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Thursday, June 25, 2009 mypain, Community Member, asks

Q: My doctor is not willing to perscribe a pain med. but I have chronic back pain, what can I do?

My doctor doesn't seem to be willing to perscribe a pain med. but I have expressed my concern for chronic back pain, what can I do? I've tried other methods including regular chiropractor visits for over 2 years; this helped overall but never eliminated by back pain completely. I regularly work out 3-4 times a week including stretching, and back strengthening excercises. The most my doc. has perscribed for me was an anti-inflamatory (I beleive naproxen), which did nothing for me. I'm always instructed to try extra strength OTC meds. which also do nothing for me. My x-rays in the past have never shown any serious problems, but I have been dealing with back pain most of my life.  Most of the time it is in the lower & middle, but it also affects my upper back at times. It's at it's worst after a work-out, including a simple walk, washing dishes & vacuuming (b/c I'm slightly bent over), sitting for long periods of time int he car and sitting down without a back support. Although I know it's wrong, I have used pain meds. from friends who have had it, vicodin and percocets, and it seems to be the only thing that gets rid of the pain. Do I need to see another doctor who may be willing to perscribe something for me?

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Wendell707, Community Member
9/18/09 3:10am

Your Cronic pain is clearly out of your Doctors ball park but he needs to give you a referal to a pain clinic where there are Doctors who understand what real pain is and how to treat you.

I would'nt be suffering anouther minute because help for you is just around the corner and if your Doctor wont give you a referal then go on your own either to a pain clinic or a Doctor who is in pain management.

good luck

Sarah, Community Member
6/25/09 11:51am

Sorry to hear about your pain, and I know from experience how frustrating it can be to be denied a prescription for pain meds when you don't see other solutions (however at some level these medical professionals do have your best interests at heart; it will help you greatly if you can discover the source of the pain).  First thing I would do is try a different chiropractor. There are some who will do alternate therapies like cranio-sacral, prescribe exercises, and do more "hands on" work including percussion massage with one of those expensive machines which can feel blissful. 

My second suggestion is acupuncture, if you live in an area where that is feasible, you have to give it a few sessions but it is amazing what they can do (helped me with knee pain).

Third suggestion is a physical therapist, they can do ultrasound (massage tissues under the skin), help you strengthen surrounding muscles, prescribe massage, and are good at dealing with injured people. Hope this is helpful!!

Sidvicious, Community Member
6/25/09 5:08pm

If your dr is not willing to do everything within his job to give you relief, you need to see another dr.  This is the USA and we have an abundance of drs who would be more than willing to take an agressive stance in your recovery.  There is absolutely no reason for you to suffer one more minute.  Good luck to you.

lgh426, Community Member
6/25/09 6:59pm

Don't know where you live but if you can find a Licensec Massaged Therapist and get some therapy on your hamstrings, glutes, periformis and abs. it will make a world of difference.  You may never eleminate the pain but you may be able to decrease it to more than tollarable.   It depends on the cause, of course.  Keeping your trunk or core muscles in good shape helps the back.  If you look for a Massage Therapist, make sure they are lic. or certified (whatever they do in your state).  You need Medical Massage and in some states it is even covered by your health insurance.  It is worth a try.  I LOVE my massages.  I am also a therapist.  I also bill insurance.  If there is anything I can help you with just let me know.


historybuff, Community Member
6/25/09 11:41pm

Find a new doctor, someone who specializes in pain management or a neurosurgeon.


KOBALTBLUE, Community Member
6/28/09 11:17pm

Surprised Depends on what state you are in also at this stage of the opiod game very few new doctors will prescribe narcotics unless you have a mri and some serious need for them. I would suggest looking for a new doctor ask your freinds and also contact the state board of medical practice in some states the groups require doctors to provide adiquiate pain medication to thier patients not doing so is along the lines of but not actually malpractice

reruho, Community Member
9/17/09 11:07pm

You need to find another doctor to treat your pain. This sounds like a family doctor and they are scared half to death to prescribe anything stronger than NSAIDs long term. Find a pain management doctor. they have helped me tremedously.


If you are feeling worse after your workouts, you must be doing the wrong workout.  A PM can get you into a PT program that right for you. PT should help you to improve, not make things worse. It is good that you are still trying, many people give up because it hurts and then before they know it, they can't do anything because of muscle atrophy.


Massage may help you, many people get relief from massage.  Have your tried trigger point masage?  Have you tried water therapy? I do Tai Chi and the gentle controlled movements are very helpful for me. I also am able to de-stress while doing Tai Chi which helps even more.



misskitty1, Community Member
6/ 5/13 3:50pm

I was on percocet 7.5mg for three years after several complications from a hysterectomy.This doctor, unfortunately left the office to be a hospitalist and so I see a new one who refererred me to a pain management doctor,both will not prescribe the percocet I've been on for awhile that have actually helped without making me a zombie so I can function at work and school. I do not know what to do? I am getting treated like a addict and I have no history of drug abuse or any history of doing anything abusive with the meds? I just want relief and I have no insurance.Any suggestions?

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