always have urgency and frequency.  Right now I rely on painkillers to make it through.  I am fighting with disability to  get some money.  I rue the day I had this done.  My Dr at the pain clinic told me that this surgery is no longer done in my town due to so many problems. 

I watched an Oprah life class on trusting your intuition!!  Good luck to you!!

kaggs1966, Community Member
11/28/11 8:17am

OMG. I am so shocked and worried to see all the awful stories on here and other sites. I was told by one friend about the TVT who had it a few years ago and she has had no problems with it. So I enquired about it and had the op last tuesday. I woke up after 50 extra minutes under anaesthetic with a catheter (which had not been mentioned to me at all) only to be told that the surgeon had put the tape in and pierced my bladder, so removed the tape and put a new one in. I have had to wear a catheter for 6 days and been in extreme discomfort and extra sore from the extra tissue trauma. I am due back at the hospital in 2 hours and I just thought I would look up the op before I go.... and I am so scared with what I have found out now. Why are surgeons allowed to do this to women without giving us the facts. I wasnt even given a leaflet about it and I didnt even know I had to have general anaesthetic until the pre-op. My friend had an epidural so I assumed I would have the same. Aparently they dont do the epidural now because you would take up a bed for a few extra hours, so they give you risky general instead. I was the last op of the day and when I woke up the day surgery was ready for shutting, so I was given no time to recover, I was wheelchaired out to my mums car within an hour with my head still spinning. The surgeon didnt even explain to me himself what he had done wrong. He was probably at home having his tea by then. I wasnt even told I had stitches until I found them when I got home. I hope to god I get this catheter removed later today. I am going to have a few words to say to the surgeon, thats if I get to see him. I wasnt aware that it meant 6 weeks with no exercise or no sex so thats bad enough, but now to hear that there could possibly be all these complications and problems with the tape itself.... it's shocking, it's less than a week and I am already wishing I had never had it done.

KC, Community Member
12/12/11 1:59pm


I had the procedure done 11/2011 and it was obvious early on that things were worse- intense pain urinating and no indicators I had to urinate before it was too late. I was severely humiliated in many stores before I stopped drinking water and would quickly do one errand before racing home again. Before surgery I only had incontinence starting a mower, exercising or other strenuous activities. Now my standard of life was drastically worse. At my three-week checkup my doctor told me it appeared he got the tape too tight which was causing the issues. He was very kind and assured me he would make it right. Week four of recovery from the first surgery I had surgery again and he loosened the tape. It appears all is well now. Apparently when the tape it too tight it prevents the bladder from emptying fully and so he stated he cut a portion of the tape out to lower the sling.  I have not had any consistent groin pain and am concentrating on a positive recovery and quality of life. 


Dawn Marie, Community Member
7/24/12 9:26pm

I had the procedure done in April of this year.  Everything was fine at first but after two months it started hurting really bad whenever I urinatred.  I have only had sex 2 times because it is too painful. It felt like something was blocking my husband from penetrating all the way. I also started wetting myself again.  Once at the mall and then the past 2 nights because I could not get to the bathroom in time.  My bathroom is about 10 feet away from my bed.  I have also felt like I have to urinate when I really don't. A lot of pressure down there. Especially when I stand.  I also have to lean to my side when I am sitting on the toilet to completely eliminate my bladder. I notice that I have to go to the bathroom more often.  The other day I urinated 17 times between 12a.m. and 4p.m.. I am going back to the surgeon on Friday.

Nicky, Community Member
1/ 9/13 5:01pm
Hi there, did you go back to the doc as I had this done about 3 moths ago and now having the same problems that you were havin and just wondered what you were told Reply
Nicky, Community Member
1/ 9/13 5:08pm
Hi there, I had this op about 3 moths ago and now having the same problems wetting my self before I get to the loo when I didn't have this before I only leaked when I coughed sneeze ect also feeling as though I haven't empty myself and pain when I wee , I was wondering did you go back to the docs and what was said thank you x Reply
snoops, Community Member
4/13/12 8:10pm

I had TVT-O surgery on March 30/12. I have had severe pain in my right thigh since; worse than having natural childbirth for my third child. I went back to my surgeon but he CLAIMS he has never seen anyone with pain like mine and he has done over 5000 of these surgeries.  Right now I wish I never had it done.

deborama2, Community Member
4/25/12 3:00pm

I am hoping that you heal and feel better with time!!!!  Keep me posted!!


