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Monday, May 18, 2009 UnScenePunx, Community Member, asks

Q: ms contin 30 mg

i have two bulging discs and a herniation, each is located in a different area of my back, but my first doctor put me on morphine/ms contin 30mg, and after my car insurance money ran out i was forced to see a cheaper doctor, and he said that he doesn't understand why i am on such strong medication because my injuries are not as severe as the first made it appear to me...why did my first doctor put me on morphine 30 mgs, if i don't need this medication?  but also, some days, even with the medication...i cannot even get out of bed....i understand that i'm 22 and vulnerable to addiction but why is one doc contradicting the other?  is it because of my age?

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
5/19/09 1:25am

It's not unusual for two doctors to disagree on treatment, especially when it comes to prescribing opioids.  Doctors have different opinions and preferences on how to treat various problems, and different comfort levels for prescribing opioids.  Some doctors treat pain aggressively, using whatever they think is appropriate to bring the patient relief; others refuse to prescribe opioid medications regardless; most fall somewhere in between. Your age may also play a part in your new doctor's opinion, but I suspect it's more just a different approach to treating pain. 

mustbehope, Community Member
5/18/09 5:24pm

It sounds like you are and were in pretty severe pain.  Have you taken less potent opioids prior to this, like Vicodin, Norco, etc.?  I take 1000mg of MS Contin per day, so 30mg doesn't sound like a lot to me, but if you have no history of developing opioid tolerance, it does sound like a big jump for the first doctor.  I think every doctor has their own med. preference so it is not surprising that your 2 doctors disagree.  Also, do you have any liver problems--that could influence your first doctor's choice of meds.  I have been fighting with my own doctor for 6 weeks now because he wants to increase my MSContin (more than 1000mg/day), but decrease my muscle relaxant (which is the only thing that helps me and is also very cheap).  The muscle relaxant costs Medicare 3cents/pill, while the MSContin (and I use the generic form) costs Medicare $6.53/pill.  And we wonder why there is a crisis in health care costs in this country.


Let us know what happens,


Redhen1919, Community Member
5/23/09 11:40pm

My suggestion would be to contact a doctor that specializes in pain management. Check out the doctors that have been trained in this speciality. Pain management isn't just about a pill, it includes physical reconditioning, psychological counseling and different treatments tailored to your individual needs. I just received my second epidural spine injection to relieve pain. It has helped tremendously.


Best of Luck




PainBack07Aust, Community Member
1/11/10 4:22am

OMG, If it was as easy as a single dose of MS CONTIN 30mg a day... I was involved in an accident more than two years ago, and the pain got to a point were I had a Break Down and got real depressed and felt that the Chronic Back PAIN was taking over my life.  I was hospitalised and even 200mg/hr patches were not touching the pain as my body got used to it.  So the result was change to meds, I am now on 90mg MSCONTIN, the strongest dose since the injury, combined with Gavapenton 1200mg daily & regular Panadol 8 tablets a day.


Result is Pain about 3/4 out of 10 most of the time, mornings are the worse as the medication that is ment to work for 12hours lasts about 6 - 7 hrs on me.  So Mornings are a killer, akes and pains all over body, then about 1hr after taking my morning pills it will reduce the pain and I can function again.  But SOME DAYS, I feel FLAT all day no energy, sore all over, and I have been digagnosed with nerve damage in the spine.


So 30mg does not seem like a large amount...I wish you all the very best with 2010.

seamus casey, Community Member
4/22/10 5:43pm

I have similar serious injuries from 20 years ago and the dosage you are taking is not excessive.  I am an expert on CHRONIC PAIN and MOST DOCTORS ARE NOT!  The ignorance and blatant prejudice against narcotics for pain relief is both widespread and SADLY, IT IS THE NORM in 98% of most modern AMA-based medical communities. Contact me if you desire scientific advice on this topic.  If you happen to be an illegal-drugs user and/or criminal con-man type, I cannot help you. Seamus.

sick of it, Community Member
6/ 6/10 9:32pm

I have chronic back pain, a herniated disk. I take Percocet 10/325 2 tabs three times a day and it doesn't do anything but make me nauseous. I used to take oxycontin extended release 40mg 1 tab twice a day and oxycontin 10mg 1 tab up to 6 times a day, regular release for breakthrough pain and it worked. My insurance sucks and won't pay for Oxycontin at all anymore.

My question is which drug is cheaper to buy at the pharmacy- Morphine Sulfate or MS Contin? I will not have insurance within a couple of weeks and will have to pay cash. I am going to see my doctor in a week and I'd like to discuss with him the Morphine options, but I don't want to end up getting screwed again by the pharmacy saying that the pills will be $500 or so.

What could you suggest?

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