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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 valdez85, Community Member, asks

Q: can you take oxycodone while being pregnant?

have been on pain mngmt taking soma 350mg oxycodone 5mg and on temazepam 15 mg for about a month and then found out i was pregnant.. am i at high risk with my new unborn baby?  and what can i do for my cronic pn other than pill that may harm my baby?

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Cort, Health Guide
6/19/08 10:31pm

You should definitely inform your doctor that you're taking oxycodone. Its a narcotic type medication that can harm an unborn baby and can pass from the mothers breast milk into the baby. This doesn't necessarily mean it shouldn't be used; it means you should use it only under the supervision of your obstetrician or the physician who is charting your pregnancy.


It was difficult to find specific information on which pain drugs can be safely used during pregnancy. This is definitely a question for your doctor.


You might want to try alternative methods of pain managment as well including relaxation exercises, meditation, massage, etc. They can be quite helpful in reducing levels of pain medication needed.


Good luck!

angiee, Community Member
7/12/08 6:09pm

YES!!!! I would definetly discontinue these medications that you are taking. I know that tylonol is not going to help all the pain but that would be the only medication I would take during pregnancy. My 16 year old daughter is carrying twins right now and she won't even take tylonol or any kind of drug for that matter. Please do it for the baby's sake. it will be all worth it in the long run, i promise!!!!Wink

odee1983, Community Member
1/ 4/11 4:00am

You do not know what it's like to be in Severe Chronic Pain. You also do not know what it is like to be in Severe Chronic Pain and want soooo badly to have a Baby and be a other. Until you do, you will NOT know How I feel. It is So Very Scary and Confusing. It is Extremely Hard.

Fairygrl420, Community Member
1/ 7/11 7:17am

First off who are you to give advise to anyone!!!!!  You couldn't even stop your 16 yr old daughter from getting pregnant.  I am 26 and have been with my boyfriend/fiance for 10 years and we are just now planing to have a child.  It's parent's like you that make me sick to my stomach.  So quick to hand out advise but can keep their on family in check.  Maybe your daughter should of worried about using protection and she wouldn't have to worry about taking a Tylenol(which by the way you can't even seem to get the word tylenol right!!!).  I think the women who posted this was looking for someone who had some useful advice and honey that's not coming from you.

noodle, Community Member
2/26/11 3:16am

u r a rude person that is so mean to say that. u dont know that girl and her parents!!!


Tekoah, Community Member
11/23/08 3:09pm

I would only ask your OG/GYN and get two or more opinions. No offense to the Grandma who is going to have twins....but if your daughter has not been victim of chronic Pain then you don't know what the hell you are talking about.


Do not let anyone make you feel guilty. If you have a legitimate reason for taking pain meds then that is between you and your doctor. NO DOCTOR would put you or your baby at risk. They are in the business of saving lives....


An alternative is up to you. We don't know your chronic pain situation. I personally have 17 1" screws and 2  five inch titanium plates and an almost no elbow left from a hit and run car accident. I understand Chronic Pain. I'm never going to be the same.


What you might consider is weening to a lower dose, along with meditation, prayer and warm/cold packs.  I know that our minds are very powerful tools. There has to be hope...otherwise when my husband and I plan our next child I am completely screwed!


Good Luck HunLaughing

daniebaby152004, Community Member
1/25/09 4:40am

  i would for sure talk to my obgyn before taking it

nene, Community Member
4/23/10 1:16am

abdmen pains.

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