Good luck

kezzaD35, Community Member
5/ 7/12 10:52am

Hello, I had a TVT fitted almost 2 weeks ago now. I was so dissapopinted when i went for my first outing, it was only a shopping trip, i did not carry anything heavy or walk very far, but when I got home my pants were wet and I had leaked! I am now noticing that when i need to wee it hurts, as if my full bladder is pushing on something causing pain and I am sure my bladder is not emptying properly. I t feels very different than before when I go wee, it is more of a struggle to push it out and tingles. I have been wondering if it has not worked or if it is just symptoms after the surgery. I am at my post-op in a week and due back at work 2 days after that and am so worried! i work in a nursery and constantly lift babies and young children, sit on the floor or stand for long periods and I do not think I will be able to. Is it possible that I have just done too much! I am a single mum and so have done ironing and cleaning etc (as have no choice). Is it my own fault? will it get better? should I contact the surgeon? 


Im very nervous now, eeek!!



deborama2, Community Member
5/ 7/12 1:57pm

Hello there I am so sorry you are having problems!  It could be your body readjusting to the new tape but I would contact the surgeon for sure.  It is always indicated if something is happening that isn't supposed to.  I know that when you have lifting restrictions that you should be religious to those so healing can take place.  Good luck to you!  Let me know the outcome.

Take care,


lorena, Community Member
5/26/12 9:11pm

Hello everyone,im 41goy my tab and a burch procedure i see that most of us are complaining not only about the tape my case is totally the same ,groin pain,leg ,back,caf,etc.

i got every single test mri,ct etc, all came negative nothing shows the surgeons just backed up they sent me topai managent people,which is crazy because before the surgery i was fine my only complaint was abnormal periods .

I amsureand possitive after allthe reasearch pain and discomfort come from sutures all these sutures areattached to ligaments and muscles,so probably pain come from there that is why itdoesnot show in any damn test,sutures disolve in 4 weeks and there is nothing we can do to prove that we are right ,the only way will be going to get cut open again,cant even get this case taken by a lawyer there is not enugh proof,i rfused to get a surgery again and takepainkillers when i was fine 3 months ago,now im afraid to even try sex,i feellike an old woman ,pain every day and no desire to even go food shooping.

stiches and sutures miss placed are the reason and doctors dont care they got the money and damage is done .

just ask to god to helpme and release my pain in time ,i took a wrong move getting this operation .

i feel all your pain and i know exactly how you ladies feel emotionally hope that in time



we find a cure or we can be pain free like before.

god bless us all.

deborama2, Community Member
5/28/12 10:32am

Sounds like we are living similar lives!!  I had a TVT surgery with a hysterectomy.  I had left groin pain right away.  I ended up having the tape removed, but the pain persisted.  I needed a hip replacement for avascular necrosis which we thought was the root of the pain.  I had the hip done and the hip is great but the groin is not.  Left groin pain, left sided abdominal pain.  It goes down the inside of my left leg, to my calf and foot.  The pain requires long acting pain meds with breakthroughs.  I can't work and am fighting for disabiity payments.  I was granted one but am fighting for another.

This has ruined my marriage hence divorce.  I am loosing my house because I had no income for a year.  I have lost friends as people get tired of making plans with me and then I cancel out because of the pain.  Sitting is an issue for me, after 15 minutes the pain starts and I have to stand up and move around.  I have gained a lot of weight because of the inactivity.  I am starting to walk more and get out more.  I am still smiling most days.  It has been very hard. 

Best wishes to you and pain free days. 


lorena, Community Member
5/28/12 11:13am

happy memorial day dear !   nothing we can do my lige had changed but im reading other articles from different people with other problems omg we are alive and we can fight please do not give up !

we can get money back but at least we breath !

my best wishes to you .

shadowswan00, Community Member
6/11/12 9:03pm


I had this procedure just two weeks ago tomorrow.  I was originally sent home with a catheter and it was removed three days later...I've been to the ER twice for Acute Urinary Retention since the surgery.  In both instances, I was sent home with a shiny new catheter. My phyiscian scheduled another surgery for me this Thursday and I'm nervous.  When they sent me home the last two times the catheters were removed, I could adequately they allowed me leave.  In both instances, within 8 to 12 hours, things shut down and I was retaining all fluids.  It was very painful, I likened it to childbirth (and I've had some rough deliveries), strangly, the catheters were a God sent.

