• Jo Jo
    September 05, 2008
    Does anyone know how to diagnose osteomyelitis
    Jo Jo
    September 05, 2008

    I just am still trying to find out if anyone has had osteomyelitis? I would like to know what test show that result.I had oral implants put in a year and a half ago and I still have infection running out of one of the implants.I went to ent after ent.They said they could see no infection from the cat scans etc...I finally found a doctor who uses her common sense and said of course it doesn't show it because they have kept you on just enough antibiotics to keep it at bay.So on Sept 25th I will have a one day surgery where she will go in and clean out the infection and make sure that there are no openings from my sinus into my mouth.I am not sure if I should ask her to remove the implants or not.Will that cause future problems.She said I may not have to lose the implant.What I want to know is do I want it or not.I have 4 on top and 2 in my mandible.All the implants on the left side of my mouth are ok.I don't even know they are there.But on the other side there are 3.Two that hurt and one way in the back that doesn't seem to be a problem but how would I know unless I know what the surgeon does.There are 2 tiny little spots between the implants  on the upper maxible.What are they.If anyone knows how to go about it I would appreciate it very much.JO



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  • tystick December 12, 2008
    December 12, 2008

    Hi, My name is ty.I had osteomyelitis.What a horrible painful long trip its bine. It set in my spine. It took 4 docters all thought I wsas crazy,or drug seeking.Finally one docter took me serious.I must of had 15 mris X-rays ,Nothing showed up Now it has bine about a year and a half.The magic question he asked,do you have night sweats?Doyou notice maybe a low grade fever? Well ofcourse,I was sent for a bone scan.But the only thing that showed up was something in my kidneys.MY docter called me two days befor Christmas and told me go to the infectious disease at my hospital.They were waiting for me.  They had to grow a culture to see what it was.Well  a  long waited answer .I had osteomyelitis in my spine and has also spread into my kidneys.A long story But A WAS OUT WAS THE LAST RESORT.They stented my kidneys and inserted  a pick line for a little machine that had a strong antibyotis plus oral antybotics.I lived with my machine for 6 months. saved my life. Iwas able to go home with the help of visiting nurses  and husband who has a small medical background.What caused the osto? Well it could of bine a very bad infection from a belly button piercing.Or abought with  nymonya That is a short summery. I  had two docters who were ready to do back surgery,THEY ARE SO QUICK WITH THAT WORD.tHAT WOULD OF KILLED ME.THE PAIN THAT I SUFFERD DURING THAT TIME WAS HELL. THEN TO HAVE DOCTERS TELL ME ALL I WANTED WAS PAIN KILLERS.ALL I WANTED TO KNOW WAHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME .I  NEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG AND THEY JUST DIDNT WANT TO DEAL WITH ME. SORRY I AM GOING OFF BUT WHEN I THINK BACK TO THAT TIME IT PISSES ME OFF THAT SOME DOCTERS JUST SUCK....Get yourself to an infectious disease docter, Juat say the word osteomyelitis.Your condition isnt a joke.INFECTION RUNNING OUT OF YOUR INPLANTS. SHAME ON THE HEALTH CARE PROVIDER WHO IS TREATING YOU. SHAME ON THEM.oh  ONE  MORE THING AFTER THE OSTEOMYLITITIS RUNNING AROUND FOR AYEAR AND A HALF THEN I HAD TO HAVE BACK SURGREY FROM THE DAMAGE THAT WAS DONE.THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME VENT. GET YOURSELF HELP THISISNT A JOKE.

  • Sherry A September 06, 2008
    Sherry A
    September 06, 2008

    I'm curious as to why you had the implants. Osteomylitis is an infection of the bone and usually detected by xrays or cat scans. It is very difficult to treat. You usually stay on antibiotics for a long time. Are you seeing an infectious disease Dr.? The surgery is necessary to remove the infected bone or the implants.


