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Sunday, September 28, 2008 Mary Hayes, Community Member, asks

Q: abdominal scar tissue

FrownCan scar tissue cause fever, weakness,abdominal swelling, back pain,and leg pain?


I have been suffering with my abdominal pain for four years.  It started after I had my tubes tide.  It causes me to go back and forth to the doctors or hospital.  I'm not rich so it is draining me physically, emotionally and financially. I'm scheduled to see a surgeon next week.  I'm sick with it right now.  I've been running a fever for seven days, i'm weak, my lower back hurts, my legs, and my abdominal hurts.  I've had multiple ct scans done, and ultrasounds, for them to find nothing and it's very frustrating.  

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
9/29/08 2:41am

Although there can be other causes, a fever generally means there's some kind of infection going on.  Another thought – have you been checked for endometriosis?  (You can read more about endometriosis at:


I don't know how many or what kind of doctors you've been seeing, but you need to find a doctor who won't give up until he/she finds out what is wrong.  You should not be having those symptoms from a tubal ligation, and certainly not for four years.

puggalee2, Community Member
9/29/08 2:14pm

For years after my second c section i lived with severe pain, it felt as if everything was coming out of my back end,but i never ran a fever with it, i think i had the other symptoms. Sounds like you have more of an infection in that area but i can tell you scar tissue can cause alot of pain.I had my uterus removed and they did a great job and thats where the scar tissue was comming from and i havent had any problems from that are so far, maybe they will find something with the surgery ,but even if they cut scarred tissue out it will come back unless they can get the area its comming from. good luck

Stacy STauffer, Community Member
11/ 2/09 11:19am

I have Endometriosis and adhesions that cause severe pain in my lower back and colon. I will be having surgery again 4th one in 2 days. Seems that it all started after I myself had my tubes tied and then hysterectomy. The fever though dont sound like Endo. I think you need to see a neurologist and have some test ran to see if you may have MS, Spells or some other form of autoimmune disease. You need an ANA lab test. I just dont trust the fever. Look up both MS, Spells, Lupus and see if any of these fit any other symptom that you may have. I pray that you dont but you need to have it checked.....Good Luck and God Bless you! STacy

Selena Barnette, Community Member
11/ 2/09 3:46pm

Most definetly.  I have had the same symptoms for six years as well as repeated surgeries.  My three most difficult symptoms to deal with are back pain, leg pain and vaginal pain.  I have had a complete hysterectomy.  I am in need of surgery now and can't afford it, so I just cry, cry and then cry.  It is awful. I am on the internet now just searching for a docotor somewhere, anywhere that may have some help for me.

Stacy STauffer, Community Member
11/17/09 11:56am

I dont know where your from but the fetter C clinic here in SC want turn anyone down. Also the MUSC will take you as well.  I did have my surgery 11 days ago and the Dr. found that my sigmoid colon all the way down to my colon and rectum had wrapped itself with adhesions that were attached to my back. However I was able to go to the bathroom now but my back pain is worse than ever. I dont believe the surgery relieves the pain but it will help the colon from being imobilized. I know how you feel and I feel so bad for you. My husband wants me to go to the Mayo clinic in Florida because I do have 6 lesions on the brain and spine so the Dr. keeps doing MRI's to see if I have the onset of MS. I will be praying for  you and I hope you get some relief soon....

Mrs.G, Community Member
2/27/10 9:08pm

I am not sure if you are still looking at this site, but I am currently writing my Osteopathic thesis on scar tissue and from the literature I am reviewing and my own personal experience I can tell you that I have found great success with treating scar tissue from surgeries (no matter how old they are).  When you understand the anatomy, neurovascular supply and physiology your pain makes alot of sense.  My recommendation would be to find an Osteopath who can treat your scar tissue.  The alternative would be some other manual therapist that is familiar with treating scar tissue.

Gundi, Community Member
5/12/10 8:41pm

OMG, you might be to answer to my prayers. I have had a ruptured appendix and two abdominal surgeries. A few months ago I started having serious abdominal pain, and it seems like pulling sensations in the right side und lower part of my abdomen. I also had electric like shooting pains and lower back pain. I can't sleep, or if I do go to sleep the pain wakes me up.
I have lots of problems with scar tissue and years and years ago had exploratory surgery, actually after my appendicitis and I was told all my organs were stuck together.
Again, for a few months now I have had so many tests and ultrasounds, cat scans etc, which do not show anything, and my doctor keeps giving me more meds which I don't want to take. I don't know if I'm going to find an Osteopath in my area, but I'm going to try.

hurt man, Community Member
8/ 7/10 11:48pm

I am not sure if i have scar tissue but have chonic pain. I have had pain for three years. I thought i had a hernia and so did wife (a nurse) for few years had this and finaly after insisting on a cat scan they found one. It was small but there, so when they repaired it they also snipped me since they were doing a sergery my wife and i thought why do two just have them do it all at one time. well they told me my pain would get better in few weeks. I think the hernia is better but my pain has gotten worse. It maybe scar tissue not sure i have been to every kind of doctor. there is  I will ask my Doc whom i am greatful he is on my side and believes i am in pain (you can get doctors that if they do not see anything or nothing show to be hurt they dismiss you)



tlangley1218, Community Member
12/11/13 6:09pm

I've been suffering from scar tissue pain for years. Has anybody had any successful surgeries or alternative treatments that has worked?

JanAnn56, Community Member
8/ 6/12 11:28am

I have severe abdominal scar tissue pain and have found no one or a doctor who will help me here in Stark County Ohio!  They say the scar tissue will only come back and so will do nothing.  I have had mutiple abdominal surgeries so over the years my body has made thick, white, huge internal scars that cause me so much pain it takes my breath away, I cant eat sometimes, I cry!  Is there any doctors out there who know how to treat these aweful painful scar tissues?


Thank you.

Hopelessly in Pain in Ohio.

jam, Community Member
11/26/13 10:28pm

i went in yesterday for a hernia repair.  it actually turned out to be scar tissue from several surgeries.  al i can say is i feel amazing.  all the pain is gone.  it was done laperscopic.  a general surgeon can do it.

denise, Community Member
3/ 7/14 4:49pm

hello, i was wondering if you could answer some questions for me

i have been having severe lower right abdominal pain for over 8 months now. my dr gave me 3 antibiotics thinking it was a uti. the first antibiotic i finished and called my dr told her i still have severe pain. then she callled in 2 additonal antibiotics which put me in the hopsital all the tests came back that i had acute interitten porphyria so i go see a porphyria dr (she did NOT do the pbg test) she told me its scar tissue . i had a full hysterectomy over 5 yrs ago (cut along the bottom) but the pain is not on the scar from my surgery. i am at a loss and suffering severe pain everyday non stop, its running me down bad. can scar tissue be inside and can it just all the sudden pop up 5 yrs after surgery? i cant take this pain any longer and i dont know what to do now. thanks for your time i hope this message reaches you. best wishes 

Val, Community Member
2/16/11 12:23am

I have had abdominal pains for years and have ct, ultrasound, colonoscopy hida scan done and they have found nothing. Sometimes my pain is so severe I can do anything but lay in bed until it goes away. Sometimes the pain last for minutes or hours. I am frustrated with it. My doctor was talking about doing surgery to see if he can find anything. I am not sure I want to go that route. It may be scar tissue

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