My GYN stated she's never had a patient with this outcome and she wasn't sure how to proceed...stating she need to do some research.  She was the one who scheduled me for surgery and I didn't know about it until her office called me for my pre-op appointment on Saturday.  When I met with her, she stated she was going to go in and cut the tape (sling) to relieve som tightness.  She also indicated she believed the scaring from the original surgery would help act as a sudo-sling and provide some relief from incontience.  I don't know whether I should trust her or get a second opinion.  Time is short, does anyone have any feedback?

deborama2, Community Member
6/13/12 11:33am

So she is just going to cut it and not remove it completely?  Is she going to cut it on both sides or just one?  It sounds like the tapes are definately too tight.  \if you are at all in doubt about this I would get it removed completely while it is early and can be removed easily.  I have had mine removed and I have some incontinence but nothing like I had prior to the surgery.  My issue is ongoing pain due to the procedure itself. 


sharon, Community Member
7/22/12 1:51pm

Had the same TVt op 3 months ago, also getting stabbing pains on left side in groin, i also experience pain slightly higher up on left, and pain on the left hand side at the base of my bottom going into the leg, does anyone else get that latter pain as most people are saying hip pain,

My stomach has felt bloated, went back to the doc and he gave me medication for damage to the nerve and then sent me to a gynaecologist, who said all looked ok.

BUT ALL IS NOT OK, and now am concerned it could be something more serious , when I put into the computer the issues it keeps showing ovarian cancer???

soft_baller99, Community Member
8/18/12 9:49pm

Hello ladies I had my TVT tape surgery back in 2010 and I have had nothing but problems since and it seems to be getting worse.  I am suffering painful intercourse and sever dryness.  Has anyone else had a problem with sever dryness?  I keep calling my OBGYN and they keep telling me it has nothing to do with the TVT but I know that something with that is wrong because I never had this problem until the TVT surgery!!!!!  I had a hysterectomy several months before the TVT surgery and everything was great after that surgery but once I hadt the TVT it has been hell.  I have started working out and now I am having sever pain when walking and some issues with even going to the bathroom.  It has really put a strain on my marriage because sex is so painful!!  When I finally call the OBGYN last time they told me if I still had any issues I would have to go and see a Urologist and I now have any appointment on Monday.  And I would just like to know if anyone else had the dryness before I go into see the Urologist on Monday!!!  Any help would be great!!!!

deborama2, Community Member
8/23/12 12:23pm

The dryness as far as I know would have more to do with the hysterectomy and the hormonal changes than the TVT.  There is allot of good products on the market to help with the dryness even prescription ones.  I would like to post more about the TVT but don't have time at the moment.  Take care and talk to you soon.


loz, Community Member
9/12/12 6:26pm

Hi my name is loz, I had a tvt op in 2004 when I came round I was in awful pain in my leg. They said they had torn a muscle by not letting my legs out of the sturrups properly. When this settled down about 4 days later I went home, I didnt feel right, when I sat down I could feel something sharp and it was painfull. To cut the story sort I eventually got the doctor to have a look and he said the tape was exposed. I had op done again and this time I couldnt wee after op and ended up with a very painfull infection. They then told me the tape was too tight and I would have to self caterize, so after a week in hospil I was sent home to use catherters myself. Eventualy i was able to stop using them. The problem now is that i get tummy ache and have pain down my right leg and into my foot. The worst is that I now leak all the time and have to wear pads. A while ago I had blood from my vergina and in my urine I have had a hysterectomy so my doctor checked and I had a bad water infection. My question is could the tape have stopped doing its job and what can I do about it. thanks.


col, Community Member
10/18/12 2:26pm

I had TVT about three years ago now initially it was fantastic and worked 100%. I was never warned about the risks of this op with erotion of the tape and over the past 4 months I have been suffering with leg pains, left hand groin pain that feels as though its burning bloated stomach left hand lower back pain, pain in my kidney area and urgency to wee again. I contacted my sugeon's secretary who told me that the TVT tape that was used on me was nothing to worry about and totally safe to use. I went away and did some further research only to discover that there are several law suits happening in Kentucky on the company that made the tape that I have inside me. Armed with this information I called my sugeon's secretary back and I also emailed her the information that I had located and her reaction was, oh that's unusual! 