    S Alfred

  • WendyO. December 31, 2008
    December 31, 2008

    Hi there,I have chronic sclerosing osteomyelitis of the mandible and have been dealing with itforthe past almost 2 years, a very long story as to how I got it but basically a dentist messed up and BAD, I'm 37 years old otherwise healthy and have only had a total of 3 cavities in my whole life, so ironic, it took a while to diagnose but there are many ways, mris cscans, bonescans, cultures and lab tests, it's usually cause by a staph as far as a know so they will look for that... if you think you may have it get another opinion and go to an Infecious Diseases specialist and oral surgeon as you will have to have both at the same time to try (and I mean try) to treat you. I have the best doctors out there and I'm still suffering and on suppressive therapy and have been told that this could last avery very long time even though my sed rate is normal right now, but it is extremely difficult to cure. I have been in and out of the hospital all year, have had portions of my jaw removed and have had picc lines in on a few occasions for the iv antibiotics last one was in for 10 weeks. I still have my jaw (we are keeping our fingers crossed at this point) but theres a chance I could lose it Iam in constant pain and on 4 different meds for pain (still feel pain through the meds)just recently they added neurontin to the group I have both nerve pain from the surgeries and of course the bone pain,  for a couple ofmonths it seemed alot better my pain level had gone down to a nice tolerable 3-4 lately my pain level usually fluctuates between 5and 10, almost as bad as itwas before I began my treatment two years ago. not fun. I'm finally meeting with an actual pain specialist after the holidays (finally)! Good luck and I really hope you dont have it because if you do it can ruin your life. I'll post my story when I have more time, it's a doozy. Take care.

    • me myself & i
      March 23, 2012
      me myself & i
      March 23, 2012

      oh my god!! get off NEUROTIN!!! more on neurontin in a moment...


      i have the same problems with diagnoising & the progress of my osteomeyelitis. i was physically attacked in a parking lot in 2001, broke my chin between lower 2 front teeth. had chin removed 2 times. wired shut 2 1/2 yrs altogether. drs are stupid, the only ones that should be infectious disease drs are one that have it. I keep telling drs i have it and i have black spots in my mouth, and now all over my body i have what looks like bruising, but it is bones that are infected. I keep geting radation body scans and it shows up all over but my jaw. i am on narcotics because im alergic to most all meds. but im just wating for the end of my life, and i am so luck to have caring pain dr. I travel to another state that will prescibe them my state wont. i will try the  CAVATAT. thank you


      Now for Neurotin...the company that makes it only tested it on 1500 people. & on 1 person got Gillian barr, which is the disease that DR Kavorkin helped, Now i have that and before taking it which i only took for 3 months, i had never had leg problems;actually at 45 i could still do cartwheels and jog and having been a problem until the first week of med. i kept complaining. but my pain dr at that time only dealt with back pain and told me to stop complaing about my leg pain. i got neuropathy they said. diagoise is made by nerve biopsy, proving that it is axonal neuropathy not perifil, meaning it is my nerves are dieing for the inside out. Guilllen barr. It is now legal in 48 states for dr assited suicide. Thank God, & Kavorkin. So now i have 2 terminal illnesses. Neurotin works  by killing the nerves that are hurting then you have now pain, but side affects are terminal. HOW DARE a medication that can turn even 1 person to stone be allowed on human beings. before taking it i asked my pharmasist about it he didnt know anything about it at that time except that its a new type of drug that passes into thebrain, causing neurilogical probems. Im on antibiotics the rest of my life, if you can call it life. I take 3 different narcotis to control my pain and depression med for obviously reasons.

  • mongie June 18, 2009
    June 18, 2009

    i had or still have osteomyelitis last year march of 2008 in my tailbone from a fall off of my backporch steps first a fracture then infection came was on antibiotics for 40 days or so now i have to take antibiotics for the rest of my life but i am left with chronic low back pain i was diagnosed with this through an mri im also in need of getting dentures as i have alot of problems with broken teeth and really hope that i dont get this in my mouth i wish you good luck and sorry i dont know about your oral implants but take care of yourself!

  • rosegurl November 18, 2008
    November 18, 2008

    I've read & heard that the best way to diagnose osteomyelitis is with a bone density test called densitometry or DEXA & it is not the same thing as a bone scan. Good luck... I am having similar problems...

    • Smiley
      November 03, 2010
      November 03, 2010


      The best way to diagnose Osteomyelitis of the jaw is with the use of a CAVATAT sonogram and panaramic xray.  You must find a doctor who specializes.  Dr. Shankland from Westerville, OH is, I believe, the best in the nation.  He has been dealing with this problem since 1986.

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