• NayNay7 NayNay7
    November 11, 2009
    I've been having throbbing and swelling On Right Side Of Groin.
    NayNay7 NayNay7
    November 11, 2009

    Diagnosed in the past with Chronic Phlebitis, clots in both leg areas, The past few months, I have been having problems in my right groin area, with throbbing pain, swelling, either my vein? or gland, it feels like something is bulging out of my groin and is painful to touch. It's very bad in the morning and throughout the day, if I don't take aspirin, however the aspirin only dulls it to some degree, but the swelling is still there. In the lower part of my buttocks, back, hip, legs, front and back, especially my left knee. Lower part of my stomach, close to the groin is tender to touch, and sometimes sharp pain in area. In the morning and throughout the day, I have diffuculty geeting up, because it can be excruciating or sitting too long. I have been walking, but noticed it hasn't helped and the swelling is still there and causes my both my legs to hurt. I should tell you, I was hospitalized for stroke symptoms, The doctors found It was caused from an artery being almost closed, not sure from what, now they are diagnosing Ischematic Strokes. I'm 46, female, I am going for a Biopsy of my uterus for off and on again bleeding, but the first time I went to emergency, they thought it was from a burst cyst, urine and blood test negative for infection. MRI, XRAY were done. What is causing this ongoing problem, This is very upsetting for me!!!  No traveling pain throughout, just the lower extremities.




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