I also sent the article to my local doctors surgery and the very helpful secretary there sent it to all of the doctors there. I am not going to lie down and be quiet about this as I am digusted to discover that there isnt any research done on these materials that are used in operations. Yet we trial drugs before use it seems crazy. I am awaiting an appointment with my sugeon and will be insisting that they take the mesh out and give me something else that is safer. It is my body that they have messed with and I am not happy. Col

deborama2, Community Member
10/20/12 5:06pm

I am so sorry you are having such difficulty as many of us with this TVT are!  I had mine out one year after it was inserted yet I continue to have long term problems as a result of this.  I have chronic left groin and abdominal pain.  The pain goes down my leg and into my foot.  I can't work because I have difficulty sitting and standing for even short periods of time.  I am going to lose my house, I am getting divorced. Not only that but I missed the statute of limitations to sue as well.  I am fighting with my long term disability company for income.  FIGHT GIRL FIGHT!!!!  I am glad you are not going to take this lying down.  Get the offending tape out ASAP! 

Please keep me posted.  I pray you get the tape out in time before it does permanent damage.

Take care


MutliatedAussieMum, Community Member
11/29/12 9:16pm


My name is Lesley and I'm from Australia. I had the tvt prolapse op around 4 years ago. At first it was like a miracle! I had a bad prolapse after 3 difficult births.


Well 4 years later and I can say its no longer a miracle but a nightmare! Sex is no longer part of my life. My husband has had to accept that. We have tried less than 1/2 doz times in 4 years but the pain is agonizing. 


Urinary Tract infections are also something I am having to learn to live with but its difficult. Urge incontinence is now almost as bad as the stress incontinence was before the op.


I'm starting to get a pulling sensation when I sit. It can also feel a bit like a 'chinese burn'. I am also starting to get intermittent sharp pain in my lower abdomen and I am sick with worry that the tape is eroding.


I wish I had researched more before I chose this procedure. I have now read that the tape is made from a filthy petroleum waste by product??? WTH??? Surely that cant be good? I have read that the tape can 'mutilate women internally with a foreign body polymer that shrinks, hardens and moves at will within their pelvis mercilessly destroying their lives.


All I can say to all those contemplating this procedure is DONT DO IT! :(


Karla, Community Member
1/20/13 8:28pm
Hi my name is Karla I had the tot op 1week ago 14/1/13 I to woke up in pain in both my hips I but this down to the gas they put into u I was allowed home the same day even though I never saw a doctor I was asked to pee severel times till my bladder was empty enough to pass as empty witch I did as just wanted to get home and get better. The pain went from mt left let but has stayed in my right I have a pulling burning sensation from inside my Virginia and I know I don't empty my bladder fully my pee smells really bad and i also had a funny turn last night i went rearly hot felt sick and almost passed out if it wasnt for my husband i dont know what i would of done. i have also leaked a bit twice now only small amounts but still i thought this was meant to stop that. after reading what every one has put on hear I am so worried I keep having palpitations now. I am going to see if I can have it taken out already but I'm worried they won't take it out and what damage it could of done to me already in only 1week. If any one can help me please do so thank u and I just wish I had read up on this more before hand. Don't do it if your thinking about it I would much rarther dribble a little every now and again than have even one of the problems me and so many woman on hear are saying they have DON'T DO IT Reply
Ginya, Community Member
1/11/14 9:59am

I had a TOT surgery 5 days ago on 1/6/13, after dealing with incontenence issues for nearly 20 years! When I woke up from anethesia I was hurting terribly in my hips and back, I felt like i had two broken hips!! I thought it was from how they had me in the sturrips, plus I already have some arthritis and was lying on a very hard hospital bed with a thin mattress that split in half and I didn't realize the mattress had shifted and my hips were on the metal!!! I came home the same day and could barely walk. After getting some good pain meds in me I felt better, but the pain returns when it wears off. I mostly contributed it to my arthritis and the hard bed since I am 60 years old, but Im beginning to wonder after all i have read from other woman. I am feeling better now but still have some hip pain if I don't have pain meds in me. I am already leaking some also, it is very disheartening for me. I go back for a follow up in a week and I am going to tell my Doc. I sure hope I don't have a nightmare of a story to tell in the future from this surgery, but I guess only time will tell. Wish me luck!!!

