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Friday, July 10, 2009 inpain, Community Member, asks

Q: what meds do you take for fibromyalgia depression anxiety

i am afraid of all these meds i take. i was wondering how everyone here gets through with pain meds, anxiety meds, antidepressants thank you
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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
7/13/09 5:32am

Personally I take tramadol and it does a pretty good job of managing my pain most of the time.  Depression isn't a problem for me, so I don't take anything else for my FM.


Two of the new medications approved for fibromyalgia – Cymbalta and Savella – are both antidepressants that also help with the pain.  If you haven't tried them yet, you might want to talk with your doctor about them. 



Lara, Community Member
9/ 5/09 6:19pm

I would take Savella but it isn't available yet (and who knows for how long) here in the UK. I have heard very good feedback from a few people taking right now in USA.


Not sure about Cymbalta. Someone said it makes you put on weight and I don't want that I am overweight as it is with difficulty getting rid of it since having FM and CFS.


I just take Co-codamol 30/500 about twice a day for pain plus trying Mobic (NSAID) for joints - only helping hands at moment. I take Citalopram for depression and Propranolol for anxiety attacks (as required up to 4 a day). I find Citalopram good not great but much better than some SSRI type ant-depressants. I do think it contributed to the weight gain though.



Lara x

GERI, Community Member
4/ 1/10 2:23pm

I take xanax for severe panic attacks, and the fibromyalgia started back in 1992 out of nowhere, I just couldn't move. I was checked for Lupus and went through a battery of tests. I tried anti-depressants because they think you're depressed, well I'm far from that and finally my one Dr just put me on savella. It's helps with the mood and basically is to take care of the pain when it flares up. I find that by doing easy stretching, no eating of sweets, gluten, wheat, and plenty of fruits and veggies and simple walking for exercise. If you smoke and it's hard to quit, try the new e-cigs, they don't have anything in them, just the nicotine or you can get the non nicotine and that will help and it's just a harmless water vaper but looks like a reg cigarette. Try to keep a good attitude, I know sometimes it's hard, but good luck to you as we all try to deal with this disease as I call it and maybe they can come up with a simple solution one of these days.

plmcat, Community Member
6/16/11 8:43am

i got fibromyalgia in 96 out of the blue too.  one day i woke up and couldn't stand up, it was terrifying.  i then went through a million tests too to rule out ms and lupus and cfs.  one thing i noticed later and founf to be true to this day is that when i eat too much sugar, i start hurting.  i work out every day too.. hard.  i've been doing that for 5 years now and have only had a few flareups.  for anxiety i found that klonipin is the best for me.  it shuts my brain off at night (the time i have the worst anxiety) and i can sleep.  if i sleep, i don't get as depressed and it's a lot more managable.  i go to therapy too to learn how to manage my anxiety better.  if i don't sleep though, i'm a mess and in a lot of pain.  good luck to all of you that have to deal with this issue, it's no fun, i know that. 

chinajoy, Community Member
7/10/09 10:45pm

I have had fibromyalgia for the past twenty years and two years ago it stopped and today I don't have any pain. At the age of 60 my pain stopped. Now I am working part time.Two things changed and you can't take any short cuts on this. I was introduced to Usana  and went on the essentials, proflavinol, vitamin C. Then after I was on them for six months I was able cut out the meds for depression, then I started to notice my pain wasn't as severe as it was. I then was introduced to the bio-mat fron richway and after a month my pain started to change again, the longer I was on everything the less meds. I was able to take. Now I am 62 and I have a part time job and I only get aches and pains from working. now I am working on a diet for intestinal problems and its starting to work for me. You have to be prepared to change your life style, I quit smoking and changed my diet and all of it together worked so that I no longer have pain.

rumors89, Community Member
1/14/10 9:59pm

Thank you for your information.

Just say a prayer for the people in Haiti...dear God.


I am going to look up a few of your "this helps words."Smile

AmericanLadybug, Community Member
1/28/10 3:25pm

Fibromyalgia, Depression and Anxiety are three separate conditions.


Are you on any medicines now? Are they helping? 

