• HopeNHm HopeNHm
    December 27, 2008
    What do I do? My son HAS to be taking my pain meds...
    HopeNHm HopeNHm
    December 27, 2008

    I really don't know what to do. For months my pain meds...Methadone, Dilaudid and my Xanax for anxiety has been coming up short every month - this after being in pain management for 7 years, and NEVER miscounting or losing my meds before. I was kicked  out of my previous pain doc - this AFTER reporting the afore mentioned. I now am terrified if I report it to my current doc, that he will do the same. I am sitting at home going through withdrawals, while feeling the pain from 7 herniated discs, scolosis and spinal cord compression in my back. I kept a record of my Dilaudid this month and every few days 4 were missing, one time even 23! I have an appointment Monday with my pain doctor for a procedure - if I live that long. I honestly feel as though I will either die or go crazy from the pain, and it is only Saturday afternoon. Even on Monday, if I say nothing, my scripts won't have the fill date until the 8th. Do I take the record of my Dilaudid and tell my doc my sucpecians? I can't go to the ER, as I have been treated horrible there in the past when this happenned. I am in fear that my B?P though will be so high I may have a stroke. This pain is unbearable. I only have 2 family members - my sons. one lives 2 hours away and is aware and believes the one I live with is taking them too. But, the one I live with is my primary care taker. I called the community care for aging agency in my area hoping to get some help but they told be it would cost me 400.00 a month, which I can't afford. I am single and have been living on total disability since this started and only have Medicare. Please, is there anything I can do about my missing meds this w/e? i have had none of them now for 3 days. I live in Ga.



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  • Stacey December 28, 2008
    December 28, 2008

    Hi there! When it comes down to the bottom line, your medications are prescribed to you, and you only. Having your needed pain medications stolen by anyone, regardless if it is a family member or not is a Felony! It's time for some "Tough Love" and you absolutely need to report your suspicions to not only your Dr., but to the police. I can't imaging a harder thing to have to do. But look at how you are living? You're in such severe pain, that you think you are going to have a stroke!! Is that fair to you? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! If you found out that a neighbor or stranger was taking your much needed pain medications, I think you would have no problem calling the police and reporting it.  Just because it's your son shouldn't make you change your mind about reporting it. I understand that it sounds like you are relying on him as a primary caretaker, and can't afford another substitution. But you've got to think about yourself first and foremost, especially about pain medications. Like I said before, it has to be a horrible thought of turning you own son in for stealing your meds. But it's your duty to report this. It's people like your son, who steal other people's meds, that just makes getting pain medications so hard to get in the first place. Not only for you, but for everyone who is in need of pain relief. Report him immediately, and you will not only be helping yourself, you will also be helping your son, who obviously has a drug problem. I wish you the best, and can only hope that you can find the means to be taken care of by someone responsible who will allow you to be able to keep track of your medications as well as taking good care of you. It does come down to tough love. It's going to hurt both of you for a while, but it needs to be done. Best of luck to you. Stacey

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