• Mystique Mystique
    July 06, 2010
    Sharp, shooting neck pain that causes headache
    Mystique Mystique
    July 06, 2010

    About two months ago I experienced this neck pain that has gotten progressively worse.  It is just left of the spinal cord, on the left side of my neck, and it is a sharp stabbing pain that radiates up into my head and across my forehead.  It has gotten so bad now that I have extreme nausea, and I need strong pain meds to ease it.  Activity increases the pain.  I do not have neck stiffness, nor have I injured my neck recently.  I do have a history of injury to the neck, shoulder and back from MVAs.  But this type of pain is not like a joint, muscle or disc, and it is not on the spinal column. When I press on the area where the pain stems from, it increases the pain. I have had sinus issues over the past few months with swelling of my face, right eye and facial pain. I don't know if this is something serious, but the pain is almost intolerable and is not going away. It comes and goes also, but activity seems to always bring it on more. Does anyone know what this might be?




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