• angelo de leon angelo de leon
    April 06, 2009
    What could the lump on my rib cage be?
    angelo de leon angelo de leon
    April 06, 2009

    I have noticed a lump on the lower right side of my rib. Just below the rib cage.  It can be painful when pressed and is sometimes (not always) accompanied by mild pain (which is very tolerable).  Does anyone know what this might be?




  • serious June 01, 2009
    June 01, 2009
    I to have the same lump and mild pain.  First they said I had a hernia, cirrohis of the liver.  I have had several CT scans and MRI's and now they say I could have cancer.  I don't know until the 10th of this month for an actual biopsy.  I have reviewed all internet information with liver cancer the pain is on the lower right below the rib cage.  Not trying to scare you because I already am.  Please go get checked ASAP!  Good luck to you. READ MORE
    • Amainde
      July 19, 2009
      July 19, 2009

      I hve a lump in the same spot. I had a CT scan w/barium about 5 years ago, and the doctor didn't see anything. He said my liver might be enlarged, or I might have a fatty tumor there. It has gotten slightly worse over the years, but not too bad. Lately it has started to ache from time to time. I am going to get it checked again, but I'm a college student and those feaking doctors charge an arm and a leg. Let me know what you find out..... I've been worried about it lately but I can't afford a chekcup.

  • Jazzy August 05, 2009
    August 05, 2009
    I found a lump on my rib cage under my left breast. It feels a little sore only if I touch it. I went to my doctors today, and he said it was nothing to be concerned about it was just fatty mass. I was very scared because I smoke and my mother died of lung cancer. So I strongly suggest anyone with the lump go check it out with your doctor. I surely feel much better. READ MORE
  • emmelehan September 17, 2015
    September 17, 2015
    I also have an internal mass just under my right ribcage...not painful ...i have c.o.p.d..and smoke does anyone know what this is or what has caused this ? READ MORE
  • crapten12 November 20, 2015
    November 20, 2015
    I have the same thing if you found out what it was please tell me READ MORE
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