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Tuesday, January 06, 2009 becky sadler, Community Member, asks

Q: my arms from shoulder to elbow ache so bad all the time I cant sleep and when it rains they are wors

My arms from my shoulder to elbow ache so bad all the time I can't sleep, and when it rains they are worse. This pain started in my legs 3 yrs. ago and finally last year eased off. Now my right shoulder and both arms from shoulder to elbow ache so bad I could cry; it doesn't stop with advil and a heating pad helps a little. They ache worse in the morning when I get out of bed. I DO HAVE BLOCKAGE OF 40% IN MY HEART; NO TREATMENT FOR THAT, MY CHOLESTEROL IS HIGH BUT THE CRESTAR makes my joints and muscles hurt so bad I can't take that. One doctor says arthritis, one doctor says age, one tested me for lupus 3 yrs, ago.  I have another appointment with another doctor. I am 55 yrs. old

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Stacey, Community Member
1/ 7/09 3:29am

Hi Becky! I have Fibromyalgia, and I don't know if it is a dirsct symptom of this or not, but I too have severe shooting pains going right down the middle of my upper arms too. It gets so bad that all I can do is cry. It feels as though someone is driving a spike right down the center of my bones! Ouch! To my sympathy goes out to you on that one. I take Subutex for my pain, and it really works well when the pain gets too bad. Good luck to you, and I hope you're feeling better very soon. Stacey

Shell, Community Member
9/28/10 7:51pm

Hello Becky and Stacey,


I have Fibromyalgia and I have also been having this horrible pain! Starts near my neck and travels to my elbows. Sharp peircing pain! I usually get it when I wake up in the morning and it sometimes wakes me up  in the middle of the night, this time I just took a nap and I woke up having these pain and it's was so bad it wasn't funny!   So, I took a pain pill from where I had knee surgery and I got on here to see what could be up!


At least I'm not the only one! I hate you guys hurt too! I'll be praying for all of us! So far in the past 72 hours, I have slept only 13 hours. What works for you ?

I also had a b12 shot yesterday in my right shoulder. Both arms hurt in the same way.






judith, Community Member
9/10/11 2:21am

I been having pain on top of my shoulder left and now it has moved to the right shoulder too. and it ache so bad i wanta cry. it seem like to hurt more at night time. and it hurt from the shoulder to my elbow. and it like pich nerve or tumbness.. i took a nap yesterday and woke up and i couldnt move both of my arms and I have to stetch my arm out to un bucket it- it a relieve a little pain. I also have tumbness and tingling pain in my hands and they like sleeping too and i believe that is carpel tunnel.  I am looking for answers and I looking for a dr to at the cleveland clinic what kind of dr would i be interested in going to could you help me along. tell me anything to help me. I also have runners knees in my left knee that ache for 3 months that was 2 years ago and now it the shoulders.

Chelsea, Community Member
3/26/12 1:50pm

Sorry I do not have a solution : (

Just a question aswell due to the fact that I have the same owwie problem.

What is ( CARPEL TUNNEL ) ?

Chelsea, Community Member
3/26/12 1:47pm

Hello, how are you ? My heart goes out to you people : )

Like  yourself's I also can't sleep at night due to the charp owwie pain in my upper arms.

I do not know what this is from, two people already said they had heart problems. Well as do I and I am only 24 yr.s old.

So maybe that's it....

My real question is "what is FIBROMYALGIA" ?

cak, Community Member
1/ 8/09 9:31pm

It sounds like you might have arthritis, bursitis or perhaps fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome. A rheumatologist might be able to help, perhaps with Lyrica, Flexeril, steroid injection, or some combination. You might also want to consult a Pain Management Doctor (especially because you have other health problems, you want someone who can set up treatment for you that won't negatively impact those problems).


I totally get the rain connection...can't tell you how much better I've been since moving from Oregon to Arizona.


Hang in there, Becky. Let us know how you do.


BK, Community Member
4/ 2/09 4:08pm

Have you had anyone mention that you might have Fibromyalgia? I hurt so bad I could scream right now. My legs didn't bother me so bad but now they wake me up at night and my arms hurt too. It is awful to hurt all of the time. I love the song that say's Heaven's Sounding Better all the Time" 

Hope you get some relief soon,believe me I do sympathise with you.

robin, Community Member
6/15/11 12:14am

I understand what you mean about heaven, I have a lower back problem that has been under control with pain medicine, but recently I been getting a lot of pain in my arms, it starts with under my arms and goes to my shoulders and down both arms, it is worse in my left hand and I am left handed. It hurts to even do dishes all the time. I really don't think any of my family understands and I don't have insurance so I can't even go to the doctor to get my pain medicine anymore, so I said many of times that I wish I would go to sleep and never wake up, becausethis is when I feel my best, sad to say that but so true, life should not be this painful.



MISSDEBBIE61, Community Member
1/30/10 3:00pm


hefner_2636, Community Member
6/26/10 4:32am

hello, I am 23 years old and I am having problems with my legs and arms aching all the time so bad I could scream. Its 4:26 iin the morning here in georgia and i cant sleep because of it..I always have a hard time getting sleep because of it.. It feels like my bones are aching way down deep.. and my fiance rubs me for hours and that helps a little but it never really ever makes it completely stop...I have got to find a way to make it stop.. I am gonna go crazy. I cant take it! My mom was diagnosed with fibromialgia a few years ago and I dont know if it is hereditary or not and I have no clue what the symptoms are except that she hurts alot.. If anyone has anything that might help or anything please let me desperate!!!