Donna, Community Member
1/31/12 1:53pm

lyrica (75 mg twice daily)for fibromyalgia, xanax (i mg 3 times daily for panic attacks) and wellbutrin XL (150mg once daily). I do not know why they put me on wellbutrin XL, I was not a depressed person, I was told it was for anxiety but I was already taking xanax. Now I have been on the xanax and wellbutrin for over 10 years and wanting to get off the wellbutrin, but I have read it can cause severe depression if taken off meds. I don't need depression if I've never had it. The Lyrica after 2 weeks gave me dizzness and headaches. doctor has since taken me off but the dizziness and headaches remain after 6 days.

Suzy, Community Member
11/ 1/12 5:58pm

I know what you mean I have the same condition, these doctors want to put you on everything but it only helps a little in my case.  I went to long without treatment which my doctors say that was a big part of my pain.  I was over doing it. Can't sleep due to pain, medications not working like they did at first.  A lot of

doctors won't even treat you for fibromyalgia they say they don't know what causes

 it.  I thought about seeing a pain management doctor until I heard they

think it's all in your head.  Like I tell everyone that makes comment like that and any other coments about my pain.  GET INTO MY BODY AND SEE HOW LONG YOU


hurtsallthetime, Community Member
2/ 2/10 4:54pm

savella 50 mg twice a day, bupropion 75mg twice a day

dizzylizzy, Community Member
8/ 1/10 10:55pm

I was on Cymbalta for a year, but as it wasn't helping the Fibro, my rheumatologist suggested I speak with my shrink and try Effexor. Was on that for nearly two years. Huge mistake! Turned me into a complete zombie and did not do all that much for the fibro pain. The next suggestion was Savella. Shrink said I had to first wean off of the Effexor totally (was taking 187.5 mg). The withdrawn was debilitating. Severe head buzzes and auditory buzzing...brain felt like it was bruised, tremors, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fainting, VERY low blood pressure. Saw the doc to start Savella. Started at once a day for five days, then twice a day for five days. Then went to 25 mg once a day for five day, the up to two times for another five days. That's when the side effects really kicked in. When I got to 50 mg one time per day, I thought I was going to die...literally. My blood pressure went WAY up, as did my heart rate (up to 101 - 126/min). I got an URI even though I had not been exposed to anyone who was ill. Headaches all the time. Worst hot flashes and night sweats ever. Major anxiety, hyperverbal, leg pains, nausea, insomnia, terrible dreams...all that and no pain relief. Weaned myself gradually off the Savella (see the doc this week) and have not been taking anything for two days now. I feel like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh...all jittery and manic and in PAIN!


All of the docs mentioned the main side effects of the various drugs, but none mentioned the severe withdrawl symptoms. They also gave me conflicting information on dosing and on whether meds could be combined. 


Does anyone know of a SAFE med that helps with depression/anxiety and fibro? If so, please let me know!

AmericanLadybug, Community Member
1/28/10 8:34pm

Cool Thanks for sharing your story. I think you must be very blessed.



sandy, Community Member
3/30/13 12:04pm

Could You Be More specific about The Essentials

nancyk, Community Member
7/11/09 7:37pm

I have fibromyalgia and panic disorder. I take Klonopin at night for about 4 years now and it helps with spasming and burning pain and also anxiety. However, long term you will have trouble with withdrawing from it. It does give you sleep, but the structure of the sleep is modified and not in a good way. It is longer lasting than xanax and also is an anticonvulsant. It has few side effects and has been used for years by CFIDS and FMS Drs. It is not a cure.

fatboy300, Community Member
7/16/09 6:32pm

I take 1 mg of xanax 4 times a day and it helps me.

I don't have fibromyaligia but I have seen written and people tell me whatthey were on that worked and it is a wide range of pain kills. from all the non narcotic pain killers to 50 mg fentanal pactches. I think you need to start out on non narcotic pain kills some perople take them and they are ok others they do nothing for and have to use narcotics.

