• marlene sawyer September 22, 2010
    marlene sawyer
    September 22, 2010

    thank you for getting back to me - as I stated, I have been mri'd from head to foot - they did a nerve conduction study also-all came back ok. A neurologist did tell me that I "may" have meralgia paresthetica" but offered very little help with treatment options.  I was seeing a physiatrist who did give me a shot in the groin area after I mentioned what the neurologist suggested. That did not help at all.  I have to tell you, I'm very frustrated with seeing doctor after doctor, trying medication one after another and still no one can tell me what the matter is. It's also depressing.  I do take cymbalta and vicoden for pain - even that just takes the edge off.  Sorry for going on, but as I said, I'm very frustrated and any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. 

    • debra blanarik
      October 04, 2011
      debra blanarik
      October 04, 2011

      I am praying for Jesus Christ to send you His healing as I too have been suffering with a right thigh pain and numbness.  He said in the Bible, "By Jesus' stripes you were healed!"  So no doctors can help, I am going to keep believing Jesus will!  I pray in Jesus name for you to receive your healing from Him as well!


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