Briony, Community Member
10/ 7/13 5:42am

I have had a sling for 8 yrs now and started a year ago with a bad discharge and terribly sore hips and groin pain. i have been to thre different doctors had creams, antibiotics, pap smears and no one can find anything wrong.

the last gyny metioned ir could be the sli g and i decided to try and read more and came accross this site. im horrified and now so stressed about my problem. does anyone have advise for me please.




deborama2, Community Member
10/10/13 2:42pm

Hate to say it hon, but it IS probably the sling!  My Mom had one put in before I did and didn't start having problems until ten years after!  Go to a urogynecologist and see if you need it taken out.  Medical mesh is a nightmare.   I can't work anymore and have chronic pain because of it!  L  Let me know what happens!  Good luck!  I feel for you!  


deborama2, Community Member
10/10/13 2:42pm

Hate to say it hon, but it IS probably the sling!  My Mom had one put in before I did and didn't start having problems until ten years after!  Go to a urogynecologist and see if you need it taken out.  Medical mesh is a nightmare.   I can't work anymore and have chronic pain because of it!  L  Let me know what happens!  Good luck!  I feel for you!  


deborama2, Community Member
10/10/13 2:43pm

Hate to say it hon, but it IS probably the sling!  My Mom had one put in before I did and didn't start having problems until ten years after!  Go to a urogynecologist and see if you need it taken out.  Medical mesh is a nightmare.   I can't work anymore and have chronic pain because of it!  L  Let me know what happens!  Good luck!  I feel for you!  


deborama2, Community Member
10/10/13 2:43pm

Hate to say it hon, but it IS probably the sling!  My Mom had one put in before I did and didn't start having problems until ten years after!  Go to a urogynecologist and see if you need it taken out.  Medical mesh is a nightmare.   I can't work anymore and have chronic pain because of it!  L  Let me know what happens!  Good luck!  I feel for you!  


pyoung, Community Member
2/25/14 4:23pm

I had the TVT operation 4 weeks ago and i have noticed what feels like stitches just at the entrance of my vagina. My husband can feel it when having sex, im unsure if this has to be removed as i have appointment to go back and see the surgeon in 2 weeks. Nothing was mentioned about this previously tho. Any ideas if this is stitches and is it to be removed?



deborama2, Community Member
3/ 1/14 1:05pm
I am sorry I am not sure about the stitches, I hope your tvt is successful and doesn't cause you any grief. Mine ruined my life, took away my career as an ER RN, and has left me with chronic pain I suffer with daily. When are surgeons going to stop doing this surgery which is done blind with an understanding of what the anatomy should be. I hope for your sake your tvt works. Good luck! Reply
Concerned, Community Member
3/12/14 8:00pm

In response that the last contributor, my Surgeon recommended no sex for 6 weeks until all the stitches have dissolved and that the repair has had time to heal completely (this falls within the Australian Post Op guidelines).

I’m surprised that your Doctor has given you advice to the contrary? It maybe worth challenging your Doctor on timings? (Just a thought.)


I have just had my TVT op. incl. a posterior and anterior repair (2 weeks ago). Although I had some post operative nausea, I would say that overall my pain has been tolerable however - I have had some radiating pain/tightness running down the back of my inner left leg (upper groin) to the back of my knee and I’m now realizing that this is not all that uncommon and maybe related to the “Pudendal nerve”?.  I’m currently waiting to hear back from my Surgeon today about her thoughts. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? If so what were the recommendations?


The TVT site is a little painful/uncomfortable but nothing terrible and I am hoping with time that this will subside. I guess my main concern is that I’m hoping that this leg pain will not continue and that I can get back to where I was pre-op. (Exercising daily, albeit with a large incontinence pad for protection from leakage.)


From reading this site (had I read it pre-op) I may have re-thought the wheel on having the TVT altogether, however leading up to my op I spoke with a number of Ladies (including my Sister) who have had a TVT without complications so I guess it can be luck of the draw.


My prayers go out to all the Ladies who are suffering with complications and ongoing pain; Lets hope that with the progression of Medical research the issues with TVT will be resolved. 


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