They use from the lowes dose of opoids from 5/325 percoset to 40 mg oxycoton and a few fentanal patch users since I don't have that problem I cant tell you what is best for you because I don't know your pain level. Narcotic pain killers are habit forming and cause problems whe you go to the bathroom if you require narcotic pain killes start low and stop before you get to oxycoton mehadone or fentanal the three drugs are heavy hitters and I don't see why anyone needs them I have three forms of cancer by bone structure is shot  I can't be operated on because I will die i on the table. I was on all three of the heavy hitting drugs and I couldn't function or go to the bathroom so I had my doctor put me on pure 15 mg hcl oxycodone. What ever you get use it as instructed. never over take it and take it by mouth. If you can skip a dose do it. xanax is a wonderful drug for your problem but it is easy t abuse and is harder to come off of than any opoid. The reason I know is I got a new doctor at the clinic where I go that doctor didn't believe in xanax so the doctor wrote me somehing else/ I went throught withdraws from hell I was in bed two weeks sick sweating back door runs and couldn't eat. So it's up to you really they are all bad they have the potental to be abused stolen by pillhead friends and people beging to have you gie them to you. Remember a urine test will nail your hide to the wall and cause you to lose any narcotic med. never take any drug your not perscribed to take or you will get caught. God bless you 

Linda, Community Member
10/ 5/09 11:25pm

If i am correct, and i believe i am,  cymbalta is the first FDA drug approved FOR depression AND fibromyalgia, Lyrica is a drug for F.M. but does not really help with depression.,I also am afraid to take medications that will alter my mind, so i take the Cymbalta at night, also, right now i am taking 2mg of klonopin at night (both at bed time) klonopin does make you sleepy, and helps with anxiety, so it is doing a great job when you need it,,, and thats a GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP. I initially had side effects from Cymbalta, so i started out on low dose and now working my way up, and having no problems knock on wood. I feel fine when i wake up. dry mouth is the only side effect i get, and thats fine with me, considering some of the other side effects i could get, however, my DR. wants me to take xanax instead of the klonopin,at night,. so i am thinking about that. speaking of cymbalta,,,, i need to post a question.....  i hope that helps ,,, good luck to you.

Linda, Community Member
10/24/09 10:26pm

my how things can change, the cymbalta turned into a nightmare once i reached 60 mg. ,   i could not sleep at night, ( i went three weeks without a solid nights sleep) i was falling asleep at work, (i am in the medical field) i drove home on the wrong side of the road, didnt know if cars were coming or going, i fell asleep driving, fell asleep in a dunkin donuts parking lot, a walmart parking lot for three hours, I AM NOW ALMOST TOTALY OFF CYMBALTA THANK GOD....  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT BUT I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO WHAT PEOPLE SAID IN THIS ROOM WHEN I ASKED FOR ADVICE, i was informed by others that their personal experience with cymbalta was horrible,,, i am a walking (lucky) person to agree with everyone,,,,, cymbalta almost killed me or someone else,,,, good luck, talk to people, talk to your doctor, do your homework.

Janet, Community Member
12/ 3/09 4:43pm

I was taking Cymbalta for about 6 months for fibromyalgia depression and pain.  It helped and even decreased my appetite, which I really liked.  Then, I suddenly got very depressed (moreso than I ever remembered) and began sweating a lot - really a lot.  My sister told me it was just menopause, but my gut told me it was the Cymbalta.  I decided to get off the Cymbalta and change to Wellbutrin, at the recommendation of a counselor. 


So I asked my phychiatrist about that and he prescribed Wellbutrin and told me to wean off Cymbalta by taking it every other day for about a week.  This was not the way to wean off the Cymbalta.  My primary care doc gave me some samples of a lower dose capsule of Cymbalta, so I weaned off of it in about two weeks.  Then when I began Wellbutrin, I couldn't sleep.  I had terrible insomnia.  I decided that Wellbutrin wasn't for me.  So I decided to stop the Wellbutrin before it got into my system very much.  I also decided to see what would happen if I went without an anti-depressant for a while.  So far, so good.  In the past week I changed my pain meds from Vicodin to MSContin.  Finally, I am able to sleep again. 


