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Friday, July 11, 2008 jay dorsey, Community Member, asks

Q: how common is the use of ultran/tramadol for severe back pain

I have spina bifida.Along with two herrington fusions

These were not successfully fused.Also I'm just getting established with a pain dr.He put me on ultram 50 mg.How soon can you start to notice the effects of the medecin?

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Cort, Health Guide
7/12/08 8:00pm

Ultram or tramadol is commonly used for back pain. General recommendations for Ultram are 1-2 50 mg. tablets every 4-6 hours for severe pain with no more than 8 pills a day. suggestion that Ultram's effects can wane after 'a few weeks' in some people suggests that it should take effect fairly quickly but I was unable to get a good answer on that. There is generally a phase-in period if you're going to be taking higher doses of the drug so if you're in the beginning of that you won't be seeing all the effects of the drug.


Good luck!

Spooky, Community Member
10/25/09 3:47am

The "waning" is because most mu opoid agonists cause tolerance.  Just because we don't class it as an opoid doesn't exempt it from that effect.


And the back pain tramadol is usually used for is nowhere near as severe as what his condition would cause.  I am amazed he's not already on opoids.

Durry, Community Member
7/16/08 2:46am
Spooky, Community Member
10/25/09 3:43am


Spooky, Community Member
10/25/09 3:42am

Tramadol should help in 15 minutes to a half hour.  If you're thinking it needs time to build up, no.  It's a non-narcotic that works in two ways. One is as a mu opiod agonist, meaning it acts like an opoid, and secondly by working on the serotonin system.  That may be where the idea that it took time to work came from, because most drugs that get used for pain that work on the serotonin system are tricyclics that take 2-12 weeks to work.  If tramadol doesn't at least help a little in half an hour it's never going to.  Ask if something else might be more effective.

badpree, Community Member
12/20/09 1:22am

Tramadol doesn't work worth a heck! If you're pain scale 1-10 is high, insist that your doctor give you something to help you. Tramadol also has some drug-drug interactions that aren't good.

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