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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Mad Max, Community Member, asks

Q: Can I take Vicodin 5/500 with Oxycodone if I stagger the dosage times? I burst fractured my L1.

I chose not to have surgery after consultation with a prominent Surgeon, who suggested I view that as a last resort.  I have been prescribed Vicodin APAP 5/500,  Immediate release 5mg Oxycodone & Extended release 10mg Oxycodone.  Also Darvocet.  I'm trying to experiment with what dosages of what meds at what times will manage my pain without over-medicating or suffering side effects.  I am prone to migraines & have experienced those symptoms.  I was given Phenergan (sp?) suppositories to be inserted 30 minutes prior to any oxy dose.  I also wonder if the suppositories should preceed the Vicodin & Darvocet as well.  It has been 3.5 months since my fall & injury.  I am uncertain as to what pain level is historically "average" at this stage of recovery.   On a daily basis, when I take (1) 10mg Oxycodone extended release, I get relief for about an hour, then add a 5mg Oxycodone at the (1) hour point & another if needed at the 3rd hour after the initial loading dose of 10mg Oxy extended.  This generally allows me to stand, sit, stretch, light exercise, lay down cyclically throughout the day at pain levels ranging from 1 to 5.


I have tried the same initial 10mg loading dose regimen with a 10mg extended release Oxy and then augmented my pain control with Vicodin doses at (1) or (2) tablets every (4) to (6) hours.  I know there are potential side effects with EITHER approach, & will be visiting the local Pain Management Clinic for assistance.  Stomach, liver & kidney damage really concerns me.   I am receiving Physical Therapy twice a week on average.  Your thoughts, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
1/23/09 5:29am

When it comes to taking that many different opioids, you really need to ask your doctor or pharmacist about the dosage and timing.  While those are fairly low dosages, every patient is different and much depends on your medical history and your tolerance for opioids.  You don't want to take a chance on accidently overdosing. 


I would not recommend taking Vicodin and Darvocet together, as they both contain acetaminophen and too much acetaminophen can damage your liver.  It's also important to check labels on any over-the-counter medications you might take (i.e., cold medicines) since many of them contain acetaminophen.

Dean, Community Member
1/28/09 6:01pm

I have had seven shoulder surgeries since 2006, 4 on the right and 3 on the left as well as herniations at L-4-L5 and L-5-S-1. I know what kind of pain your going through. I have been prescribed Percocet 5/325 and Vicodin 7/750 at the same time and found it does not work well. My doctor has switched me to 20mg. Oxycontin with 5/325 Percocet for breakthrough pain. I usually can get away with 1 Oxycontin and 1 percocet a day. When I have a difficult day in physical therapy I may take 1/2 of a percocet late at night if my pain is keeping me awake.


More important is that my ALT enzymes in my liver went up on the Vicodin because of the large amount of Tylenol in each pill. You don't have to drink alcohol for Tylenol to cause liver damage. When your taking it everyday it builds up in your system and puts your liver in overtime. Switching to 20 mg. Oxycontin with the 5/325 Percocet may be better for you. You are dosing more than that now anyway. Ask your doctor. I also take Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle everyday now because it helps your liver out with the toxins from the Tylenol. You feel better also. Darvocet also has Tylenol in it and gave me a rash.


I hope this helps you.

Healing Others, Community Member
7/ 7/11 10:10am

My brother is in one heck of a shape after failed back surgeries.  He is taking Neurotin for seizuire (due to nerve damage),  30 grams Morphene 3x day, and Oxycodone 10 mg in between the Neurotin and Morphene.   He needs to wean off the meds.  First, I feel he should pull some of the toxins out of his liver. How do you dose the Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle?  I would truly appreciate your answer. 


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