Sleep deprivation is very serious and I almost got in a car accident.  Thank God there was no collision. 


I take Klonopin for anxiety and it works well.  I was on Xanex for years and then it just didn't work anymore.


I think the MSContin is working, but it gave me horrible stomach pains yesterday.  I'm OK now.


When changing meds, do some research about withdrawal from the old one and side effects of the new one.  The docs usually don't do this.  These days, the patient has to do a lot of research on their own.

Suzy, Community Member
11/ 1/12 6:08pm

I have been on cymbalta for 5 years.  Taken 60 mg a day was not enough, my doctor up it to twice a day, so far so good.

moon27, Community Member
10/25/09 1:22am

hey linda i believe,when u said u started out with low doses of cymbalta knock on wood i automacitally knocked on my head 4 times for u & both of real hesitant about trying cymbalta,my daughter has been on it she seems to like it.Good Luck to you dont rush to the top you will get there in time knock on wood.  Moon 27

Linda, Community Member
4/15/10 11:10pm

Hi Moon,

  I just now read that you had commented, my appologies for not getting back to you, Hope you are doing well, I am back to square one,, bombed out on Lyrica, Savella and the Cymbalta as you know. Now i am tryinggg Nortriptyline, hopefully that will work. I am no longer seeing the Doctor I was seeing when i last wrote, I saw him two weeks ago, tells me to get off the pain meds, up the nortriptyline, and then "toss" (his words) 60 mg of cymbalta in there after a while,, i was like whaaaaaaaaaaat?  I told him a thing or two about himself, and will never go back to him again, i actually posted what happened at that appt. Karen and Cort (thank god for the pro's) commented on what i knew but needed to hear..  so, again, my appologies for not realizing you wrote,,,, hope your doing well??  Linda

bo, Community Member
4/14/10 4:13pm

I am also an addiction specialist and if you are worried about medications that will alter your mind, you may need to be mindful of benzodiazapines like klonopin and xanax. Not only will they do that but are very addictive and dangerous to come off of. PLEASE investigate this more!!

Linda, Community Member
4/15/10 11:20pm

Dear Bo,

  Thank you for your information, I do research before i put i try any medication and i am not just talking about the leaflet that comes with your medications at the pharmacy, i look them up, and go over everything before i decide to take it or not. I am actually scared of the medications i am taking now, but until i can FIND something that is going to help the pain, and manage my depression because of this awful condition i am in a no win situation,. I will not take anything that will make me fuzzy headed (believe it or not mentaly i dont even feel anything when i use the medication) I know my body will have to be weened of of it and looking forward to the day when i dont need them, i am familiar with medications as well, which does give me some insight. I agree with you 100%, and i commend you for the type of work you do, IT IS NOT EASY, I have worked at a detox center before and it was so sad to see these addicts come off their medications,, i know NO-ONE plans on becoming an adict, it happens, and thank god for people like you out there,,,,

  thank you.  Linda

FibroBee, Community Member
10/12/09 9:15am
I take 200g Tramadol twice a day for the pain and 30mg Cipralex for depression. Reply
PainSufferer22, Community Member
11/13/09 1:33am

