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Q: Burning pain, when sitting only, in my buttocks, pereneal area and back of upper thighs.

I've been having burning pain when sitting in my buttocks around the pereneal area and the back of my upper thighs. I've had this for five years. All diagnostic tests have been negative, but I do have degenerative disks in my lumbar region, but with no stenosis or significant back pain. I have been on Neurontin, Pamelor and Oxycodone and have had injection therapy with no real relief. My doctor at the University of Michigan Pain Clinic is now talking about an implanted neurostimulator as a possibilty. Is there anybody out there that has similar symptoms who has had treatments that have provided relief? Thanks!

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Tim, Community Member
7/26/12 1:13pm

If you get the stimulator you would not be able to get an mri in the future if they implant the stimulator under skin.

SUPO, Community Member
8/29/09 6:27pm

I am so glad I found this post.  DITTO MY FRIEND.  I hope someone responds.  I have additional symptoms - what appears to be lymph or cellulite inflammation in my thighs (keep in mind, I'm male, active 5'9/150lbs).  I hope someone responds.  I can be reached at supo at tampabay dt rr dt com.

Geee77, Community Member
9/15/09 12:41pm


Finally someone else who has this problem, I too have had numerous tests to no avail, thighs are burning while I am writing this. I have been told so many different things I do not know what to do. I was told to much acidity in my system or my siatica or in all in my head. I did hear of 1 person eliminating 1 thing at a time and found out it was in his toothpaste something called tirpociate or something like that. He test it buy going on and off the toothpaste. I can be reached at for more info and the numerous things I tried so yo do not waste your time. I even tried serrapeptate, herbs, vitamins, drugs and doctors. Still no response to the burning thighs. It feels like I have a sunburn while taking a warm shower on my upper posterior thighs when sitting only. Can anyone help??????????????

Mark, Community Member
7/15/13 10:00pm

Hello ... I have similar problems. May I ask what you are doing for the condition at present? Have you been able to find the root cause?


sunckr, Community Member
8/ 2/10 7:34pm

Your not alone... I have been going through a similar scenario for 4 years. I also have low back pain. I have seen all types of doctors to a conclusion that I had ruptured torn disc at L5-S1, had surgery for fusion 2 years ago. Still no pain relief. I am so frustrated. It's like the weight of my own body is crushing my nerves in my buttocks when sitting. I am male 54 and 5'10" and weigh 160, I am not heavy. I have tried Neurontin, oxycodone, vicodine, cymbalta,celebrex,Norco and high doses of ibuprofen. The only thing that helps a little is the Norco and the ibuprofen 800, but really only a little. I had injections in hip bursa, ishcial turberiosity, spine. Nothing works so far. I have almost given up that this pain will never end. I don't know what else to do. If anyone else or Doctors have any ideas, please help.


jsupko, Community Member
1/17/11 8:02pm

I too have been suffering with the same kind of pain for the past three years. The pain is just when sitting and causes numbness in my legs and feet. I have had every test imaginable and no real problem surfaces. I do have some disc herniation and mild stenosis but the tests show no nerve compression.  To date I have had a gluteal vein embolization, an L4-L5 discectomy, and right piriformis realease surgery that was done at Case Western University Hospital in Cleveland. I must admit that the piriformis release surgery helped the most severe pain on the right side. None of the doctors in Pittsburgh Pa ever heard of this. When I finally found the doctors in Cleveland they immediately diagnosed it as my problem. I am currently seeing a neurologist who detects nerve damage in my buttocks and is suggesting that it came from the compression of my piriformis muscle on my sciatic nerve.


Mark, Community Member
7/15/13 9:59pm

Hello ... I have similar problems, though not for as long as you have had. May I ask what you are doing for the condition at present? Have you been able to find the root cause?


jean, Community Member
7/11/11 2:50pm

i've had the same problem for years.  Try sitting on an ice cold pak.  It will not cure the problem, but you will feel a lot more comfy.

rileysmamma, Community Member
7/12/11 10:26am

have any of you asked your doctor about checking for siactic nerve? i have problems with mine and it causes that burning pain in my buttocks n makes my lower abck go numb when i sit certian ways for so long and i really only get a numb leg when i sleep n go to get up when i wake up n fall because i cant feel my left leg, i also get like stabbing needle pain sometimes also. my doctor tried therapy but it was just getting worse, so i just dealt with the pain when it wasnt too bad and eventually it started calming down when i stopped doing things that irritated it. it flares up when i lift and twist at the waist n sometimes when i bend down to pick things up but after it calmed down i worked back up my muscles in my back n leg and so far i havent had as many flare ups.

