• vickaroo4u2 vickaroo4u2
    September 17, 2010
    Swelling,bulgeing/twisting under ribs & breast bone
    vickaroo4u2 vickaroo4u2
    September 17, 2010

    Severe swelling under ribs & breast bone. Feels like a twisting, charlie horse in the muscle under my ribs/breast bone. It takes my breath away, the pain is horrible. Sometimes the pain goes up both sides of my neck... I have had high blood pressure for over a yr. now. Stays at about 154/96. Not one thing has been done by my Dr. for that. When the "muscle/charlie horse" happens, it also feels like when a women is pregnent & the baby may stretch with a fist or foot, but is 100 times more painful. You can see & feel the muscle or whatever it is buldge out. 1 1/2 yrs ago, my spleen & liver were swollen, I was very sick & had to be hospitalized for a wk. I don't think I ever really recovered from that. I also have been coughing uncontrolled for over 4-5 mos. Makes my problem with my chest & muscle swelling very painful & worse. Had chemical stress test came out ok. I had dexia bone scan...came out not too good..I have osteroprosis, really bad. I had chest xray, showed up many spots on my lungs. Then had radioactive scan of chest...Dr. told me it was my lymph glands swollen! Is this possible? I am so weak, cannot walk/stand over 5 mins. without shaking, sweat really bad, feel like passing out. So out of breath, makes me dizzy! what is or what could be wrong with me? I feel my Dr. is not taking any of this seriously. I also have really serious bladder problems, incontinence....cronic lower back pain prevents me from walking or standing. Also have the upper/mid back pain that feels like it is in my spinal cord then radiates out into my muscles around my shoulder blades,  from ????. What could be causing this? I have no idea, but as time goes on I am getting very worried. I am only 61 yrs. young, but feel like I'm 90!! I just want to get my health back, I have no quality of life. All I can do is lay or sit...I want to exercise/walk but am so weak I can not! Please try to give me some kind of an idea what could be wrong. I know this is not normal. It has got to the point I just can not go on like this. I never go anywhere due to how weak I stay, my muscle tone is melting it seems. Also my Dr. told me I could not be going thru menapause...he said women go thru that at the age of 40 & I was too old & have already gone thru it!! I sure was never aware that I had! Please, please help me & give me possible reason for the symptoms I am experienceing. Thank You....Vicky Purnhagen




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