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Saturday, January 10, 2009 Julia, Community Member, asks

Q: Having pain in both wrist and thumbs sometimes going up arm. I can hardly pick up anything any more.

I am having pain in both wrist and thumbs, sometimes going up arm. I can hardly pick up anything any more. I am 56 and sometimes it takes all I can do to pick up or open something. The pain is really severe. Makes me drop things too, I can hardly pick up my grandbabies. It makes the simpliest tasks like making my bed a real ordeal. Does any one know or had anything like this?

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Morgan, Community Member
1/10/09 7:06pm



    I'm sorry to hear that you are in such great pain.

A year or go so my aunt ( who was 50 at the time) began having horrid pains in her hands and wrists. She really didn't think anything of it. She thought that time was takeing it's tole after all she had been a piano player for years and years. She got to the point that she was awake at night, sitting up in bed screaming in pain. It came to be that she had really bad carpal tunnel. She had lasic surgery and now she has no pain except for the occasional arthritic pain when the weather is damp.

Have you ever looked into carpal tunnel?

I'm sorry that I can't be of more help.

                                                                                                      Wishes of Good Health to You and Yours,


JoTramell, Community Member
1/11/09 2:31am

Hi Julia,

I am going on 50 years this year. In 2002, after realizing that I was unable to move my left extremity the next day after working with a faulty computer keyboard for about 6 months, I have learned that I have what is called RSD-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a rare medical condition that is not like Carpel Tunnel. Please go to your doctor and fully explain what you are feeling and they will set you up to have several procedures done to see if you have Carpel Tunnel, Bursitis, RSD, or any other joint pain relative problems. And do it soon!--Your condition sounds like mine, here we are in 2009 and my pain started in 2001, and I am still having the same pain and severity of pain that you are describing.

Best of care,

Jo Tramell

cak, Community Member
1/11/09 2:06pm

Hi Julia,

Along with the other notes here, it could be anything from repetitive stress injury to myofascial pain syndrome. I thought many years ago that I was having carpal tunnel--my dad and sister had already had that--but it turned out that I had some real nasty trigger points in my shoulders, a pinched nerve in my neck, and a genetically narrow passage for the nerve bundle in my left shoulder (unfortunately, I passed this on to my daughter). It seemed amazing at the time that having novocaine injections in the shoulder relieved that particular pain in my hands and wrists.


So, the point seems to be that you really need some professional evaluation. Pain is often referred, which means you're feeling pain away from the injury site. Confusing, huh? You could also have tendonitis... For help learning how to deal with what I call the dropsies, it might help to google arthritis for hints. For example, when I could no longer use a regular can opener without triggering severe pain, my kids got me that nifty opener that you just set on top of the can and push a button. It's amazing what just that one little thing has done for me. You can also reduce stress on your hands by carrying a weight in your arms or over your shoulder rather than carrying with your hands (cloth bags with shoulder straps rather than the usual plastic grocery bags, etc.)


Hope you get this figured out soon and find some relief. Let me know...Carrie

Amy Tudor, Editor
7/20/14 4:57am

Hi there, Julia -


I'm sorry it's taken so long for someone to respond to your question from our staff!  I hope this has resolved by now. Perhaps you could come back and tell us what the doctors found out? It might be helpful to someone else in our community to hear how your situtation resolved.


Here are some links to articles on our site that you might find useful:


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Be well!

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