• Debi Debi
    May 10, 2008
    RWhy is my wrist bone above little finger sticking out more?
    Debi Debi
    May 10, 2008

    Over the past year or so I noticed when over using my left wrist, as in golf, or lifitng too much, I get a shooting pain and it hurts on the outside above the little finger side right below that bumpy bone on the wrist where it indents.  It doesn't hurt as long as I rest it and seems to go away... but lately when I try to golf again or do something to use my wrist too much, it comes back.  From what I've researched it could be a Torn Triangular Meniscus but not positive.  What I can't find online is why that outside wrist bone (the boney bump) seems bigger lately?  It doesn't say it's related to the pain anywhere online that I can find.  I noticed this bone is protrudung and sticking up more.  The right wrist bone does this too but it looks more normal and not as prominent as the left wrist bone is lately.  Any ideas about what would cause this?


    Thanks so much for any help,




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