• angelmate angelmate
    August 13, 2009
    Why can,t they give me the pump to help me manage my pain?
    angelmate angelmate
    August 13, 2009

    I have been in severe acute chronic pain now for over 17yrs,i fell down the stairs when i had a kidney infection [i,ve had renal problem,s since i was a child,] as a result of the fall  i had just broken my clavacle,i also had a major concussion,after four week,s of constant pain the orthopedic consultant had me admitted to just pop a little plate over the tiny fracture!!

    Then i was admitted to the hospital and was wheeled into theatre,the doctor told my stbx husband that i,d be in theatre about an hour,that hour actually turned into four and a half hours!

    The surgeon came out of the theatre to tell my stbx husband that he owed me an apology because when they opened me up i didn,t have a simple fracture,it was actually a shattered clavicle as a result he had fitted a full metal plate with 9 screw,s and he,d also taken 5 fragments of bone which had shattered in the fall,well i have now had several surgery,s as a result i am in constant severe acute chronic pain,since the accident my only kidney is literally hanging on for dear life,i have also had alot of problem,s with my bladder which had to be removed last year and i have chronic kidney infection,s and i have also got severe sciatitca as a result from the fall that is so bad now that i can no longer put my left foot on the floor my foot has now turned in and if anyone tries to turn it into the proper possion it makes me literally pass out,it sounds a bit dramatic but it,s true,up until my accident i worked full time and loved working as a would you believe a nurse!!

    Well every treatment out there i have tried,and yes i do mean ALL!! i have spent money i didn,t have trying to help myself i have tried acupuncture so many nerve block,s i could probably do em myself!! ostiopathy reflexology chiropractic and so the list goes on!! well just over 6 years ago i was put on oralmorph and m.s.t 100mg per day,

    Three years ago i was told by my pain management consultant suggested that a pump would suit me better,and that is where my problems started,in the next breath he told me,but i can,t offer you that, but i will refer to my college in essex [i live in the u.k 120 miles away from the hospital i was sent to] but i went down and saw the pain consultant who told me you definatly qualify for the pump but we have to find someone local who,ll be willing to do the refill,s,that is where my problem,s started,my pain consultant wrote to anyone and everyone to see if they could help me,well sadly no one around here offers that kinda treatment including my pain doc,put bluntly i have got so desperate that i have gone to the very people i despise, drug dealer,s and i won,t lie i paid for some methadone just so that i could get more than my usual 3 hours sleep per night! but it didn,t work,i have had enough and i really don,t know who to turn to anymore my g.p has yet again written to the consultant who does this kind of surgery i.e the surgeon who said he,d do the operation to fit the pump in the hope that he will actually be willing to give me this pump,because i live in the u.k we also have to see if our local area health authority will fund this surgery,i am so very very down right now i know this pump may not work but i am so very very desperate to be given a chance ,i am asking if anyone can give me any other suggestions? right now i don,t have a very good quality of life i am constantly checking to see if theres anymore other remedies out there for chronic pain sufferers like myself,i would welcome any advice because right now i,m not living i,m a exsisting and my life has totally changed ,i no longer have the social life i had ,now i am chronically depressed and yes i am on antidepressants,i just so wish i could be given a chance to have this pump,

    Why can,t they just give me the pump to manage this pain? i think it,s called an intertheactic pump? [please excuse the spelling mistakes] why can,t i at least be given the chance,i have also told my doc that if i have to travel to essex every few months for the refills, do i really ask too much?



  • Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    August 17, 2009
    Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    August 17, 2009

    I am so sorry to hear you have had to go through so much!  I can't imagine why some local doctor wouldn't agree to handle your pump refills.  I don't think it's that difficult to do. I'm afraid I don't know much about how the UK health system works so I don't know what to tell you that might help you.


    You might try posting your question on the pain pump thread in our forum.  That's where everyone gathers to discuss anything to do with intrathecal pain pumps.  There is an excellent ongoing thread entitled “Willing to share experience with intrathecal morphine pump implant” that was started and is maintained by Bob Englebardt.  It's a pretty long thread, but rest assured your post will be read and answered.  I don't know if anyone there can help, but it's worth a try.  Just click on the last page and post your question.  Here is a link to this thread on the forum:

    (Note:  If you've never been to the forum before, you'll have to register separately from your registration here on ChronicPainConnection.  You can, however, use the same e-mail address and password if you like to make it easier to remember.)


    Good luck!  I hope someone is able to give you some helpful advice.



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