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Thursday, June 18, 2009 CCrealtor, Community Member, asks

Q: I have a pain in my right groin area it catches if I bend or am walking


I have a pain in my right groin area which goes down my leg, if I bend over and get up it catches and is excruciating but goes away as quickly as it comes.  I can be walking and it catches and I have to stop and wait a minute and then it goes away.  Just sitting I can feel this in the groin and it goes down to behind the knee.

This almost feels like when I stretch it out by bending over and holding it, seems to give me some relief.  Even just sitting I can feel this in the upper thigh and it goes into my upper butt area.  I can feel this almost constantly in the right groin but it seems like it penetrates out.  I do have insurance but a very high deductable self employed as a realtor money is tight anyone who has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate trying almost anything!!

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
6/26/09 5:09am

I wish I could tell you what the problem is, but I'm afraid you really do need to see a doctor about it.  In the meantime, you might try our Symptom Checker to see if you can narrow down the possiblibilities. 


I can sympathize with your financial dilemma when it comes to going to the doctor.  I have no insurance, so I'm faced with a similar problem.  Ask your doctor's office if he gives a discount for paying cash. (Mine gives me a 30% discount.)  If so, rather than having the doctor's office file with your insurance, pay for it yourself then file the paid bill with your insurance company to apply towards your deductible.

CCrealtor, Community Member
6/26/09 9:10am

Thank you very much for taking the time to give me some good advice.  I started a very strick diet about 3.5 weeks ago.  I am back swimming and am down about 20 pounds.  I don't want to say it too loud but it is MUCH LESS bothersome to me.  I am about 70 pounds overweight but now only 50 and I can tell you I am feeling better than I have felt in years.  Vegetable, grilled chicken grilled turkey a little fruit. mostly protein.  I hope this will continue to help my hip problem.  Thank you again, Cindy

Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
6/26/09 11:19am

Congratulations on the weight loss!  I know firsthand how difficult that can be to accomplish.  And so glad to hear your pain is improving, too.  I hope it will continue to get better. – Karen

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