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Thursday, February 26, 2009 mick, Community Member, asks

Q: Sharp unbearable pain in the same spot in my thigh

i get a sharp pain in the same spot in my thigh off and on for 3 yrs it stops me instantly when it happens. i'm unable to do nothing till the pain subsides. Sometimes its frequent and their are times when i don't have it for awhile. I'm 46 years old and this is really concerning me.

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
3/ 2/09 3:08pm

I know it's hard to go to a doctor for a pain that comes and goes, because the odds are it won't be hurting when the time for your appointment comes around.  But if this pain has been recurring for three years, you really do need to see your doctor about it.  It will take a hands-on examination, medical history and possibly some tests to make an appropriate diagnosis.


I'd suggest that, whenever the pain occurs, you write down what you were doing at the time as well as the weather, your activities and what you've eaten for the past 24 hrs. and anything else you think might be significant.  The purpose is to see if there is any kind of pattern that might help your doctor determine the cause of your pain. 


Good luck to you!

cindy, Community Member
6/22/09 7:44pm

Hi there Mick, I have what sounds like that same pain you are decribing. It started a week after I had an appendectemy. I have had test for lupus, lyme disease and others, they were all ruled out. I had a emg's done and it showed nothing. I researched others on line and talked to my doctor they think it might be contanious femoral nerve damaged caused by the laposcopic surgery. I have had this for 4 years now. it comes (mostly at night) and goes sometimes as quick as it comes sometimes it will last for days as an ache in my thigh. I have tried the emergency rooms when it happens because the pain is soooo intense. usually it goes before i can get to the hospital or even get seen. right now the doctor has me on nuerotin at 800 mg 3 times a day and I am still having the episodes. I hope you get to the bottom of yours and find out what it is.



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