• sunflower sunflower
    November 11, 2008
    TMJ, Shoulder, Neck, Numbeness on hand/leg
    sunflower sunflower
    November 11, 2008

    Hi, I have TMJ problems for many years. It comes and goes away. Now I still can handle it, only except I find I bite tooth very tighly in night and cause muscle around neck and back face tight.  This led to sore shoulder and neck. Every morning, I wake up from the sore shoulder and neck. The worst thing is I have numbness on my rigt hand, right writst, right ankle, right leg, sensation and strength is reduced. Since last week, i can hear tingling on hand/arm/feet/leg joint.


    My X-ray shows my neck is in opposite curve. Spine is ok. CT-scan on head is fine.


    I have seen Chiropractic doctor for 12 times, but my problem is still there. I wonder if Chiropractic will help? Should I go to see dentist to get a tooth panel?


    Do have any suggestions?


    Thank you very much.






  • Erin February 25, 2009
    February 25, 2009

    Oh my god Finally I found someone with the same thing I have! My tmj has never really bothered me until I went through a stressful time about 6 months ago. I am experiencing the same exact thing you are. my Shoulder and neck only on the right side are killing me I have headaches and pressure behind my ear and yes I hear the tingle too. I have been to the chiro the GP the MRI and Ct of sinus and head. the full exray of the entire mouth. The only thing that really helped me was Physical Therp and Accupunture was a huge help. You have to watch your posture also with tmj. I am having a new nightguard being made as we speak that will allow me to move the jaw at night but not allow me to clench and grind.

    • CardinalfanUSA
      June 10, 2009
      June 10, 2009

      Before spending thousands of dollars on expensive TMJ treatment and mouthpieces, try changing the way you lie in bed when you sleep. 


      I was having headaches, ringing in my ears, jaw pain, and neck pain when I was diagnosed with TMJ.  Treatment options totaled around $5,000, none of which was covered by insurance. 


      I did a little research and found that sleeping in odd positions could cause TMJ.  Indeed, I had been sleeping on my stomach with my head turned to the side.  I started sleeping on my back and my TMJ symptoms disappeared within two weeks.



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