• billie January 06, 2010
    January 06, 2010

     My Dr. say they're "Cousins"  I think I had them all, right to the fentynal patch. What wored? OxyContin MS   80mg.  4x's a day. Now, I'm getting used to this. I am doing 100mgs. of Morphine, but my body doesn't like a lot of it's side effects (nor do I), and losing a major Ins. Coverage to one just so I can stay comfortably ill, the new ins.  pays only 50% of  the oxy $600.  and for the morphine, 100mgs, 4x's a day this cheap ins. charges us $15 for 120 pills.  What the difference I'm told, is the oxy is known to have traces of herion, not aspirin and hydro. ingredients.  But I've been on the oxy for 8 years now and there were times I'd run out, get forgetful and misplace them,, pain will get sooo bad, I'd need to go into the next day's worth and this point is,  DEA watches you after all theses years of me taking opiates and Ins. Co. along with state laws, you can NOT refill for 30-31 days. So, I run out and have a few days to 10 days to get my next script, You wish you were dying. Jonesing  from medicine, and being sick, NO SLEEP, words can't explain. Can't Detox then legally, my Dr. can not treat me with the medicines that help.  It embarrasses me, I feel I may be deemed as a drug addict instead of people seeing the real picture. Withdrawal, you can't hide how sick you are, and Fibro....You can't see!!

    So this month I'm going to have to start from the begining when I used percocet, percodone, Roxicet, Hydro's, again, same family and oxy's lasts for 8-10 hrs, these other pills are 1/2 that.

    Plus, morphine makes me "ITCH!!!"  I lose sleep scrtching all nite & day, so another pill, aterax, modified benydryl, also helps with sleep. Cuts anxiety. This new Ins. Co. doesn't offer it. Going to be really bad for a while, but I learned lots thru the sick years.

    If I were you, and you tolerate your meds. I'd step up to a different pain manager.  Sounds better than pill popping!

    Good Luck, hope your choice works for you. 

  • mememe January 02, 2010
    January 02, 2010

    lookin for any info on narco doctor gave me 10/525 think he made a mistake now takin 10/325

    • Karen Lee Richards
      January 05, 2010
      Karen Lee Richards
      Health Guide
      January 05, 2010

      I suspect your doctor may have written it down incorrectly.  The Norco brand only comes with 325 mg of acetaminophen, regardless how much hydrocodone is in the prescription.  There are other brands of hydrocodone and acetaminophen combinations available that contain 10/500, but none that I'm aware of that have 525 mg of acetaminophen. 

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