• Sam Sam
    December 04, 2013
    Popping sound and pain in knees, hips, and back?
    Sam Sam
    December 04, 2013

    I'm a 32-year-old male and have been very active throughout my life. Lately I've been having a lot of pain around my joints that has gotten really bad in the last year or so. I've had pain in my knees here and there over the years, but I never thought too much of it. Now I have pain in my hips that started in the front/groin area and now also hurts in my lower buttocks/upper hamstring area, and in my my back as well (mostly in my lower S.I. joint area, and it radiates up to the middle part of my back). I've also had a ton of popping and what feels like catching in all the same joints where I've been having the pain. I never had any of this popping before the pain.

    I've been to my doctor multiple times, done physical therapy for my knees and hips, and seen an orthopedic doctor. I've had X-rays on my knees hips and back. I got an MRI on my back and one of my knees. I've also had some blood tests at my doctor, and none of these found anything substantial. They found a very small syrinx in my spine, but that was pretty much it. I'm still doing all of the stretches from physical therapy, but it doesn't seem to help.

    Basically, I've put myself into serious debt over the last year trying to figure this out but have made no progress. I'm pretty worried at this point because both of my jobs require me to be in good physical condition and I'm getting to the point where I might have to change my whole life around. Every time I go to a doctor, I feel like I'm just being rushed through before I can even explain my history or ask all the questions I'd like to. 

    Could this possibly be due to something in my diet? An autoimmune disease? SI joint dysfunction? It feels like something is causing my joints to be inflamed. I was thinking about trying to do a detox/cleanse to see if maybe something in my diet is at fault. I would truly appreciate any help or advice anyone could provide. Thank you!




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