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Q: I need to find a good pain doctor.

I suffer from fibrommyalgia, sciatica, neckpain, hierniated disc, arthritis and chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, And i can't find a doctor that is willing to help me, with the correct medication for me. I go see a pain doctor, but this doctor is prescribing me opana 5mg 3x a day, and when i told him the medication is not helping me he thinks i'm crazy. I ask him to increase it but he won't. And he won't give me nothing else. I don't know where to go or who to go to, is there anybody out there that can help me. Please!

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JoshuaY, Community Member
10/ 9/09 8:46pm

It sounds to me that the doctor is scared to prescribe you more pain medication.  Opana is hydromorophone I "think".  Hydromorophone is a very strong opioid analgesic, maybe you can switch to a weaker opioid but a long acting one, such as oxycontin. 


If your doctor isn't willing to help it is time to find a new doctor, just be careful because it is very difficult to find a doctor to prescribe narctoics at all!


Let us know what happens!


Birdlady, Community Member
10/11/09 5:27pm

Thanks Josh;


I know for a very strong opioid my body for some reason thinks it's tylenol, and he won't go with nothing else, cause i told him my family doctor was giving me oxycontin, and it worked so much better and he said oxy schmosky this is much better, but when i go back to see him on the 17th it's hopefully going to be different because my family doctor said he was going to talk to him. Pray for me because i can't find another doctor!


Thank You



Davida, Community Member
10/10/09 3:49pm

Where are you located?  Is there a pain management center/clinic near you?  The doctors and other professionals who work at these centers will usually explore all sorts of modalities and they usually aren't judgemental re: opiod pain medicines.  What you would have to expect, though, is to sign on to such a clinic and sign a contract.  These centers are well aware of what is called "drug seeking behavior" and they are also extremely skittish about possible duplication of pain meds by patients shopping around.  That said, you seem to have multiple problems that could really be helped not only by better pain medicines but also by other services they offer such as physical therapy, biofeedback, treatment for depression.


Good luck and I hope this helps!  I've been there -- I'm still there.

Birdlady, Community Member
10/11/09 5:45pm

Hi Davida:


I am here in ILL and right now i am with a pain mgmt. clinic, I see all sort of Dr.'s I am just having trouble finding a good pain Dr. one that will listen to me when i say that when i say i am still in pain that he should do something else, cause not only do i suffer but my whole family suffers because, i am so irriatibale that unfortunelatley they get verbley abused, which i don't at all intend to do, but when your in pain, it just happens, and then i end up feeling like crap. So nobody wins. And i hope the doctors know this. A no win win situation.


Thank You





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