Im am a fibro sufferer since 1992. After yrs of taking every drug made along with weak narcotics (Percocet, Ultram, Tylenol #3 & 4, I started Oxycontin 240 mgs a day in 1999 and after 3 miserable yrs of side fx I wanted out and ended up in the hospital by ambulance when I quit cold turkey one horrible day. They refused to give me any medical help in the hosp! 2 days of horrorific withdrawel ensued and after telling the pain team that without pain relief I would commit suicide they finally put me on the Fentanyl patch the 100 dose on the third day there. My tolerance had dropped drastically by then and that 100 dose was too high. I went home that day and at night I stopped breathing in my sleep and awoke (thank God) gasping terribly and feeling so horrible. I ripped it off and gradually over a week increased the wearing time till I was using it full time. Then it was fine. This patch is a GOD SEND! NO horrible side fx except constipation (I have to manually disimpact myself-sounds worse than it is-you get used to it, its quick, and not at all messy, you just wear a surgical glove, and it doesnt hurt at all). This is much better than any laxative incl Miralax which is a pain, expensive and still wont permit complete evacuation. Of course it helps if you are active and moving as much as possible. If you are bedridden, things are much worse-dont do it. I did for 2 yrs and muscle wasting and weight loss resulted (115 lbs lost!)along with severe weakness and deconditioning making fibromyalgia much worse. I have not worked since 1992 due to the fibro. In any event, the meds I have used now that really work are: Cymbalta 60 mgs at night, Fentanyl 100 patch, and Lyrica 300 mg a day (150mg 2x a day). I have used it all, done it all and these are the best. Used individually however, and they are useless, Its the 3 used together that work. Getting a dr to prescribe the Fentanyl patch is hard-you have to go to a pain dr, clinic or pain team at a hosp and explain how horrible the pain is in detail, and that your function has been reduced to zero. NSAIDS I clouldnt take any more because my stomach was shot to hell after yrs of use. So whats left really besides narcotics??? They act like you have to pull teeth just to get some relief and have a life. Now my dr of 3 yrs  (I moved alot) told me out of the clear blue that he wants me off the patch!! Never abused it, no early requests etc. I think because Im having gastric bypass soon he says its a new life for me and assumes (wrongly) that my fibro will be cured after a huge weight loss (I weigh 245 now and are 5'7). My goal weight is 150 but I seriously doubt it will have any effect on the fibro and of course major surgery alone can make it worse as the body sees it as a trauma, esp general anesthesia. I should mention I also have out of control type 2 diabetes, high bp, lipids etc. These things should resolve completely but the fibro-highly doubtful!! Its hard to know whether or not I can get by on just the Cymbalta & Lyrica but its VERY doubtful. I've read about 2 new non narcotic pain meds--Neurocet & Neurophen. Im looking into them to replace the Fentanyl patch. But my dr needs to know that after using heavy duty narcotics since 1999, that I need a program and a hosp stay and alot of meds to get me thru the withdrawel which will be ungodly hell no doubt. Im going to insist on being treated by a pain specialist at a hospital. This I fear more than the pain. I have unfortunately found that there are worse things than pain. Withdrawal from LT continuous narcotic pain med use is the worst thing you can imagine. The physic hell, the thrashing on the bed, the whole body feeling tortured is something you cant imagine unless you've lived thru it. I wanted to throw myself out the window and might have if it werent sealed shut. I wanted to die. So you see my dilemma. That was with NO medication given to help me! What bastards those dr's were. I'll close now and send my prayers to others with Fibro and other chronic pain.

sarah, Community Member
11/17/09 7:50pm

Hello ,

well i have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 1994 ,and started with a fairly high dose of co codamol ,then going onto codeine ,then dihydrocodeine..This worked quite well ,until i had a bad relapse./flare ,and was unable to move..i was almost bedridden ,and would spend days crying and tearing my hair out with the constant pain..

After numerous tests ,it was found i also have DDD..and after seeing a wonderful specialist ,who told me no way was i going to be a candidate for surgery....He then confured with my gp again ,and they both agreed the only course of action was to put me on morphine..

Now i take the slow release Zomorph tabs...(130mg x2day) ,plus liquid morphine for breakthrough pain.

for depression i was given prozac ,but it gave me chronic abdominal pain ,and acid reflux ,so i now take diazepam (10mg x2day...2 morning/2 night)..

Hope these help ,they have definately transformed my life ,inspite of still livin g with constant ,chronic pain ...they have made it bearable..

good luck...try not to be scared of these meds ,none of us like taking long term meds ,but if they give you some quality of life`s worth it...take care!




sacdp29, Community Member
1/21/10 6:47am

I take several different medications because I have several health issues:


Fibromyalgia-I take Lyrica

RLS - Mirapex

For Pain - Motrin and MS Contin (morphine)

Bi-polar - Zoloft

Panic attacks - Xanax

Flexeril - muscle relaxer


But I also have other procedures done at my Pain center.  Epidural for my lower back and legs pain.  I have had Radio Frequency/Facet Joint  Injections, massage therapy, etc.


fibroannie, Community Member
1/28/10 5:17am

Since I started on Nortriptyline in around 2002, I haven't tried any of the new drugs. I take Attavan (2mg) for sleep, and it works most of the time. I take Percocet and Methodone for pain, as well as a muscle relaxer (robaxin/methocarbomal). They help, but I don't get relief from the "bad" pain when it hits. But thank goodness it's not that often.