lymeorspine, Community Member
4/21/12 2:29pm

Here's my take on this "neuropathic" pain. My pain started out 10 years ago as only shooting pains in the right buttock/hip. I tried ignoring it but over the years it got alot worse and now it's a permanent burning when sitting or laying down. Next, my lower back aches. Right hip pops and feels inflammed. Now standing also causes a deep ache down my back and my right leg. Sitting or any surface pressure on the thighs/buttocks (laying down as well) causes intractable burning. Head fog and concentration problems. Disc degeneration L5-S1. Lots of issues linked to diminished L5-S1 innervation. Mild scoliosis bending left. EMG unremarkable.


Gabapentin, Cymbalta no good. Kenalog epidural at right L5.  no difference. Core strengthening and light duty not improving. I'm not a surgical candidate. My problem could be more complex.  I found out I am positive for Lyme disease. Took two-30 days of Doxy. Coincidently Lyme is a poorly understood disease that can mimic neurological diseases such CFS, fibromylagia, ALS, and so forth. 


Only way to find answers is by going to the best doctors in the country and not settling for local ones. I find most doctors don't think outside the box. I've been searching forums and self-medicating. Apparently it's not working. Unfortunately, back pain is so prevalent and neuropathy or radicular pain that isn't linked to any physical evidence can't be clinically diagnosed through proper tests, and treatments are all experimental and temporary. Need to fix the underlying problem. All medication and injections do is hide the symptoms. "break the cycle of neuropathic pain"? Apparently a leaky disc can continuously irritate the nerves indefinitely through inflammation and such, demyelination of the nerves causes hyper-sensitivity. There's studies out there...And unfortunately the longer this is allowed to happen, the worse the condition gets and its basically permanent. Being in pain for so long, I probably have permanent nerve damage. Getting an steroid epidural early on to slow down progression would have benefited me alot more than 6 years down the line. Depression, pain, and stress also lower the immune system and alter the healing capacity of the body.

Mark, Community Member
7/15/13 9:58pm

Hello ... I have similar problems, though not for as long as you have had. May I ask what you are doing for the condition at present? Have you been able to find the root cause?



faisal, Community Member
11/ 6/13 6:26am

I am also having almost same problems. After sitting 5 to 15 minutes specially on chair and motorbike I feel burning pain around my lower hips or upper thighs inside area and mild to severe pain. Cant sit more than 20 minutes or so.


One thing special is that I underwent fissure/piles operation before 3 years.


Please help if you find any treatment.



wan6060, Community Member
1/ 5/14 9:00pm

Hey guys! I had a pinched nerve on my left leg for 6 years ago that lasted for a year and then healed. Also, 3 years ago I had another pinched nerve but on my right side but that was also fixed after a year. I have seen physio therapists, chiropractors, MRI, massage therapists, acupuncture's and etc. Nothing worked! Then I started swimming everyday and going to the hot tub. Slowly my pain went away...


For some reason swimming always does the trick...even now when it flares up occasionally.



Victoria S, Nicosia, Community Member
5/ 1/14 12:01pm

I had the same symptoms 11 years ago.  I was put through every test but a Pet Scan.  It took a friend of mine (who is a General Surgeon) to cut me in the right groin area (where most of my pain was) where he found a lypoma.  He was  shocked at the size.  I suffered for 7 years prior to that with some Dr's telling me it was all in my head.  For the past 18 months I started suffering again in the Left Groin, Right Groin and lower spine.  The pain now is 10X worse than before.  I was laid off from The Times Picayune Newspaper before my pain flared up again; therefore I lost my health insurance.  I have an appointment with General Surgeons at University Hospital but not until July 25th.  I just don't know how much longer I can tolerate this pain.  I have a part-time job where it requires sitting all day.  My pain is worse when I sit, recline and lay down with my legs together.  I sleep with a heating pad between my legs every night.  I am so scared and at wits end.  

Amy Tudor, Editor
7/28/14 7:23am

Hi there, Frustrated -


I know this is an old question, but I wondered if you'd found out what was causing this pain and were given an effective treatment for it. Perhaps you'd consider coming back and telling everyone what you found out? I'm sure it would be helpful to everyone to hear how you've gotten on, particularly if you did indeed have the neurostim device implanted.


In any case, here are some links that might be helpful for you:


Why Yoga Can Help Soothe Many Types of Chronic Pain

What Can Be Done for Nerve Pain?

Using Tylenol Responsibly


Be well!




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