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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 debsweb, Community Member, asks

Q: Painful knots in lower legs??Has anyone experienced this?

I have had fibromyalgia for over fiftheen years now,and I do have tender points, but have been experiencing something unusual to the fibro,down each leg in equal spaces of about an inch,they are on the right and left side and on the front and back equally spaced ,one right after the other, I have these reallyyyyy hard knots ,if I can withstand the pain and press on them long enough the pain will ease up a little, but only for a short time.i FEEL i AM LOOSING MY MIND WITH THIS PAIN AND THE FIBRO AND ARTHRITIS PAIN, MY  KNEES ARE IN BAD SHAPE ALSO.Any info on this I will truly treasure.PLEASE HELP!!


Wishing you a painfree day,


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Cort, Health Guide
6/30/09 9:31pm

I wonder if you have myofascial pain syndrome as well as FM. In MPS these strange painful knotty trigger points form in the muscles. They often trigger pain outside the muscle as well:


There are some treatments for MPS:


Here's a self treatment book:


Good luck! 

Debby, Community Member
7/ 7/09 4:58pm

Thabk you so much for your wealth of knowledge, I did get to a doctor and you were right, and thanks again for the info on the book I oredered that to,hopefully I will be feeling better in no time at allSmile

tracie127, Community Member
7/ 9/09 5:13pm

i have recently experience a knot in my lower leg, i had strained my calf by simply walking, i must admit, i am not in the greatest of health, after spending 2 hours in the emergency room, the E.R. doc comes in and tells me what i already knew, i had torn a muscle, which made a knot in my leg just below my calf, that was a little over a month ago, the knot is still there, the E.R. doctor called it a plantaris muscle, he also said that it is a muscle that is never used, if it is never used, then how did i tear it, another doctor called it something else, if you want more knowledge on these muscles, just google them, or google knots, you would be surprised what you come up with, and on top of all of this i was told that eventually it would disolve and go away, after 2 weeks of crutches i was able to walk 95% normal again, hope you get the info you deserve.

sadie, Community Member
9/ 7/09 1:27pm

i have the same problem . knot after knot this has been going on since i was in my twenties but is nor much worse i am now fifty.  i to have fibro and back problems. there does not seem to be anything that helps them go away but hot showers/bath helps relax the muscles.   sorry i cant give you help in getting rid of them but it helps knowing your not alone

San, Community Member
1/11/10 10:58pm

I too have FM and have experience the painful knots in my leg in the calve area and have been seen by several doctors and still no answers, the only thing that has been done is actual cortizone shot in the specific knot and it leaves for a month then back agian and who wants the shots on a regular basis.

Kristi21, Community Member
2/16/11 9:52pm

Hello there....I too have had Fibromyalgia and CMP for over 15 years.  These tender points are awful, to say the least.  I am have been researching for years of how to help relieve pain.  I am getting some relief getting myofascia release massage at the chiropracter.  Tons of "good" water is a MUST for muscles to get oxyen and heal.  I hope someone can help massage the knots for you....every little bit helps.  Gentle and deep on those knots seems to be best for me.  Take care and hang in there.  Take it one hour at a time and be gentle with yourself.

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