I did try Lyrica-twice, but it didn't do a thing for me. I just added the Methadone, twice a day, 5 mg, and it helps for daily pain/stiffness. I don't take quite as many Percocets.


Good luck, the only way you can know if something works for you is to try it. And I highly recommend you keep a daily log of how you're feeling, or you'll never know if it's really helping.  Good luck, Ann

Vicdeeone, Community Member
2/ 1/10 8:05am

Just a word of warning: I won't go into my whole story around pain and depression right now, but back in 2005 I had been given Methadone by a famous Pain Clinic.  I had been taking it for about 3 yrs. 5mg. x2 a day.  Then out of the blue, my doctor (if you want to call him that) told me he couldn't give methadone to any patients any more. I was in shock because I had never misused it in any way. He just said "you'll have to try another doctor to help you,   (Try going to a new Dr. and telling them your old Dr. won't treat you any will they treat you?? Right at the beginning of SEVERE withdrawals? I don't advise it.)


To make a very long and horrific story shorter, my doctor did not wean me off of the methadone or give me anything to help with the withdrawals. Cold Turkey. Out of nowhere. I found out later that what he did was criminal, but I didn't persue it with all of the health issues I was dealing with. What I went through for the next MONTH was directly out of the movies, but worse. To this day, I don't know how I kept from killing myself.  Eventually a well known Medical Center got me to the top Pain Dr. to care for me, and I went back on Vicodin, where I am now. I wouldn't go within a thousand miles of Methadone which I since learned that withdrawals from it are much worse than Heroin. Believe it.


I sure hope this saves even one person from having to go through what I did.  Good Luck to ALL of us with chronic pain, who are at the mercy of unqualified doctors.



fibroannie, Community Member
2/ 1/10 3:39pm

I hear you. I was concerned too, but don't always take it twice. I often forget during the morning round, and that's ok. It's not that this dr is disreputable, he's at Walter Reed US Army Medical Center, premier hospital Pain Clinic. But since I'm moving to Fl in a few months, I too am concerned I won't find a dr willing to give it to me. So I'm being careful, and as I get closer to moving, will probably cut down to 1 every other day. I did that before I started taking it 2 times a day, and could tell a difference in my pain level, but had no withdrawal problems.


So, yes, it's a drug that pays to be careful with. I'm sorry to hear your story. But I'm glad you did get help before you did anything drastic. Thanks, Ann

Dr. Rebekah, Community Member
2/ 4/10 7:30pm

First of all:  I want to say to you that I am very sorry that you went through all that you have gone through.  Poor Kid!!

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO something to this doctor who allowed you to go into withdrawals.  He or she has a legal and MORAL obligation to make sure you were whined off of all medications before he just let you go.  The only thing I can say here is perhaps he was being investigated by the DEA and HAD to get rid of all his patients who were on opioid medications.  This is of course NO excuse for his behavior.  But you have to do something, write the State Medical Board, file a complaint against this man because what he did to you, he is doing to others as well  or may do it to others in the future.


God Bless,

Dr. Rebekah

Vicdeeone, Community Member
2/ 4/10 10:22pm

Wow.  I didn't expect to get a comment like this from my post.  I so appreciate what you had to say...but is there a statute of limitations on something like this? It happened at least 5 yrs. ago. If I knew it wasn't too late, I'm in a place that I would go ahead and place a complaint against him. I've always thought, "surely he didn't do this to anyone else"...but of course, I don't know. It's too awful to think of, since I could soo easily killed myself to end that month of suffering. I guess the good side was that as I locked myself away in my house, unable to even get dressed most of the time, my brain was so scrambled I could not "think". Whew, bad memories.


