• Nics78 Nics78
    August 23, 2009
    I have degenerative disc disease- causes chronic pain but I want to have a baby, is this possible?
    Nics78 Nics78
    August 23, 2009

    Hi, I'm a 31 year old female with degenerative disc disease which causes chronic pain, but my husband and I long to have a baby.


    I have been tole by medical personel that I need to be free from all medication for 3 months before conception and therefore have been weaninf myself off my pain medication. Having come off 75mg of Amitriptyline my pain has become unbearable and my mobility severely impaired. 


    My questions are: 

    1) Are there any medications I can take to relieve my pain that will not harm a baby? If not, are there any natural treatments I can use that are safe for the baby?


    2) Will a pregnancy cause my pain and condition to worsen?


    I long to be a mother but am loosing hope, can anyone help please?



  • Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    August 25, 2009
    Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    August 25, 2009

    I would not recommend taking any medications prior to conception or during pregnancy. You could try acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis, or other alternative treatments for low back pain. Most importantly you need good "core" strength going into pregnancy in the presence of low back pain. Most likely the pain will get worse, not only during pregnancy but also through the toddler years (many mothers have trouble carrying a 10-20 pounder around). There are some good maternity back brace that can help support your back.


    The best book for pregnancy related back pain and post-pregnancy care (or for that matter peri-pregnancy care for the low back) is called "Bounce Back Into Shape After Baby" by Caroline Creager (available at www.optp.com) You can even get started on the exercises now.


    Please check out my article about disc degeneration 


    You can also consider adoption or a puppy to satisfy the need to be a mother. Please consider everything carefully.


    Dr. Christina Lasich, MD



  • shelsers August 28, 2009
    August 28, 2009

    i was on lyrica and ponstan and paracetamol when i fell pregnant.i just stopped taking everything immediately.i was lucky when i was pregnant i had pain but not on ahigh scale of8-9.exept for 3 weeks at about 7 months.i was able to do everything but come 5.30 in the evening id be in bits so id have to lie down for rest of night.this is my 2 baby she is six mths old now my 1 is nearly 10.my pain started on 1 pregnancy but i was only 23 tlod it was baby lying on anerve.after 2 baby i was sore everyday but the last 3 months have been agony i cannot sleep for more than 4;5 hrs up betwenn 3-4 every morn nearly crying with pain.i finally got to see pain specialist last week did xray and my pelvic bone is unaligned looks like i have had tis for 10 yrs.have to see a surgeon now also an urgent mri because spec said there is something serious wrong with my back,had mri a year and half ago said i had dessicating discs on both sides right side worse but in last 4 weeks the left side of my back has gone and have pain down that leg too.i would not give up my baby for anything and im glad i did it when i did because my back would have got worse with time then i prob wouldnt be able to have had a baby.i would advice you to see a physio if you do get pregnant she will give you straps and supports for ur back and stomach.i also got a tens machine to help with the pain as you can only take paracetamol for the pain.i know all back pain is different but i was told by midwives that sometimes pregnant people with back pain dont have 2 much trouble due to hormones.also i wanted a natural birth again and said that was no problem but if things got bad i would have to have a c-section luckily i had a quick and natural birth.i breastfed for 7 weeks but had to stop then because pain was getting worse and i needed meds.so i wish u the best of luck and hope you get to have your baby to me its worth all the pain when im bad i look at my kids and think how lucky i am.my pain would have got worse i think the pregnancy just made it happen a bit quisker is all.i hope this gives you some advice it might be a bit muddled but its 4 in the morn now and iv taken my meds so i do be a bit mixed up silly at times lol.i hope you get to have your baby and you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.you can contact me at any time im on internet every day.best of look thinking of u shelsers

  • nena January 04, 2010
    January 04, 2010

    I was 17 yrs old when I got pregnant and I had been suffering from terible pain from my back and legs since I was 6yrs and all the doctor I saw told me many diferent diagnosis until a good doctor told me at age 16 that I had degenerative disc disease I knew that my pain was going to get worse after I had my baby but I still decided to go forward with my pregnancy I stoped all my medications for pain for a whole yr. It was very painfull but I wanted children before my disease got worse. I now have to children and my pregnancys made my disease 10x worse I am

    30yrs old now and I wish I could have another baby but I wouldn't be able to deal with my back pain am getting older and my pain its also worse than ever I have to take my morphine pills every single day for the rest of my life. I am really happy that god gave me the aportunity to have my 2 beautifull daughter. MY advise for you will be that if your pain its not to bad stop your medications and go for it Its going to be worth everysingle pain episode that you have. Good luck


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