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Tuesday, July 01, 2008 audrey, Community Member, asks

Q: i have a pill oval shaped with M365 on it can you tell me what it is

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tina the trainer, Community Member
7/ 1/08 7:06pm

After researching it a bit it looks like it is either vicodin or norco. Both of which are anarcotic and either acitominaphin or ibuprofen blended together. It looks like it is a lower dose compaed to what I know and saw. I just had MAJOR back surgery and I have Fibromyalgia so I am in constant pain and have to take Norco several times a day. My Norco says 367. So I looked into it for you and it is either one of the two that I mentioned above!!!


Good luck...


Johnnyk, Community Member
10/26/10 8:51pm

Thank you Tina. Can you help me by telling me where I can go for chronic pain relief? My Dr. is not listening. 

Pain sucks, Community Member
12/12/11 6:25pm


Pain sucks, Community Member
12/12/11 6:31pm

To answer your question about your dr not listening,

go to an orthopedic doctor explain where the pain

is and what meds you have tried. I want to caution

you that pain pills can be addictive and I would avoid

Percocet just my opinion but they make you sicker to

your stomach and give you a headache when you start

to come down off one. Also they are far harder to quit

than norcos not that they make you high or anything

but oxycodone is a strong drug so see if you can get

by on norcos or vicodins or just Aleve or something.

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