Thanks again for your valued input.

Best Regards,


AmericanLadybug, Community Member
1/28/10 8:31pm

A list of medicines  ... okay


I'll list the ones I'm taking now.


Bupropion SR 300mg twice daily 

Effexor XL  225mg in the morn

Trazodone 300mg at bedtime

Clorazepate 15 mg at bedtime and 1 - 2 tablets during the day

Oxycodone/APAP 10/325  I can usually make it through the day taking 2 tabs

Meloxicam 15mg daily (only helps an arm that was mangled by a 1st generation air bag)


I take a couple of others but they don't help the Fibro, CFIDS and MDD.



lgh426, Community Member
2/ 4/10 6:41pm

Don't be afraid, just be sure the drs know you are taking all of them at the same time.  They will whittle them down, hopefully.  I take cymbalta (love it), baclofen, topamax, celebrex, 50 mg. kadian (pain), soma, 2,000 iu Vit D (pain), amatiza (constipation).  I also take synthroid and cytomel for my thyroid.  I took Lyrica and it worked well for neuropathy but I gained toooooo much weight!  I know the Vit D sounds strange but it does help, actually my dr told me yesterday I need to bump it up another 1,000.

Hope this helps.

Ozigal, Community Member
3/16/10 8:24pm

Dear inpain,

I became quite depressed due to the pain and having to stop being productive. I suffer terribly in my back, hips and leg muscles due to Fibromyalgia.


My FM specialist (in Australia) put me on Cymbalta after Lyrica wasn't helping and along with settling some of the nerve pain down it is a wonderful anti-depressant (for me) and also addresses any anxiety I have.


I also take pain meds at a reasonably high dose which have helped also. I still have breakthrough pain and terrible stiffness but feel best I have for over a year.

Unfortunately drugs don't react the same way with everybody.


The very best to you as you try to discover what is the right combination needed. Good luck    Ozigal

ohionutcake, Community Member
6/11/12 9:04pm

please read my post  after yours ohionutcake i take oxycodone and ms contin do you take any thing  better

Elizabeth, Community Member
5/24/10 4:58am

klonopin 2mg, 3 times a day works well for me.

ohionutcake, Community Member
6/11/12 8:44pm

after 25 years i take any thing i can get currently i take ms contin 30 mg 4 times a day paxil 40  depekote 500  xanax soma toradol  roxicodone prn

ohionutcake, Community Member
6/11/12 8:49pm

not reply addition the onmly problem is pariletic bowel every nite for constipation i take a combo lax and stool softner walgreens brand not one but 15 tablets this is somethhing i wont tell the dr im afraid he would cut my pain meds 

ohionutcake, Community Member
6/11/12 8:59pm

a lady a few years back in st pete fla  comitted sucide due to the pain i have went to hospice and have a plan to check in there 6 months prior to anything at a certain point i think ill no when the time comes i really think demoral would be better the dr with mri and pet scans see that by bones ar disolving from epidural inj all 27 insulin diabetic sugars 290 every am need 2 knees and 2 hips weigh 270  did weigh500  i wish i could get some info on better pain meds my dr would try anything and i have  done most  fybro is bad aunt and uncle died from lupis glad it wasnt that lupis kills fybro suffer to death

Cheermom, Community Member
11/ 6/13 1:28am
Dump them all they are making you worse. Find a good dr that understand hormones and get on bio-identical hormones. ASAP. Also find a senior center that offers yoga. Start going 3 times a week. Find a good massage therapist. I went to see at least 10 before I found one that works trigger points and understands it. As you start to feel better start riding a bike and KEEP MOVING. It took me a good year but I am medication free accept an injection 1 time a week for my hormones. I still have a bad day here and there but my bad days are no where near what a good day used to be. Oh and at the beginning get off any type of foods that make you swell and water pill and potassium pill work also. I still do this if I am having a bad day so keep a supply. I have been living with it now for over 10 years and I feel better now in my 50's than I ever did in my 40's. Reply
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