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Friday, August 28, 2009 Lynn, Community Member, asks

Q: Chronic Pain with MRSA



On May 27th, 2009, my 18 year old daughter had a sacrococcygeal teratoma and her tailbone surgically removed. The teratoma was infected with MRSA. Before the sugeryshe had shooting pains and some numbness up her spine and down her legs. Since then she has had 2 more sugeries to flush MRSA at teratoma site. The last one last week. Still her pain in her spine and legs is extreme.  Right now she is in the ER seeking relief from the pain. As well, about a week ago, while cooking dinner her leg went numb which caused her to fall. We had post op visit with surgeon last Monday. She seemed to think past constant pain was self perpetuating itself, what does that mean? Why is she still in pain? Who can help her? BTW, she is not on any mediations right now for pain or for MRSA. She has had several rounds of both oral and IV antibiotics. What is causing this pain?


Any advice would help.

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MARIJO48867, Community Member
8/28/09 10:07am

This is more of a question regarding your question. How long was your daughter on IV antibiotics? Generally MRSA is also in the blood stream, which is why I asked you how long the DR.s had her on IV drugs. In 2000, I too had MRSA which ended up eating a hole in my aortic valve and the valve had to be replaced. I spent almost three months in the hospital on a variety of IV antibiotics to get rid of the infection before they could do surgery. I don't think I have had the pain I had with that infection before or to this day as with I had with that. My first symptom came with terrible pain in both legs. I hope you get more answers to your question and that your daughter gets the pain relief she needs.

Lynn, Community Member
8/28/09 11:52am

To me this is another very important issue. I do not feel her current care has included enough antibiotics. There have been several 10 days rounds of oral Clindamycin, IV Vancomycin only when hospitalized no more tham 3 days at a time. Then she just finished a 10 day round of oral Zyvox.


Originally, the MRSA was found as a "spider bite" on her thigh last August 2008. It was lanced and treated with Clindamycin. It came back once on her thigh another round of Clindamycin. Around Christmas her limph noids in her neck bacame swollen. ENT did biophsy, he saw no cancer so he dismissed us. Then later in May 2008 the pain in her legs began.


I am very concerned she is nt being treated agressively enough to rid her of the MRSA. Currently, she is seeing a infectious disease doctor and a surgeon. Maybe we need to find a more agressive infectious disease doctor? If so how do I find one? Or maybe an orthopedic surgeon for pain? Current surgeon who did MRI 2 weeks ago said it is fine.

MARIJO48867, Community Member
8/28/09 7:17pm

I would start by asking her currant Dr. and surgeon if she needs (needed) a more aggresive antibiotic treatment. I was on Vancomycin for three months. If you don't like the answer they give you, by all means find another infectious disease doc. Look in your phone book or call a hospital in your area and they should be able to give you a list of Dr.'s in infectious disease. As far as a surgeon, Most surgeons won't touch a patient that was operated on by another Dr. They'll tell you to contact the Dr. who did the surgery. I hope you find the answers you need.

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