Shell, Community Member
9/28/10 8:00pm

Hey, I feel ya too!!!! Mine seems to radiate from my bones. When I lay still, it starts when I am moving, it's not so bad. I am on crutches right now for having knee surgery, and I had a B12 shot yesterday. So help someone help!  I will be praying for all of us and I hope God touches us all and releaves us of this suffering!



Robin Gregory, Community Member
5/26/11 1:31pm

I am experiencing the same pain.  I am unable to do anything in the morning and the pain is chronic throbbing throughout the day.


I am 54 years old.  At 50 I had two hip replacements and right after my replacements I started having excruciating pain from my elbows to my shoulders.  I am unable to sleep and have been to one doctor after another.


I am fed up.  I have another doctor's appt. tomorrow and I am sure it will be a waste of time.


I am at the end of my rope and never experienced chronic pain lik


I feel I will never get an answer

Dakota Blue, Community Member
4/12/13 11:38am

Hi:  I seriously recommend anyone who is having problems from the shoulders down to the tingling in the arms set up appointments with first a massage therapist and then go to a chiropractor.  The massage therapist will relax you and possibly if they are giving of any information to help your pain they will tell you the area (disc) that are contributing to the pain and then after the appointment you go to your other chiro appointment and mention to them the numbers the massage therapist gave you and he will fix it.  I had this problem and boy does it hurt.  Mornings were the worst but pain all day and I could not even use my arms to lift as the biceps hurt badly to do that.  I believe it is the 1T joint that causes this problem.  The pain is deep.  There are other pains in the same area but on the surface closer to the skin and this type of muscle pain is related to the ribs down the back around the bra line and up.  Remeber that chiropractors do not have to adjust to help you they have other techniques and know more about the spine that any family doctor does.  Give it a try I did and even had them adjust me a few appointments later and voila no pain.  Good luck in finding a good chiro though.  They are few and far between.  No they are not all the same.  Doctors are only human.  Like a mechanic you have good ones and bad ones.  Do your research and most of all ask around.  Like a mechanic or a log cutter someone who would use one regularly. 

Aaron, Community Member
6/24/11 6:24am

Just wondering, when is the last time you all bought a new mattress, or flipped or rotated your mattress?  Sometimes this pain in the elbows is a blood circulation issue, and a foam topper, a new mattress, or at least flipping/rotating your mattress every 3 months can help a little bit.  Also, what are your exercise patterns?  If this is a circulation issue, getting your heart rate up  for 30 min/day, 3+ times/week will increase your circulation, even begin to create new blood vessels after consistent exercise. This may not be the only problem, but it may be a major contributor.

G Miller, Community Member
11/27/11 10:24pm

I empathize with your description of the pain (and with many if not all of the others who have responded).  I have dealt with Fibromyalgia for more years than I can recall.  Much of what I hear sounds very much like my own experience. I deal with a bit of arthritis here and there but the majority of the pain I deal with is from the Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr Syndrome.  Both of these make any medication ineffective a great deal of the time. 


What I have found most effective in decreasing the symptoms is a regiment of stress reducing activities like a relaxing bath, meditation, spending time with people who YOU don't feel anxious around.  Simple things like taking a deep breath or counting to 10 before responding to a comment from one of your button pushers can make a world of difference.  I find regular meditation to be an incredible resource (even if it's just for 15 minutes or so).  A deep breath while driving - when "That one driver" does something discourteous just to aggravate YOU - is a mini-meditation. and does help. 

One more very important "Go TO" tool is to PACE yourself in re: to any physical activity.  Stay as active as you can but consider the days of "Making hay while the sun shine" an unhealthy thing for you.  Knowing your limits and not overdoing it can do much to keep you functional on a more regular basis. I hate spending two or three days recovering just because I wanted to get everything done at one time.  Learn to say NO when you need to - Even if it's to yourself.  While dealing with chronic pain from these conditions I also have an experience where for several years my arms hurt DEEPLY from the armpit area down to and often through the elbows any time I stand up.  My heart is in good shape so if anyone has any ideas about the cause, I'd be interested in your response.


Becky - please be sure to describe every detail of your symptoms, activities and routine to your doctor(s).  ...and remind yourself that you are not alone in your discomfort and that there are resources that can give you a bit of control over the way you are living.

Mary, Community Member
1/29/12 8:26am

My arms also just kill me from my shoulders to my elbow.  I lost 60 pounds on a great diet, but proceeded to pile half back on in a short period of time.  I think it is the extra weight on my bones.  I felt so great when I lost the weight.  This is how I feel gaining it back.  I think it is the extra weight.  I am now back on a diet.

Keira, Community Member
6/21/13 2:55am

Im having the same problem right now. I cant sleep at all it my arm hurts so bad  but mine is from my elbow to my fingers. My elbow is where all the sharp pain is. I go to the doctor for everything but I dont want too if its not serious thing. I just want to sleep. All this started was when I was trying to go to sleep. Will someone please tell me what the best pain pill is ?


8/ 9/14 8:28am

Hi Becky,


I was wondering if you found a succesful treatment for your pain.  I would love to hear what worked for you and since many other community members have shared similar stories, I am sure they would love to know as well.


Your symptoms do ring true for fibromyalgia, but only your doctor can make a definite diagnosis.


If you are interested in reading more about this, please check out our articles:

Fibromyalgia – An Overview


Big Antiviral Trial Could Usher in New Treatment Era for Fibromyalgia


Hope you are well!


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